IGCSE ESL Course: The Best Essay Writing Tutorial!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

IGCSE ESL Course: The Best Essay Writing Tutorial!

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Hello, everyone! This is Mr. Abdulwahab again with some more educational videos!

In this new series of videos, I will be taking on the Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language exam.

I hope that this new series of videos would prove helpful to the students who are taking this exam soon. If you find it helpful to you and your friends, please share it so that as many would benefit from it as possible.

Thank you for watching! Subscribe to stay tuned for more educational videos! Comment to let me know what you like or dislike about my approach towards the exam. Share with your friends to help others!
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  1. John says:

    Hello Mr. Abdul, I really appreciate that you made this detailed and helpful video for students taking IGCSE ESL. You see, I am one of them and I am to sit for my exam in May. However, what my English teacher taught me about question 7 is slightly less than those in your video: my classmates and I are not allowed to state any opinions or thesises in the introduction. What's more, we did not ask to counter the counterargument in the third paragraph.
    So basically, I found the method I learned in his lesson of answering question 7 is quite a bit unusual from what I have seen on the Internet. Do you have any advice on my situation?

  2. Ibrahim Al Maqram says:

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, you are better than my English teachers.

  3. Engy Sh says:

    How can I differiate between openion and argumentative essay from the question

  4. Chiori Chima says:

    Good! But why did you put all the 3 points in one paragraph?

  5. Sabrina Chowdhury says:

    Should we leave a line after each paragraphs

  6. Hype Hooligan says:

    What does "intellectual" mean?

  7. Johnny's Papa says:

    English writing tmr : (
    Who else is watching now?

  8. Ahmed Rifaan says:

    Hello everyone. I'm a Maldivian and tomorrow is my IGCSE exam, ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE. Can anyone send me a link where I could find some sample articles written by students in IGCSE, Please?

  9. Ruchi Biyani says:

    Nice video

  10. Hei Cua says:

    Me in hong kong CAPS LOCK missed it nothing

  11. Hei Cua says:

    just do it Miki Lee is my mother but I sended it lol the name ok???-_-

  12. Passent Elewa says:

    Must I stick to either the affirmative side or the opposition? Can I not write a double-sided article?

  13. Saimoon zaidi says:

    umm dont mind, but its not illegal to download music.

  14. Caesar VI says:

    Stop saying ok!!!!!

  15. Mikhail IGNATYEV says:

    Hello, are you sure that we start with the introduction, but not a title of an article, name, and date?

  16. Ong JXin says:

    Can i use "In the nutshell" for transition of conclusion?

  17. Ali Ahmad Jamil says:

    Thank you so much Sir, It is very nice of you helping students.
    I have my IGCSE ESL exam tomorrow and thank God, I found your channel. Again, nice work .Liked and subcribed

  18. Saud Ibrahim says:

    Hi mr abdulwahab, im your student in AIS, Im in 6B

  19. Miki Lee says:

    I dont understand

  20. Miki Lee says:

    I'm a kid

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