Islam 101 – 3 – The 6 Articles of Faith

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Islamic doctrine: a very brief introduction to the main tenets of Islam.

Islam is a violent, intolerant religion which has no place in supposedly ‘liberal’ western democracies.


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  1. shasan1983 says:

    Is this a video to bring Christians into Islam? Because to anyone who isn't brain-dead or thick-headed, this guy makes Islam sound very good. Before you come off attacking me, just think about the below facts Nabeel forgot the mention.

    1. Islam is a continuation of the Abrahamic Religion.
    Judaism > Christianity > Islam… Moses and Jesus is from Isaac's linage, while Muhammad is from Ismael's linage. FYI, Ismael is Abraham's first born and God had his covenant with Abraham, not Sarah. Sarah wasn't patience and strong enough to keep Hagar and Ismael around. Isaac's mother is weak, where as Hagar was strong and patience even when she was exiled. I digress.

    Just as the Jews think Christians are a joke and follow a false prophet, so do Christians think of Islam. But the truth is, All three are real and started by the Almighty. Allah is Yahwah (The Father) and it means God, its just different languages. His message has always been the same. God is one. Do not Idol worship. Be peaceful in the world, and along with many other commandments. Jesus cannot be a God, because he prayed to God. His divinity was not proclaimed by him but a bunch of priest and cardinals who where pressured by Constantine to make up their minds. Jesus ate and shat like you and me. Think about that. Some of our soldiers were

    tortured to higher levels in Vietnam than Jesus, we don't call them God, right.
    Every human being is responsible for their own sins. If that were not the case than devout Christians can kill a million and still not be punished since Jesus already died for everyone's sins… I mean, seriously?
    Everyone except Catholics should think about this: You don't believe in the Pope and that whole money loving, sin confessing, virgin priest, money to erase sins, mombo-jumbo (Protestant Movement 1517 AD), then why would you believe the man-made appointment of divinity on Jesus back in 325 AD (The Nicene Creed). Open you're eyes people. Christianity has gone array back in 325 AD! And it got perpetually worse with each division. There is no original book or religion.

    2. There is nothing in the Quran that contradicts Science. Muslims are told to think, learn, and understand the Body, Earth and Universe that God put at our disposal. The greatest scientific, philosophical, mathematical, etc advancement occurred just decades after the start of Islam in the Islamic Empire. The Renaissance of Europe happened after they brushed against the more advanced Islamic empire during the Crusades. If it wasn't for Islam, there would be no America, and modern civilization would be much further in the future.

    3. Utopia exists on Earth. Mecca and Medina. Two cities blessed by God, ruled by Islam. Granted it is exclusive only to those who follow Islam. Just like a cantonment is only for that national. An american can never go into a Russian cantonment. I understand a religious city isn't a military base, but the idea is similar. If you aren't a part of the club you can't enter. Anyone can be a part of a club, and once you are in, boy howdy, its great.
    Ever seen places where you feel completely safe? You can leave you shop open, with money all over the place and people will not dare enter and steal a dollar. Everyone is just worried about prayer and being good and righteous. No racism, no visible inequality.

    4. Reasons for the 5 pillars is simple, remind mankind of his place on earth and in God's grace.
    -The Declaration that God is one, and Muhammad is his messenger, is the initial placeholder. You acknowledge God exist, he is one, and Muhammad is the last true messenger.
    -Prayers 5 times a day is a daily reminder of the first pillar and an opportunity for the person to ask God for things in his life. (Law of Attraction)
    -Alms giving is a reminder of what God has given him and to take care of those who have less. If you are a beggar on the street, you are urged to look at the beggar who is handicapped. If you are the handicap beggar on the street, you are urged to look at the orphan alone in the world, etc. A perpetual realization of what you have and immediate gratitude, Alhamdulillah (All praise be to God) is uttered. This keeps your priorities lined up.
    -Fasting. If giving Alms wasn't enough to make you realize of all the great things you have and all the gratitude you should show to your creator, comes Ramadan rolling in. Imagine a not eating, drinking, smoking, for 14-18 hours (Depending on your location). At the end of one of these days you have nothing but humility left. No more vanity, pride, conceit, etc towards the poor or less fortunate. You realize you are no different then a beggar on the street. You can feel his pains… A millionaire Christian is never forced to understand the pains you get from not eating or the immense thirst someone in Africa feels before drinking dirty water.

