Is America Racist?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Is America racist? Is it — as President Barack Obama said — “part of our DNA”? Author and talk-show host Larry Elder examines America’s legacy of racism, whether it’s one we can ever escape, and in the process offers a different way of looking at things like Ferguson, crime, police and racial profiling. Donate today to PragerU:

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The African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968) refers to the social movements in the United States aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against black Americans and restoring voting rights to them. This article covers the phase of the movement between 1955 and 1968, particularly in the South. The emergence of the Black Power Movement, which lasted roughly from 1966 to 1975, enlarged the aims of the Civil Rights Movement to include racial dignity, economic and political self-sufficiency, and freedom from oppression by white Americans.

The movement was characterized by major campaigns of civil resistance. Between 1955 and 1968, acts of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience produced crisis situations between activists and government authorities. Federal, state, and local governments, businesses, and communities often had to respond immediately to these situations that highlighted the inequities faced by African Americans. Forms of protest and/or civil disobedience included boycotts such as the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955–1956) in Alabama; “sit-ins” such as the influential Greensboro sit-ins (1960) in North Carolina; marches, such as the Selma to Montgomery marches (1965) in Alabama; and a wide range of other nonviolent activities.

Noted legislative achievements during this phase of the Civil Rights Movement were passage of Civil Rights Act of 1964, that banned discrimination based on “race, color, religion, or national origin” in employment practices and public accommodations; the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that restored and protected voting rights; the Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965, that dramatically opened entry to the U.S. to immigrants other than traditional European groups; and the Fair Housing Act of 1968, that banned discrimination in the sale or rental of housing. African Americans re-entered politics in the South, and across the country young people were inspired to action.

Desegregation busing in the United States (also known as forced busing or simply busing) is the practice of assigning and transporting students to schools in such a manner as to redress prior racial segregation of schools, or to overcome the effects of residential segregation on local school demographics.
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  1. Destenee Mckenzie says:

    This video is thin slicing a small portion of history and data to prove a point. Yes America is racist and Yes it's embedded in our history at its foundation. Are things getting better? Yes, but not by purpetuating a one sided narrative. They needed a black guy to do this video but it still doesn't accuracy represent the problems our country is still facing.

  2. hunter peck says:

    "Racism" isn't really the problem. People just can't get comfortable in their own skin as a minority. so they take every misfortune they run into and blame the majorities.

  3. Christian Wertti says:

    Tell me more about how a country that elects a black man as president in a white majority country is racist.

  4. JRob Cal says:

    Every race has stereotypes because they actually exist in the majority of the race. Asians can't drive, blacks like water melon….I saw a comedy skit where the comedian asked why white people always have dirty shoes……that shit is funny.

  5. abuehler19 says:

    I regret that this message had to be delivered by a black person to be taken more seriously by the majority of viewers. Perhaps someday, we can transcend that as well.


    Indoctrination hard at work here for that BM/WF marriage statistic. Let's call it what it really is. Mass silent genocide of a certain caucasian race of people and their old heritage. If the Jews love blacks so much, I would like to see their Jewish women in print and cable ads with black men. I want to see Jewish giving birth to mulattos. While you're at it you Zionists pigs, why not let some of those refugees from Syria and Africa into Israel? Much closer to you than us here in the US. I think Israel needs to be more diverse it's pretty racist there. Maybe we place sanctions on you eh?

  7. Abd Rauf Ahmad says:

    I see a thousand of eyes in my life the eyes see in this video is the eyes that get paid to talk the wrong thing

  8. Hongjia Xu says:

    Everyone is racist



  10. SightSetOnSilver says:

    Colin Patrick Flaherty

  11. T&F Guys says:

    Im disagree with mixing race. I think that mixing races and cultures are bad for culture and their childrens.

  12. Justin Raghoo says:

    I appreciate getting facts from this channel. This is progressive honest conversation.

