Informal English: Dropping articles | Advanced English Lesson

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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My name’s Pete and I’m the host of the Aussie English Podcast, a podcast dedicated to teaching people Australian English as well as general advanced English.

Many of my students, listeners, and viewers, arrive in Australia, Down Under, with a solid level in English, but they don’t speak as naturally and effortlessly as they would like to, just like native English speakers do.

They often ask about the following topics:

– How can I speak better informal English?
– When do English speakers drop articles?
– Is dropping articles common in informal English?
– What tips do you have for advanced English learners?

In this video, I talk about how native English speakers like to drop articles when writing informal English to close friends, colleagues, and family in emails, messages, and on social media.

The trick here for dropping articles is to do it when the person you’re writing a message or email to undoubtedly knows what you’re referring too, and thus, doesn’t need the article there.

By doing this, you can write short, concise, messages and emails and sound a lot more like a native English speaker when you write in informal English.

Watch this Advanced English Lesson video several times. Once to get a feel for the language used, and two or three more times to learn and then practice the English vocabulary that you hear and read on screen.

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  2. Rick says:

    Is there anybody who wanna talk in English with me
    If you are interested
    Please comment down below

  3. shafaq farooqui says:

    hi. i wanna ask one question. when asking time , we say , do you have the time ? but here we can't drop article (the ) , right?

  4. トイプードル says:

    this doesn't happen in conversations in person? i sometimes hear convos in tv shows like "What are you typing?", "A blog" but I hear only "Blog". Is it just I misheard or they drop articles in daily convos as well?

  5. Khan Quetta says:

    artical are very was hard for me as well.practice makes it easy.if iam at home and i say to my sister a lady will come who has to drop some thing.later she knocked at the door and my sis open the door and i ask her who is there.she says THE lady whom had to come to drop your things.why she said the lady .beacuse i told her about that lady.she knew about her.if iam at home and some one knocks at the door about whom i did not mention anything.i will say to my sis go and see who is at door .when she opens the door there is A lady.beacuse i dont know her she dont know her.thats why she said A there is some one at the door.iam english learner either.i dont know i explaind it right or not.

  6. Julio Martins says:

    Nice tips

  7. Sadiq Baturian says:

    Thanks bro you the best

  8. antonio oliveira says:

    Tenho uma pergunta que foge do vídeo. Qual a ligação da Australia com o "Verde e Amarelo"?

  9. antonio oliveira says:

    Hey Pete! Mate congratulations for your channel on youtube, this is my favorite! In truth!
    Pt-Br.. Cara! Você sabia que o segundo consumidor de youtube é o Brasil? E vc tem uma ligação conosco por namorar uma brasileira! (Inclusive Raquel ele parece muito feliz ao seu lado. Efeito causado pela brasileira… tomara que vcs casem).
    Mano! Cria um segundo canal! Sou louco pra ver videos cotidianos da Australia se vc fizer isso com a Raquel aparecendo mais nos videos será a formula do sucesso ainda mais se VC falar em português!
    Aqui vão 2 canais que cresceram muito desse modo "SmallAdvantages",""Amigo Gringo". Raquel traga essa pessoa maravilhosa pra nós. ; )

  10. Константин Куприянов says:

    Why so few views???

  11. ReckerGamer says:

    Hello mate! (Remember me?)
    I had problem with articles too… (Poland)
    But now i think is better?

  12. Eunhye Park says:

    I finally got to know your name in months 😮 My native language doesn’t have the concept of article either so, personally, using a proper article is the hardest part in learning English. Anyway, (the) video was helpful as it always has been. Cheers, Pete!

  13. Fatimah Zahra Adib says:

    Yeah, it's hard for Malaysian too… although slowly I'm getting used to it…thanks for (the) useful tips 🙂

  14. Mamy Mimma says:

    Loved this video ( dropping the "I" ) 😉

  15. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Hi mate! That occurd to me. For instance: miss echidna Pete? did you see white plum honeyeater the other day again? But: wanna meet a(!) bear suddenly?

  16. fjkoo 6990 says:

    I started learning English by looking up the section on articles on a pocket dictionary. That was and still is baffling to me to this day.

  17. fjkoo 6990 says:

    One step closer to becoming aussie

  18. test143000 says:

    I like (the) roof of this Falcon Wagon.

  19. Fernando Miranda says:

    awesome pete! you make the difference mate!
    you rock!! abraços!!

  20. Ali H says:

    It sure is very confusing. I've had a lot of trouble using these articles. Particularly, when I was studying for my VCE English exam.
    (The) exam wasn't too bad though 😁. I got a good score🤗.

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