    Every believing and practicing Muslim does. And it humbles us greatly.
    -Hajj. There are two different kinds. The bigger and the smaller. The smaller can be done anything of the year. Get your visa, get your ticket, on your flight, you change into your Ihram (Google it), which are two sheets of white cloth (same as the Islamic burial), one around the waist and one used as a shawl, for men only. Woman can wear anything comfortable and modest. While getting to Mecca, you recite, "‘Here I am O Allah, (in response to Your call), here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace and sovereignty belong to You. You have no partner.’"… You circumambulate the Kaaba 7 times, counter-clockwise,

    just like how atoms, planets, galaxies, etc do it.
    The feeling of being alone amongst a sea of humans does dawn on you, albeit not as much as it does during the greater/bigger Hajj.

    You feel this sense of being connected to everyone, but you feel completely alone in front of God asking for forgiveness. Its a feeling you cannot replicate anywhere else but during the Hajj. Where else do millions of men all in the same white cloth, worshiping the same God, with the same intentions in their hearts, barring separation of color, creed, status, country, tribe, and wealth come to worship and bow their head/pride/soul down to the single supreme being? Nowhere but God's true heaven on earth,


    5. Relationship of creation and creator. Why should human pray five times a day and follow all these pillars and rules and blah blah blah.. WHHHYYYYY???? Why can't I just party and have a whole bunch of partners, and drink and smoke and enjoy life? Why do you people have to shove this religion stuff down my throat. Sure I believe there is a supreme being that created the universe but why does he care what I do? The being that created this ever-expanding universe, why does he care about a speck on a tiny piece of rock in an almost invisible galaxy? What so good and magnanimous about my life that the supreme being has to care? Well, the pinky toe of

    beggar on earth is more complex and intricate than anything the Universe can ever create on its own without God's help (Fermi's Paradox). So each one of us is so much more valuable to God than the whole universe combined, and hence our daily lives are just as important. As such, God has created us with purpose. Not many people can say I life is pointless and has no aim. It is that person who lacks the insight to understand their life's purpose. They like to think their life is irrelevant, when in fact, every moment, every action, every decision they ever made was and always will be for some reason/purpose. That girl that broke up with you in 9th grade was there for a purpose, so your emotions would be strengthened, which caused your first marriage to divorce at age 30, which caused your ability to stick with your morals stronger, which finally got you ready enough for your real soulmate, when you found her 3 years later. Everything always falls into place like a intricate jigsaw puzzle. And what is the ultimate purpose of life? Align your restless soul to the frequency of God's and attain peace (Islam). In another words, submission to the will of Allah leads to eternal peace of the soul. Once that is established, you care not about anything but the desire to connect with the Almighty and bask in his promised heaven where peace and happiness is uninterrupted by sadness and calamities.

    You wonder why Muslim are so much filled with zeal, albeit a minutely small percentage are fanatics who are more changed with politics and land wars then actually teachings of Muhammad and Islam… Read the "Farewell Sermon" of Muhammad, "Ashtiname of Muhammad", "Constitution of Medina" to see what I mean. All were written during Muhammad's time, 610-632 A.D., see how advanced and forward thinking each article is. It was said that only Muhammad and his diciples would uphold and follow islam to its truest form. All other generations will follow less and less, albeit a certain big portion will follow it the best it can be followed. So we Muslims are urged to take examples of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and three succeeding caliphs after him. So Osama is not an exmaple. Burn Osama, burn. Hitler, Osama, Escabar, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Etc are actually devils desguised as what human beings are willing to follow. Their idea that to achieve something, you must pay with the blood of innocent is pure evil, since no good can ever stand on the shoulder of evil and wrong. God, History and Time has shown that over and over again.

    The Quran itself is a pure miracle. Get the noorbox audio version of the Quran, found in Amazon. Get the books/Audiobooks in Amazon of the following books on Muhammad and Islam: Muhammad (Martin Lings)…The Messenger of God: Muhammad….
    On YouTube, watch the movie "The Message"(1977), starring Anthony Quinn as Muhammad Uncle, Hamza. You will not see Muhammad in the Movie, but when the director wants you to know that Muhammad is around, an eerie sound is played in the movie.

    Don't shut your eyes and ears to the world and the truth. There are reason why Islam is growing all over the world. Don't dress up your dead with the best cloths and jewels, trust me they are not taking anything anywhere. Its only your deeds that go with you. The decisions you made, the actions you take, the records of your sins and saintly works, so as to face the ultimate trial after all this elaborate exam setting we call Earth is left behind.