  13. Sea Wagon says:

    I'm Hispanic, aka Spanish and African but I'm white skinned so I guess I'm not racist since I can't say anything about either race without technically talking about myself

  14. moist faucet says:

    in North America, all your stuff you have, can consider from the year 2000 future, but your Philosophy and mentality still 2000 years ago, still in Dark Ages.

  15. Ikhsan fahri pratama says:

    i am indonesian, here we have 5 national religions, 300 ethnic groups that devided into 1340 tribes, those tribes spoken 1211 languages, and we still sing one anthem, salute one flag, we even take interracial-interreligion jokes as funny, a few prejudice and rarely killing each other. I believe USA can find a common ground to peacefully overcome racial issues, your odds is fewer and your history is great.

  16. Survival Gal says:

    Racism is a sin per James 2:9. Feel sorry for someone who dies without repenting. Time to let go of the hate – God will avenge.

  17. Marlene MMC says:

    In any country regardless of your skin color depending on majority, there will be racism. BUT we should lead and show that racism should not be part of the culture. Racial profiling starts before any crime has been committed or offence. If you have a majority with stereotypes, between 2 offenders, the person who gets pulled over is the minority.

  18. Quinten Warkentin says:

    I believe that America has grown a lot since the 1800's, however racism will always be a part of not only America, but every single country. I believe this because people have a free will to think, there ideas and beliefs will be different, good or bad.

  19. Alex Sainz says:

    A good example of an uncle Tom

  20. Leslie Carter says:

    this guy's in the sunken place for sure

  21. DetroitLives313 says:

    John Kasper was a real punk!

  22. ila williams says:

    Love can conquer hate

  23. LELAND LEE says:


  24. Praise YAH712 says:

    The United States has always been a very evil, demonic nation ruled by evil and demonic Caucasoid people the very second they invaded these lands and if you really know the true history of the U.S you would agree with this. If you disagree then, well, you most likely are a typical American (more likely a Caucasoid) in some major denial. Funny they named their country "United" States when the citizens of this country has never really had a day in its history being united. The United States of America has never been united. It's too evil and demonic to be completely and totally united. Look at it's history in the past and how it is today in 2017. Look how one particular thinks-they're-high-and-mighty racial group has forever treated another particular racial group (as well as other racial groups) in the nation's ENTIRE HISTORY.

    You can always tell the true morality of any country by THE ACTIONS of its leaders or ruler-ship. Everything the rulers have forever done in the history of that country says a LOT about its society and how the individuals of that nation have forever been treated by the rulers or the majority of the citizens who agree with the ruler-ship. If one group in particular has always been treated like crap in the street and less than human, for example, over another group based SOLELY on their skin complexion (something not one single human being has control of by-the-way) and how this evil, demonic treatment has been allowed to thrive more and more with each new generation with no kind of remorse whatsoever by the masses who have always ruled and mistreated. It really says a LOT about that type of society. When the ruling group has forever seen themselves as greater or superior in everything (even though mere common sense tells us they were never greater or superior in the past and still are not greater or superior now in the present, but are more insecure, narcissistic, arrogant, and prideful…but never greater or superior).

    Seeing that the whole system of The United States of America has been the same from the very second the Caucasoid invaders and thieves invaded then stole these lands and did all the evil, demonic things they did to its black indigenous people to raise themselves up over everyone else and still remains the very same many, many generations later with no kind of remorse/repentance from these same people who are the offspring of the original rulers and citizens, this country is headed downhill for sure. And whether you believe or not (because I really do not give a rat's arse if you don't), The Most High, YAHuah has seen all that has happened since day one He has allowed for the Caucasoid/so-called white race (yes, it was Him who allowed this) to rule not just over The United States but the entire world and He has been keeping track of every evil they (at present) and their ancestors/fore-parents (in the past) have done on this entire earth and reaping is about to happen to this demonic system called Caucasoid-supremacy.

