interesting news 2016 in urdu an interesting interesting facts about new born baby by tv talk

Friday, April 14, 2017

interesting news 2016 in urdu an interesting interesting facts about new born baby by tv talk

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Malala’s very first interview after the shooting was with the BBC’s Mishal Husain. Here’s what she told Mishal last October:

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  1. Ashraf Hossein says:

    Love U Malala !Now its our duty to represent what real Islam is

  2. Dig bick problems Lol jk says:

    so she took a CIA bullet and now her reward is a council house in the UK?

    you white devils are lied to for your war machine.

  3. Kübra Aydin says:

    Western countries seemed to be concerned about education rights of children in the Middle East, but not their minority children in their ghettos. They keep revealing the message of unfairness and insecurity in Middle East while Black and Latino children are shot in the streets and can not get a proper education due to the neighborhood they have to live. Enough with this hypocrisy!

  4. D P says:

    Now she's rich !…

  5. Foxyguy says:

    I despise Islam, but I support this woman to fight for her right to
    education even though I don't agree that Islam is a religion of peace.
    Islam is the reason woman are oppressed there in the first place.
    However If we can't get rid of it, it would be best to reform it the way
    the west did with christianity.

  6. Maitri Madiya says:

    Very True.

  7. Exchange Light says:

    They are slightly lower than blue, but there has faith.

  8. Jana Behrens says:

    pLS MALALA IS such good. I want to marry hher. Have my children!!!

  9. Jana Behrens says:

    I like malaLA

  10. Grace Macdonald says:

    Her little brother Atal is so cute!:)

  11. Salman Khan says:

    great malala…

  12. Sylvia S says:

    I think some of us agree that ISIS does not represent Islam. I would just like to know how do moderate Muslims not hate non-Muslims and consider us the vilest of animals as it teaches in the Quran? The Quran is perfect so how can you not hate us?

  13. Jatziry GalindoGil says:

    She is right everybody should get rights in the world ? because it isn't fair to the people that don't get rights. So everybody should get rights in the world ?

  14. সেলফি বাজ রিয়ান says:

    good gril malala

  15. Vi Rieger says:

    Reading her story changed my life forever. What a marvelous girl and inspiring story.

  16. miron joy says:

    totally false news

  17. Rao Pk says:

    She was brave

  18. Antonia Omalley says:

    i'm so proud of what my girl has done xxx

  19. Shama Khan says:


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