  2. Ana60448 says:

    Thank you for this interesting video on the theology of Islam from this particular perspective

  3. Sofia Ali says:

    interesting on how my comments were removed.. Truth stands clear from falsehood. The dishonest way this video is put together is extremely sad to say the least.

  4. Chris from cymru says:

    i suppose you think your going to get to Heaven by being a good person? ok well have you ever told a lie before? have you ever stolen something? have you ever blasphemed God? you need a blood sacrifice to atone for sin God says that "without the shedding of blood their is no forgiveness of sins" when he spoke to the Jews on Mt ' Sinai and I can tell you of one man who did shed his blood for you, God himself?! how you say?? in the person of Jesus Christ he took the sins of those who believe in him on himself and cancelled their debt! a free gift to you! he is no mere man and he never said he was he said "i am the way, the truth, and the life and NO ONE SEES THE FATHER BUT THROUGH ME" THANKYOU

  5. Destiny108☆ says:

    Very good video thank you brother and very interesting number of dislikes ; it seems each one of those 6 kafirs got a heartache and stopped the video upon hearing the article he lacks discipline into.  Haha  :p

  6. Stevie Koch says:

    Fight, Kill & Die for allah cos he reward U with 72 Luscious Houri Virgins. Ur body will have a permanent erection, you will walk with a big stick hanging from Ur privates, swinging. U get lots of Sexual Orgies as allah promise U. Allah is too lame, useless & powerless to kill cos he's a fake but need Muslim Donkeys to Kill for him. Allah is Self Proclaimed False Profet Mohd's alter Ego & convenient Alibi created by Mohd to benefit himself sexually & have Power & Control over Camel riding Arabs.

  7. hassan masqati says:

    surah 2:6,7 :" Verily those who have disbelieved, it is equal to them whether thou warnest them or warnest them not; they will not believe. Allah hath set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their sights is a covering; and unto them shall be a torment mighty"….i think this kinda seal is on u also…….u shud realise muslims learn arabic in order to be able to read quran, understand it and u r coating ayaths out of context…..

  8. 007tubeless says:

    Koch now you feel the danger of being a non-muslim.

  9. Stevie Koch says:

    Sura 3:110 Muslims are the best people. Sura 98:6 Non-Muslims are the worst of creatures. Sura 3:73 Don't believe anyone who is not a Muslim. Sura 28:86 Never help disbelievers. Sura 9:84 Don't pray for dead disbelievers or attend their funerals. Sura 19:83 Allah has sent the devils on the disbelievers to confuse them. Sura 10:45 On the last day Allah will Kill all the disbelievers and torture them forever in hell. Sura 2:30 Allah will shed human blood while angels praise him in heaven.

  10. Stevie Koch says:

    Sura 4:75 Allah loves those who fight for him. Sura 2:190 Fight in the way of Allah. Sura 2:216 WAR is ordained by Allah, & all Muslims must be willing to fight, whether they like it or not Sura 9:39 If you refuse to fight, Allah will afflict you with a painful doom. Sura 4:89 Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them & against them, you have been given clear authority. Sura 58:14 Don't make friends with Allah's enemies. Those who do so, will be punished by Allah.

  11. Donald Phinney says:

    Please do one on taqiyya in the same style as the rest. would be very helpful (perhaps even with a few references)

  12. fabiogrossodived says:

    There is a famous hadith which says "When God decreed the Creation He pledged Himself by writing in His book which is laid down with Him: ‘My mercy prevails over my wrath.’" (Hadith Qudsi 1) On the whole though, a pretty fair, objective explanation.

    May God guide us all, Amin

    (Zac, former Christian, now a happy Muslim, thanks be to God)

  13. fabiogrossodived says:

    Though yes I will admit that normal Muslims often mistakenly say Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the greatest prophet. One other thing I have a qualm with is how he says the oneness of God in Islam is analogous to the love of God in Christianity. I can say the reverse too: the importance of the trinity is analogous to the fundamentality and importance of God's love in Islam.

