I Approved News Articles that Made People Riot – Headliner

Friday, October 11, 2019

I Approved News Articles that Made People Riot – Headliner
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My bad choices came back to haunt me.

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ABOUT: Headliner

Short, thought-provoking adventure where you are a News Editor and decide what stories get published, set in a fictional city where most people are genetically modified. Multiple unique endings let you share your story and see what the Headliner before you did.

Genetic engineering and civil unrest loom over Galixia.
You are the Chief Curator of a local News Channel.
You are the HEADLINER

Multiple permutations of unique endings you can share with the community
Average playthrough is around 45 mins with room for replay and experimentation
Curate articles and create your OWN unique bias!
Stroll down the streets and watch how society changes
Chat with your family about their struggles, love or hate
Colorblind-friendly design considerations (and if there’s more I can do, shoot me a PM)

#graystillplays #indie #simulation
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  1. Cierrah says:

    Has gray done a play through where he flip flops back and forth views each times

  2. Pro Gaming Deluxe 2 says:

    Funny Vids

  3. Mecha Apple says:


  4. Linda Diggs says:

    When you said “I was thinking of what name to put here” I KNEW IT WOULD BE FLORIDA MAN! AND OF COURSE KAREN WOULD BE YOUR WIFE!

  5. snowpeashooter AK 47 says:

    In USA, people make money off of Florida man. In Soviet Russia, Florida man makes money off YOU!

  6. Kelli Haddock says:

    Omg the Gary Golden/Jeanette Voerman article was a nod to Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines!!!

  7. Grazden says:

    "Which one's my wife, which one's my daughter?"
    Hello, Mr. President.

  8. Alexis Lujor says:

    At 3:40, the names of the couple is a reference to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

  9. Mickey Bitsko says:

    "Warren is part Cherokee." APPROVED

  10. Mickey Bitsko says:

    "Trump is in cahoots with the Russians." APPROVED

  11. Mickey Bitsko says:

    "Global warming is settled science." APPROVED

  12. Mickey Bitsko says:

    You invented CNN.

  13. slav says:

    Is this papers please 2

  14. Squid Gaurd says:

    Such an understanding doormat.

  15. Parker Erich says:

    She's such an understanding wife Jesus Christ

  16. V says:

    Grey, didnt you play this exact game and get this exact outcome already? I swear I saw you upload this like a year ago.

  17. Francis says:

    Fact: Gray's happiness is inversely proportional to the happiness of all other existences. If life is happy, Gray is sad. If life is sad, Gray is very, very happy.

  18. Cool Dude says:

    I will try these things on my wife and daughter too!!

  19. smurfybear says:

    GrayStillPlays please bring back gold rush I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure there’s a gold chunk of people (lol) that want it back. Please guys if you agree and want to get it back like this and there might be a chance it comes back ladies and gents!

  20. Scheffelmeier says:

    Gary Golden? Jeanette Voerman? Tell me I'm not the only one who got that reference!

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