“Invisible” homeless sleeping in cars to avoid streets

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Martyn Andrews investigates a growing concern that “invisible” homeless people are sleeping in cars to avoid the dangerous streets.

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  1. ckzckw says:

    Go on the websites for homeless people, they tell them that they will only pick them up if they sleep on the street, so at approximately midnight to 1am a random van goes out picking up people sleeping on the streets.

    But…they have to be on the streets, so if like me you ever got a late night train from Victoria the many who sleep in victoria train station are ignored because well they are not physicially on the street because god forbid they seek warmth and the silent protection of CCTV station cameras that deter violent criminals. There are also those who sit in 24/7 mcdonalds because they too are afraid to stay on the street or a bench with drug addicted psychos around, then those who find small tiny parks to stay in now get kicked out because well it simply is not pretty, and the many who camp for the summer months in the wooded parts of london again hiding from police and authorities who force them to move along but move along to nowhere.

    Then you have the paperwork that shelters force people to fill in, at a time of their utmost need they are given the spanish inquisition and most of the time are homeless because well, they don't tick the boxes on their local councils homeless people are happy to share rooms but well now the councils do not offer such dormitry style shelter but in each council in london there are plenty of unused building unoccupied for at least 5 years that are reported and made aware to them but politics demands they further exacerbate the housing matter.

    The joys of volunteering will really open eyes to the blatant cruelty that is taking place in london.

  2. zappy008 says:

    bring in thousands of refugees that should help

  3. Island Guy says:

    Welcome to the "new world order". Isn't it wonderful?

  4. lamaris fisher says:

    Its a purge to incorporate that damned new world economy. Its purge all over the freaking globe. even in the upper echelons. sins reek to heaven.

  5. UKIP TV CHANNEL says:

    Watch this space!!!! Civil war coming soon ???

  6. UKIP TV CHANNEL says:

    National outrage!! Illegal migrants get hotel, money and food but our own are left to rot on the streets fucking outrageous

  7. ScrewTheSystem8 says:

    Hey, Prime Minister Theresa May… you just gave a speech at the United Nations, showing off, on how much of 'OUR' money you are going to 'spread around' the world. Question: So, when was the last time you actually looked at your own fucking country, you arrogant, narcissistic bitch?

  8. stunningarrayof says:

    Why is there so much pressure on the housing system, it`s not like there has been a huge influx of people into the country…………. oh.

  9. drop the dead donkey says:

    this why 16 year old girls get pregnant as soon as possible, to get a flat and the rent paid by benefits, soon as the kid goes to school the benefits agency get nasty and stops your benefits…so they just get pregnant again to get their rent paid

  10. Ana Sanchez says:

    500 million to prevention! Not to provide homes for the homeless ! Thats discusting !

  11. Collie House says:

    Open the borders. That will help.

  12. Caucasian says:

    Sell your car and move to Australia
    Problem solved

  13. mick ramo says:

    Sell car get a van

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