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Friday, July 14, 2017

‘Going Ghostal or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ghost Blowjobs’

We discuss shitlord Andrew Blaze


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  1. nikki q says:

    Omg I came here out of intense curiosity in Randy's case and you guys are going to do an Onision episode?!?!? I'm so ready for this I'm a proud member of the onision block party ?

  2. orion black says:

    i wonder how many people have gone to butch hartmans youtube and commented about this?

  3. orion black says:

    completly unrelated to the video but im pretty sure most of the batman beyond villians were basically decendents/followers of the og batman villians (the earth dude was basically clay face, i think the hypnotism guy was supposed to be the riddler, i think the joker had a cult, etc) though i suppose you could make the case that alot of batman villians are really similiar to spider man villians… anyway i haven't watched batman beyond in forever so i may very well be wrong

  4. HeyGuy4321 says:

    "it's just not interesting"(mowing down people) wtf are you even talking about. This isn't about what you find "interesting" it's about what those crazy fucks felt. Not about what you think is "sporty"

  5. Josie Joestar says:

    I think Blaze was transgender.

  6. Raven Of Poe says:

    I would love to listen to the true crime podcast or whatever you mentioned where is it…

  7. napalmninja45 says:

    No the reason he chose the date (7th) is because that's his ghost waifu's favorite # (Mackenzie). Rachael is like personification of his dark evil schizo side or some shit like that (That's the voice he says that was telling him to do shit). Ember was his waifu but then he created a new waifu and started worshiping her instead because she made having his new waifu possible or something.

    .t an autist who read all 200+ pages of Tranny Phantom's chicken scratch

  8. Max Seuberlich says:

    "Higher than Chris Chan is on the spectrum.". XDDDDD Most autist are higher than Chris Chan. There is No doubt in my mind that Randy had Aspergers or High Functioning AS (I have High Functioning Autism). His obsession with Ember would be an easy indicator. Also, Chris Chan is pretty low on the spectrum.

  9. tiz arrigor says:

    46:29 It would be funny to know! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  10. Cullen McFarland says:

    The final evolution of every Millennial Liberal.

  11. Retinend says:

    Real question – where did you learn that the Columbine killers were well liked figures at their school?

  12. TheEmeraldBlonde says:

    It's about time you did something interesting, you lovely faggots.

  13. jemm113 says:

    The asshole apparently hated his parents, father the most, but loved his grandparents (to the point he thought about going to THEIR house and killing himself there). He even stated in a video he was doing this to inflict pain on his father who he thought didn't love him enough to understand his pain, even though he tried to hide it…

    I probably wasn't the tism (but if so, he was high-functioning), but he mos likely had some kinda mental problem, if also not outright disease. It's possible he started believing his own lie (lots of people do), and he clearly has some mental problem that doesn't lend itself to creating meaningful relationships and instead shows him a more negative and hostile outlook where the whole world was against him. One account was that he locked himself in his room during Thanksgiving.

    It's possible that his seclusion lead to insecurities, delusions, and general lunacy.

    But no matter how you cut it, he was a HORRIBLE Shot! Videos of him at a practice range shows he couldn't hit shit (water jug) with a shotgun from 10ft away! I would compare him to stormtroopers, but that insults their precise imperial shots.

  14. crabsinthebucket says:

    Government should fund getting Lovedolls designed to keep these autisms behind closed doors

  15. Lord Squid says:

    everyone in his channel called him a faggot before it got taken down

  16. supleted says:

    The slow lead in to this video was AMAZING. The whole story was somehow explained in such a way that it gets more and more shocking as it goes; kudos on managing not to talk about Danny Phantom and Ember until you're deep, deep into the video.

  17. Tito Dick Dickman says:

    He's a phantom. Tranny Phantom)

    Yo, Tranny Phantom, he was just 24
    when he tried to build up a YouTube channel and didn't succeed

    (He's gonna kill 'em all cause he is Tranny Phantom)

    When it didn't quite work, he didn't just quit. His head went dumb
    Then Ember took a look inside of it
    There was a great big flash, everything just changed
    His ego got all rearranged

    (Phantom, phantom)

    When he first woke up he realized
    He had dark brown hair and glowing blue eye's
    He could talk to imaginary ocs and
    He was much more unique than the other guys

    It was then that he knew what he had to do
    He had to stop all the people that were commin' through
    He's here to fight for me and you!

    He's gonna kill 'em all cause he is Tranny Phantom
    Gonna kill'em all cause he is Tranny Phantom
    Gonna kill 'em all cause he's (Tranny Phantom)

  18. Emile Garcia says:

    The whole "commit suicide to reunite with the Ghost Squad" thing reminds me of Taylor Gamboa Arronis. Except, unlike Andrew, this guy wasn't a murderer.

  19. CorrosiveBlue says:

    I may be a furry myself and I don't like getting mad fun of for it of course, and a video over the person im suggestion could cause more of it buuuut. if you guys ever need another person to cover. look up JasonaFex… he's a bit of a mess tbh

  20. Starman Deluxe says:


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