  14. fabiogrossodived says:

    Not perfect, but probably the best Christian description I have heard of Islamic fundamentals. Would disagree with what he said about Muhammad, peace be upon him. 'Seal' means the last, it doesn't mean the greatest. Muhammad himself, peace be upon him, clearly instructed us on the equality of the prophets. He said, "Do not give me preference to other prophets…" (Bukhari Book 9 Vol. 83 Hadith 52) and also said "None should say that I am better than Jonah" (Bukhari Book 4 Vol. 55 Hadith 627).

  15. Jacob Hogge says:

    Can you explain the unforgivable sin in Islam? Is that not a literal unforgivable sin, or is that forgivable under some very strict condition? (shirkh is it?)

  16. Islam On Demand says:

    @xX0Thraximundar0Xx Blogging, emailing and calling (yes, calling!) everybody right now! But beware, your site will crash from all the sudden traffic!! A good thing if you ask me. 😉

  17. IslamicGamer says:

    some like this Guy are Trained and take verses and Words out of context and Make it sound all Good! But this Man is a Liar!

  18. IslamicGamer says:

    Dude this Guy Is a Fake-ExMuslim! Do the Some Research in to this Guy! there are Tones of Fakes like this Guy Who Get paid to sell out there own People! Some you can see and some like this Guy are….

  19. Islam On Demand says:

    @xX0Thraximundar0Xx Very familiar. But I had to clarify for those future readers of this thread who are not.

  20. Islam On Demand says:

    @xX0Thraximundar0Xx Sure, one might say that, but they would be factually incorrect. I repeat myself… The LITERAL definition of the word "Muslim" is "one who is in a state of submission to God". Notice I emphasized "literal". But don't take my word for it; grab an Arabic-English dictionary and see for yourself. You will not find the definition as "submission to falsehood" or "unwilling to educate". This fact cannot be refuted.

  21. scott dyet says:

    The use or support of terrorism by the US and there allies is nothing to do with humanitarian issues they have a hidden agenda a imperialistic agenda false flag events such as 9/11 7/7 the horrific act of terrorism in Paris are designed to create disunity among Christians and Muslims or to escalate the conflict in Syria with the involvement of France and the UK in the Syrian conflict the terrorist organisation or organisations such as ISIL were involved in the Libyan conflict where the US and there allies provided support to ISIL in the Libyan conflict they the US lead NATO were the airforce of ISIL in the Libyan conflict the hidden agenda here was the illegal act of regime change relating to the Libyan conflict ISIL and other terrorist organisations were used as a foreign policy of the US and there allies in the Syrian conflict who really benefits from this terrorism the chap in the video clip wants us to believe it's Islam that sounds crazy

  22. Nungesser xx says:

    80% of Koran come from Talmud, all religions are violent, islam is the only one that hasn't been reformed yet, it's youngest, and the elite is using that and keep supporting ISIS to create clash between civilization

  23. only28dayslate says:

    Face it. Liberals only care about gay marriage and since Christians are against that AND Islam, the libs will choose the side who is against Christianity.

  24. ╬Reichsritter╬ says:

    I have that same map.

  25. Stephen Archer says:

    The problem is Islam. So we drop bombs on them to change their minds? I confess I don't know what to do for the best. Perhaps imprison the radical clerics, introduce internment, declare war on the Caliphate and instigate a programme of Islamic reformation. Or accept most Muslims don't regard the Koran as the literal word of God anymore so the whole thing doesn't matter. The problem actually is religion. One man's religion is another man's mythology. All religions are misunderstood myths, that is they are taken not as mythology but fact. All we have to do is explain to 1.5 bn Muslims that their deeply held belief system is utter nonsense, and sometimes dangerous nonsense. Easy. Welcome to WW3

  26. Michael F says:

    Islam = Evil & Allah = Satan. It's that easy folks. I say down with the goat fucking Islamists, even the so called "peace loving" ones….they all pray to Satan and need to either stop it or face judgment and extinction soon. Period.

