In Depth – Article 370

Friday, August 16, 2019

In a historical move, the BJP-led NDA government on Monday nullified Article 370 of the Constitution, that grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir…
Home Minister Amit Shah moved a resolution in Rajya Sabha stating that all clauses of Article 370 will now no longer be applicable in the state.The Home Minister also informed that President Ram Nath Kovind has signed the official..notification that abrogates Article 370.The Home Minister also moved a separate bill to bifurcate the state into two union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
Today in IN DEPTH, we take a look at the sequence of events that led to this unprecedented and significant move by the government… the implications of ending Article 370 for Jammu and Kashmir …How it changes the administrative set up of the state and what it means for its people

Anchor – Teena Jha
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  1. amaira kahn says:

    Article 370 thrown away after 70 years n now there is another article 35a for special rights .. 🤔 dont believe anything from u terriost ..


    Full integration of J&K with India is the strengthening of Indian Constitution.

  3. Rajeswara Rao Sobbana says:

    I am puzzled that government has to do three UT's why two only?

    If three means people can develop even faster than as predicted?

  4. Gaurav Gaikwad says:

    Should have not given this spacial state of A370 and 35A at first place .. for what….? Sardar Patel, BR Ambedkar and shyama parsed mukhejee were strictly against giving these spacial rights.
    Unfortunately people like P NEHRU were our leaders.

  5. Umad Bro says:

    Thank you for uploading in English.

  6. Hindustan Hustler says:

    All of the 200 million Muslims living in India must immediately convert to Hinduism or move to Pakistan or Bangladesh.
    The third option is that they must be eliminated.
    India cannot prosper while the cancer of Islam lurks within it's borders.

  7. syz says:

    The main points of Article 370 are not discussed. Read the article and discuss each points under the article. This is definitely not an "in-depth" discussion. Bad.

  8. cindrella raghwal says:

    I wish some strict steps to be taken soon for rapists and child paedophiles.

  9. Vijesh Naik says:

    Now Government should allow all Indian companies and people to buy land in Kashmir and Laddak. Develop colonies, rail lines, should lower down land price so that people get motivated to by land. It should develop like Mumbai. Government should develop desert part of India instead of forests and cutting trees. Please do something so that quarter of an Indian population move to Kashmir. Opponents won’t be able to anything after our majority.

  10. MANAN VIDYA says:

    जानिए क्या बदलने वाला है J & K में Article 370 हटने के बाद ? # @1PoI

  11. MANAN VIDYA says:

    जानिए क्या बदलने वाला है J & K में Article 370 हटने के बाद ? # @1PoI

  12. suraj amom says:


  13. Kon Tiki says:

    Post from Canada:
    how come Indian government allowed the capture of UAE princess Latifa off the coast of Goa? Shame on Modi. Shame on India.

  14. Bharat Pride says:

    NExt step is PoK Put PoK & CoK together & you get Pcok !

  15. Bharat Pride says:

    Where is Mufti's big mouth now ? She made speech – playing with 370 is playing with fire ! Now quiet like a mouse !

  16. Alem Pongen says:

    The look of snitch on gulham naqvi azad.

  17. Ishita Rastogi says:

    Very insightful!!

  18. Abhijit Zimare says:

    Not all clauses : There are 3 clauses. Clause 2 and 3 will not be applicable.

  19. Neha Kurhade says:


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