If I Could Speak To My Mental Disorder

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“I hated my body.”

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Are they mutually exclusive?

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  1. Camille Wright says:

    dear schizophrenia, depression and anxiety.
    leave me alone please

  2. SCP 105 says:

    I'm clinically depressed

  3. Julia Weigel says:

    Dear My Depression,
    Why are you here? Please can you leave. I want to be happy, I want to feel like I can go to school without thinking of hiding or killing myself. Please leave me.

    Dear My Anxiety,
    Please, can you tell me why you're doing this to me. I feel like im chocking when I go up onto a stage. I cant go up without feeling like im going to drown in horror or the feeling of people judging me when I speak. Im scared if I mess up I failed everything in that situation. I cant go up onto a stage, and if I do I will cry, I wont move, I cant move but I want to.

    Dear My Stress,
    Your like a boulder on top of my shoulders that I cant move. You press on my lungs making it feel like I can barely breathe. I want to fall asleep forever since I cant feel anything. I want to go away from everything and everyone. I want to feel like I can breathe without that feeling of pressure on my chest. I want to walk without that boulder on my shoulders.

  4. Dushsty Gold says:

    bipolar here

  5. Melissa Call says:


  6. Melissa Call says:

    buzzed needs to display the more serious mental disorders

  7. Awesome Amethyst says:

    Dear anxiety,
    Can you leave me alone? I want to have a conversation without overthink every word I say. afraid I will mess up a friendship. You follow me every where and I don't know how you ended up here with me. I'm finding ways to make hush you up, like yoga, which is weird. But hopefully one day I can have a normal conversation and walk down the halls of high school without feeling anxious for no reason.

  8. Raybay says:

    So for the past two years I have had a tiny thought at the back of my mind saying hey maybe you have depression and I have researched online and everything is saying that it is probable but I don't feel like I'll have an actual answer and won't feel like it's not just in my head until I talk to a psychologist but only my bff knows because my family is very judgemental and my bff says that I should just tell them but I know that they will think that I just want attention and that I have done something very wrong so if anyone made it through that can someone give me some advice because I just don't know anymore

  9. ραѕтєlgαlαχιєѕ says:

    To my adhd

    don't go away i like to scare ppl with my hyper activity and ppl asking if im high because of how crazy my idaeas are. i dont need drugs. im naturally crazy. and i love it

  10. Kari Horbach says:

    i actually can talk to my mental disorder. I have schizophrenia. or well, close to schizphrenia, psychosis. (difference between those is that by psychosis you know something isnt right) i talk to them all the time.

  11. Dogoss sg says:

    Id say go away

  12. Miles Is bored says:

    Wooooowew 2 for me

    dear anxiety
    My teacher won get on me for that one test that we had for like a week.
    Chill down dude.
    go and calm down.

    dear depression
    Stop making me hurt myself
    my family and friends hate you
    please leave
    you never help

  13. Phansexual Trash says:

    Dear anxiety
    please calm down
    please let me be at peace
    please stop making me worry about every little thing in my life
    I'm not going to let you run my life

  14. Jessica Marie says:

    Dear PTSD,
    the past is the past; let me let go of it.

  15. Asstiel says:

    Dear depression
    Why are you here? I just want you to leave and stop burdening me and the people around me

  16. Daisy Andrews says:

    I'm worried that I might get anorexia because I don't want to eat because I hate my body and I binge

  17. Sarah Knowlton says:

    my depression is the same way. when i get really depressed i have to curl up in a ball in a dark room and it can take up to 2 hours for me to be able to leave

  18. Fecitous Times says:

    dear homicidal ideation and sadistic manipulative brain, please stop pushing people away and hurting everyone, ik you nor I care about any of them but there is only one you care about, so leave them be. let people live and not terrorize or bully them

  19. ςеираι ςυδα ιονεя says:

    I actually wanted to get fatter……..

  20. Paula Olivia Grand says:

    Dear bulimia
    I Just want to feel beautiful

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