  27. alfonso rodriguez says:

    As a U.S. Soldier, who served in Iraq, and Afghanistan…Islam has no tolerance,

  28. ogarzabello says:

    — TRUTH is Politically Incorrect —
    "One in nine (11%) British Muslims feel sympathetic towards people who want to fight against western interests" (PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE ME, GOOGLE IT!)
    If we extrapolate the poll results and we assume that also the 11% of ALL the Muslims “feel sympathetic towards people who want to fight against western interests”, and if we consider that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, then we would get that there are 160 MILLION Muslims who support terrorism in the world.
    When will LIBERALS understand that:
    Terrorists will never disarm!
    Criminals will never disarm!
    Gun control only disarms law abiding civilians who become sitting ducks when a terrorist attack or a criminal attack happens!
    Instead of lighting candles and crying like little children expecting the government to “do something” to protect them, French and European men and *women* should be demanding the end of gun control and anti-terrorist training to fight back. You can bomb the Middle East all you want but that’s not going to solve the problem because you have opened the immigration door to the enemy, even if only 1% of the Muslim immigrants is radicalized that’s too much.
    Opening the immigration door to Muslims is opening the door to people who do not want to adopt Western values, who don’t want to be assimilated, who want to impose Sharia law, who use Western freedoms to fight against Western freedoms and values, and who can be radicalized by jihadist recruiters. Have you read the Quran? I have, and more than 50% of it could be considered hate speech. Any Muslim could become radicalized if an Imam or jihadist recruiter can quote specific parts the Quran and press the right psychological buttons. Muslim extremism has been a big problem for decades and it will not stop, be prepared!
    Christian kings, pagan and Christian Romans, Muslim Persians, Muslim Ottomans, Asian Mongols etc. have been fighting, murdering, raping, exploiting and conquering each other for years in the past, it is called “human nature”, welcome to reality!
    In the XX century, the stupid American and European foreign policies toward the Middle East have much blame for the current situation. In fact, Winston Churchill used to say, “We split the Middle East between a cigar and a cognac”. As an example of this, we have the 1953 Iranian coup d'état promoted by the CIA and UK’s MI6 which became a “blowback” (research the term) because it was the beginning of the rise of Islamic extremism in that part of the world. Another blowback of that stupid policy was the imposition of Israel in Palestine were 96% of the population were Arabs.
    I cannot do something to stop that stupid and short sighted foreign policy or the way Muslim terrorists think or feel and neither can you, but I can be prepared at least to die fighting in the case religious fanatics try to make me a victim of a terrorist attack and so can you.

  29. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    As Ex-Muslim in the closeted, the problem aren't the many Muslims its Islam. Islam is horrible ideology that is man made by Muhammad himself. ISIS are real Muslims and are doing what Muhammad did in his time (forcing people to join Islam, making them pay taxes and sometimes killing them, including the children). You don't have to listen to the "Western Infidels", just read the Quran and Hadith. Many Muslims believe Islam will take over the world and even though Islam is growing, extremist cant wait til they rule the world. Most Muslims don't know their Religion and are brainwashed as just as many religious people. Islam is a cancer to the world and needs be done with, with education. Can't wait to finish college and be openly as an Atheist. Many Muslims are intolerant to people that leave the faith, which is death penalty in many Muslim countries.

  30. Philip Wan says:

    i would like to make a claim that Malaysia are divided into two parts; the west (Peninsular) Malaysia and the east (Borneo) Malaysia; the west can be concluded as majority muslims BUT the east (mostly Sarawak) is a majority free 'to practice' freedom of religion and actually are majority Christians. Malaysia is not a country, but countries made into a federation; the Malay peninsular, Sarawak and Sabah. Islam is ONLY THE FORMAL RELIGION OF THE FEDERAL STATE, NOT THE FEDERATION OF MALAYSIA.

  31. Ibrahim Najjar says:


  32. Ibrahim Najjar says:


  33. Ego says:

    This religion is crazy!!!!

  34. The OG Bruh says:

    Problem is they call Islam a religion of peace because if they say it isn't they are scared of a genocide. Instead those that are not Muslims are slowly being subjected to a genocide, Nobody wins. Really fucked up shit.

  35. Isata Jabbie says:

    this guy do not no what he's talking about islam means peace majority of the Muslims are peaceful peolple

  36. Douglas R Merrett (Max) says:

    wow i like this video, straight to the heart of the problem :D

  37. chip monk says:

    Fuck Islam, Fuck mohammed, Fuck ALL Muslims.. Evil Hatefull SCUM of the Earth. Soak them in bacon fat and burn the fuckers…

  38. Jan wafaei says:

    Fuck Islam

  39. Anonymous User says:

    open the quran and read it ok ?? quran47:4 (so when you meet those who Disbelieve, Strike their necks until you have inflicted slaughter upon them ) umm WHAT ?!?! This book is a satanic bible !!

  40. Huzaifa Huxaifa says:

    ISIS is fake, and your hair is stupid.

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