I’m Sick with the Man Flu + Some Real Estate Articles

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I'm Sick with the Man Flu + Some Real Estate Articles

Some people have been wondering why I haven’t uploaded lately. Well, I have the flu. I am starting to feel better and have more videos on the way. (I included some Real Estate Articles to make the video more Real Estatey).

Here is the link that will prove to your wife or girlfriend how much you really suffer when you have the flu: http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/flu-man-flu-influenza-immune-testosterone-man-sexes-1.4442806

Here is the ThinkPol Article: https://thinkpol.ca/2017/12/11/many-metro-vancouver-homes-selling-for-a-loss/

Here is the Remax Prediction Article: https://www.thestar.com/business/real_estate/2017/12/14/toronto-area-housing-prices-expected-to-remain-flat-in-2018-report.html


  1. Parastoo R says:

    the reports from Remax or Royal lepage are reports from the people who are in the market for a long long time with lots of experience .they have seen this kind of markets before so they are good people to comment or write articles about the market or the future of this market . why you are so negative about real estate agents . ? why do u think you are right . who you are? what is your background ?

  2. Pratik Gandhi says:

    Hope you're well soon!! Best wishes for 2018. What's your name? Maybe I missed that in some of your earlier videos.

  3. Tariq Mehmood says:

    Wish you perfect health

  4. Sarah Mazari says:

    Yes I totally have this face when I see Realestate agency’s on articles…. all I read is blah blah. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Base line says:

    Even I don't really care much for articles from real estate agencies predicting the future… Even when they are posting positive results.
    However crash claim articles are just as pointless to read as well.

    After the fbt. Vancouver didn't react to it too badly.. Where as Toronto it had more of an impact, accompanied by the fhp and 2 interest rate hikes right after caused more damage.
    Hard to say where the bottom is. Perhaps toronto has seen it's bottom this yr and a 4% increase is true.

  6. TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷ShibuyaRepublic.org says:

    get well in Japanese oo dai ji ni. I been doing reno work and product developing/designing a line of lighting- no time for re bull/bear thinking.

  7. Mia Nino says:

    all of those selling/sold for lost are most likely "speculators". thats good speculators makes the most money anyway. anyone who bought and planning on living in them does'nt need to concern. but basically buy what you can AFFORD

  8. sandyraymond lowewong says:

    I was wondering if you heard about the new revised property transfer tax form (PTT) that kicked off on Nov. 27, 2017? Basically, the government of BC was working w/ CRA to capture people in Vancouver who would buy multi-million dollar mansions and then declare poverty. Many locals were complaining. It appeared the more expensive the house you'd purchased, the poorer you were. Here is the link to the new PTT forms: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/taxes/property-taxes/property-transfer-tax/forms-publications/is-2017-004-updated-property-transfer-tax-return-available.pdf

    Any thoughts? Video?

  9. sandyraymond lowewong says:

    I hope you feel well soon. I reside in Vancouver and there has been a lot of money laundering at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC which is a suburb of Vancouver. Since 2000, it has been estimated at approx. 1 billion dollars have been laundered at this casino. There's a lot of speculation that the money being washed in the casino ends up in Vancouver Real Estate. Any thoughts? I was wondering if you'd do a video of that?

  10. Josh says:

    There was a real estate agent said the prices of houses and apartments in Toronto will up in 2018…..

  11. Marcelo Marques says:

    Get better soon!

  12. dylan thomas says:

    There is a joker who appears weekly on CP24 who lies through his teeth. And the good thing is that he looks like a crook too. He keeps making these lofty comments on the areas where prices will keep going up, etc. Never once accepts that the prices are coming down.

  13. PikaInu says:

    Thank you for the suggestion, FORMAFIST. I will read the comments from now on. It never occurred to me before.


    Sorry for ragging on the real estate industry in this one 🙂 Maybe I have been listening to Ross Kay too much 😛

  15. Leah Hunter says:

    People from the industry are trying to get people to believe that all is well… that's their job. It's completely misleading and basically propaganda, but that's what those people are paid to do. Not the kind of career choice I would make, because I value my integrity, but I'm sure their paychecks look nice.

  16. Claire Le says:

    Yeah – everyone is cashing out now. It's not just in Vancouver and Toronto, but also in Australia too. Buyers in Australia are capitalizing on international deposit defaults” and snapping up properties at sharp discounts. See article below.


    It just crazy now. You're right though, 2018 will be the year to remember.

  17. D S says:

    Yes, I do that; face out about anything real estate industry reports. Also, when I see a comment arguing that the prices are up with a weak excuse as immigration, i tend to click on the commentator to see if I can check his profile suggesting he is from the industry. ?????????????

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