Is This The Most Powerful Computer Possible?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What is the most powerful computer possible?

Links and References: (Ultimate physical limits to computation) (Black Hole Computers) (Top 500, a website dedicated to the most powerful supercomputers) (Is There Anything Beyond Quantum Computing?) (Human brain processing power) (Simulating a brain) (Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain) (The end of Moore’s Law is on the horizon, says AMD) (Intel Puts the Brakes on Moore’s Law) (Intel forges ahead to 10nm, will move away from silicon at 7nm) (World’s Smallest Transistor Is Cool but Won’t Save Moore’s Law) (How Quantum Computers Work) (The Tunneling Transistor) (Intel 14nm process) (Quantum Computing and the Limits of the Efficiently Computable – 2011 Buhl Lecture) (14 nm process Technology – Intel presentation) (Viewpoint: Black Holes Produce Complexity Fastest) (Black holes: The ultimate quantum computers?)

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  1. Mlg jc says:

    Only the human brain can run crysis LOL

  2. i3onker says:


  3. i3onker says:

    I'm guessing only smart people like us go here 🙁 so lonely

  4. The Large Hardon Collider says:

    He lost me at the papaya.

  5. Chris Spiller says:

    I feel like Dracula is teaching me about Quantum computing

  6. Re:Zero says:

    14nm processors – Creating blacks holes for processing… Well that escalated quickly.

  7. William Cook says:

    But can it run Minecraft?

  8. Lexyvil says:

    Vsauce. This channel deserves more views/subscribers! … It's as captivating as Vsauce!

  9. Joni Ikäläinen says:

    @Sharkee There's one thing I can't stress enough. We have to be diplomatic on this matter, just like on any matter. Only way to ensure reasonable debate is to come to an conclusion of the terms.

    What is considered as a computer? -> Well, that's quite easy. "A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically" -Wikipedia

    What is's and what isn't's
    What is considered as "logical outcome"?
    What is considered as "carry out"?
    What is considered as a "device"?
    What is considered as "instruction"?
    What is considered as "the most powerful"
    What is considered as "possible"?
    What's the main principal on the view? (unimportant because views are the only thing we're able to talk about).

    When these ground rules have been set, then it's reasonable to start debate. If not, then correct output on the matter could be anything. Maybe everything is the right answer?

    _E: I'll have to be more specific. If that's the only question, I can give you – for the sake of example – couple of very different correct answers.

    Nb! Everything follows, is notional.

    1: "The most powerful computer is the one my cousin has! It can run every game I know!"
    2: "The most powerful computer to us is Sun."
    3: "The most powerful computer is the one running our universe."

    They're all right and wrong answers.

  10. YGYvit says:

    666 Comments O_O

  11. Ali Sarwary says:

    Make another video please 🙂


    bigger CPUS but with more cores

  13. 567Kriss says:

    UPLOAD MORE SHIT DUDE! Please lol.. Enough with this 1 upload every 4 years

  14. william hicks says:

    but can a computer…. fart, like a brain can. no…

  15. Stewie says:

    Prosessors are realy smal atm. Would it be impossible to make lets say A4 sized prosessors with 10nm transistors? I mean for now, not in a 100 years when we have probably discovered other ways of comuting things.

  16. Sourav Goswami says:

    How much time will a calculator take to calculate (1+1) if its processor is being operated exactly at the speed of 1Hz.?

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