    So the racist, Caucasoid-supremacy system these demonic Caucasoid rulers and their citizens created and proudly kept for centuries can keep on being demonic all they want by thinking they are superior to all other races (ESPECIALLY the so-called black people seeing that the Caucasoid has historically always seemed to have had the biggest issues with the so-called black race for no apparent real logical reasoning, really, other than The Most High, YAHuah giving them beautiful brown melanated skin) it won't matter in the end when they end up reaping what they not only sowed in The U.S.A as a race but abroad throughout the entire planet throughout their rule over the earth.

    So get ready cause it's coming. The United States gets worse and worse each year because the whole system is demonic historically. All you foolish people living under a major delusion that The United States of America is the greatest nation on this earth will see just how NOT great it really is when it falls, and it will be The Most High, YAHuah who is gonna be The One to make it fall. The system has been mistreating His true people Ysrael for far too long and enough is enough. And this applies to the Caucasoid racist, Caucasoid-supremacy system/societies outside of The United States as well. No world powers last forever. You Caucasoids need to keep that in mind each day The Most High, YAHuah allows you to wake up to see a new day.

  25. Emin Haciyev says:

    yəhət düzəldənə nə deyilr

  26. Slomofogo says:

    Here is how this white boy sees it now in 2017: America is in decline. Blacks and Whites are divided. Rural and City Folk are divided. Fear reigns SUPREME. Housing costs are so high that the American dream is dead. So, I rent, save money, plan for my future when I will move to Mexico or Colombia where my USD will go at least twice as far. Take this away: Mexico city, population 21 million, has a crime rate that is one third that of Washington, DC, population in 2016? 672,228. The culture in Mexico was founded in 1521. Almost 200 years more rich than the USA. As a child I was racist. Taught to be so actually. But education and travel and most importantly AN INQUISITIVE MIND have made me see a viable way out. And the only way out is to take the riches the USA has to offer and RUN when it reaches critical mass. Fuck Trump, Fuck the USA. Enjoy your decline.

  27. D W says:

    I'm proud of you too Joann!!! ?

  28. D W says:

    This Casper is or was really sick… he was a product of his environment and upbringing. It is truly a mental illness before the 50s and even today after the 50's.
    But the main thing that baffles me is that white people back then pride them selves on a Nation of Laws but often and today don't follow laws.

  29. killachris28 says:

    Not a problem with white people, it's a problem with arrogant, racist, backwoods conservative AMERICANS.

  30. Ron D. says:

    Bring back segregation!!!! Put the orcs in Detroit and build a wall.

  31. Adam Vhette says:

    All those beautiful white faces at the beginning. A wonderful utopia aside from naming it Cliton. Apes & peace creeps destroying a once BEAUTIFUL America!

  32. MattFrame says:

    In 2017, gay is the new black.

  33. Kela Bell says:

    Trump makes my ass ache

  34. jkprez says:

    In case you didn't know. The narrator of this show was Edward Murrow, a famous journalist who went after Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950's. If you listened until the end he said his trademark ending 'Good Night and Good Luck'. There was a movie made of his fight with the Senator with that phrase as the title in 2005.

  35. Brett Shepherd says:

    Pussy ass white men….then, now and forever

  36. Jacqueline McCray says:

    Oh my gosh! Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!!!

    How can you kneel and pray to the Father and have such hate in your heart? I say don't waste your time and pray or go to church or read the bible…

    We have all been sooooo deceived!

  37. Der Fuhrer says:

    no niggers is good niggers

  38. Alejandra Goribar says:

    I am a Mexican living in USA. Financially I am doing better here but spiritually I feel like I live in the Middle Ages. The hatred in this country, and the damage it causes is beyond understanding. Is extremely disheartening. The great thing is that it's mostly a USA problem. When I loose hope in people I realize most of the world is not like this. God I need to travel ? to keep my soul sanity and perspective in line…

  39. mohit bidhu says:

    What if John Casper would have seen interracial porn?

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