India removes Kashmir's autonomy through Article 370 – News Review

Monday, September 9, 2019

India has revoked Article 370, which gives Kashmir autonomy and special status including being able to make laws. Learn the English to talk about this news story in this free English class.

The story
The Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, is expected to place his resolution abrogating Article 370, which confers special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir, before the lower house of the Indian parliament later today.

Key words and phrases
removes (something’s) position or status

• The government strips corrupt politicians of their authority.
• After the drug test came back positive, the athlete was stripped of her medal.

in one fell swoop
all at once

• The surprise police raid caught all of the thieves in one fell swoop.
• I’d rather do all my cleaning in one fell swoop than space it out over the week.

serious, worrying and without hope

• The economic report came to a grim conclusion. A recession would come soon.
• Do you still want to go to the beach today? The weather looks so grim!

Language challenge

Which of these means ‘formally end a law, treaty or custom’?
a) abrogate
b) enact
c) sanction

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  1. BBC Learning English says:

    In News Review we talk about the expression 'in one fell swoop'. It's not the only Shakespearean expression you can use in modern English and that we've taught you. Check out these useful Shakespeare expressions in Shakespeare Speaks:

  2. ref Singh says:

    Indian occupied Kashmir, yes it is true.

  3. Ankita Gupta says:

    please make a video on Analysis of Swami Chinmayanand Case…with history of the case, legal provisions involved…why there was a form of SIT?… As a case study.

  4. Chinmay Nayak says:

    Hey England.. Your occupation of North Ireland and Scotland is illegal. Let’s talk about that

  5. Satyabrata Dash says:

    What about england occupied ireland

  6. Parth _ says:

    Pew news copy

  7. Jeet Chakrabarti says:

    Let me ask a simple question?? Azad Kashmir, which Pakistan considers as Kashmir administered by Pakistan, how many of those people are actually Kashmiri. Pakistan flooded Kashmir with Punjabis, Punjabis govern Pakistan Kashmir, everyone knows this please fact check Wikipedia! So my questions is if Pakistan shifts the demographics of Azad Kashmir with majority Punjabi then why is that not a human cry, why are they not protesting that?? But if india makes Kashmir open to all for Indians, Pakistan and all these pro-pakistani media is up in arms!! I call it hypocrisy. First Pakistan must kick out Punjabis from Kashmir and establish Azad Kashmir for kashmiris before Pakistan has the right to even speak about Article 370 !!!

  8. DNN FLUX says:

    India Doing Good a step towards Stop Terrorist.

  9. TradingGuru says:

    In one fell swoop

  10. brainwash says:

    Mf it is pok Pakistan occupied Kashmir not Pakistan administrated Kashmir. Learn the difference between occupied and administration first

  11. Raed Mir says:

    Well ! Kashmiris have always been oppressed militarily and psychologically .And the tale continues.A big Shame on Bhagva terrorist govt – BJP.

  12. Kuldeep Singh Parihar says:

    India is one the greatest nations ..
    We do what we want to , no nation can tell us what to do. What other nations think of this doesn't matter. It's our internal affair and it belongs to us !

  13. Vamsi Krishna says:

    BBC :: just trying to say we britan could have handled the situation more promisingly…

    Rest of INDIA::: thank you for your 200 yrs of screwing us..

  14. Navin Rajkumar says:

    Will Scotland and Ireland get independent nation


    Left & Congress and TMC will Reverse and Reinstate article 370 and 35A(as before 05/08/2019) once they come to power , as they are friends of Pakistan

  16. meow Rockzzz says:


  17. Krish hades says:

    Grim .. that's totally me

  18. Nikhil jamwal Nikhil jamwal says:

    And by you are 👿👿👿😂😂😂😂😂

  19. anthony druelles says:

    Really interesting topic, special Thank to Catherine for her helpful explanations

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