I love You more – Article One

Friday, April 14, 2017

I love You more – Article One 2010

Artist: Article One
Song: If The World Gives Up
Album: Colors and Sounds


Im ready, now where am I supposed to go?
Tell me, is it very far away?
Cause everything this heart inside me knows
Theres so much more than I could dream to be
Is there more I could become? / Whats a life thats left undone?

So love come find me
Everything reminds me
Everywhere Im lookin for you
When I hold back
You can push back
Gotta bring back
The love
You define me, put it all behind me
Cant you see Im falling for you
Tell me you will believe
If the world gives up on me

Im searching, I know that theres a door beyond
A life with so much more than this
Could it be the best is never free
Ill find a way, its going to take the all of me
Is there more I could become?
Whats a life thats left undone?

If the world gives up on me
I know youll be there
Cause I know youll be there through it all

Im becoming more like you
Yeah, youll be there
Youll be there
If the world gives up


  1. Suzy Dayanan says:

    Ozmafia ????

  2. アリス桜の雪 says:

    Ozmafia ≧﹏≦♡♡♡♡♡

  3. Salem Ghandour says:

    I love Ozmafia!

  4. Timea Kubalová says:

    It's just so amazing song and amazing game ^.^

  5. Miu-Chan says:

    Ozmafia!! <3

  6. Nai kiite says:

    I came here because of ozmafia ??*(´∀`)☆ but im a fan of their music now ! ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

  7. Aka-neko ewe says:

    se acabo ozmafia :'v

  8. Mayfair Akabane says:

    Thanks to Ozmafia
    I became a fan of this band !

  9. Mikoto Lazcano says:

    la la la la la

  10. emilyviviana gil says:

    Ozmafia. :')

  11. Karla Vázquez says:


  12. Kamisei の hana says:

    I'm here because of Ozmafia xD

  13. angel chan says:


  14. Mc -chan says:


  15. Dulcecito CORAZON DE ACERO says:

    yo solo estoy aqui por Ozmafia xD!!

  16. VF Felícia_V says:

    Ozmafiaaa! ♥3♥

  17. Circus Baby says:


  18. lidya marrylady says:

    Ozmafia!!!! <3

  19. Lisp Play says:


  20. Diva Tertia Almira says:

    I'm pretty certain that this song is about jesus pov

  21. Erika Amor Custodio says:

    Plz keep posting their songs! you earn a subscriber!!!

  22. Dom Pedro II says:

    Good song guys.

  23. X Scythe says:


  24. Nicole Cristine says:

    oh my , how i miss this guys 🙁

  25. Guido Yañez says:

    llegue por mi querido Ozmafia.. al parecer tendra todo el repertorio de Article One xD <3

  26. Haru chan says:

    Im here cuz of Ozmafia, huehue.

  27. Jen_S24 says:

    I can't find this CD anywhere! itunes doesn't have this album from article one, and one amazon, I'm having a tough time finding it!
    I saw them perform this song, and ever since then haven't been able to get over it.

  28. Rachael Cross says:

    Article One = Amazing!

  29. Jen_S24 says:

    This sounds so much better live, but still one of my favorites(:

  30. LaRue says:

    Someone should post a version with the track before it, Becoming, pasted in as a intro.

  31. Gershom Fernandez says:

    nice song

  32. sinshenlong says:

    fantastic song- def getting this album

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