Journalism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The newspaper industry is suffering. That’s bad news for journalists — both real and fictional.

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The Hindu was launched in 1878. It is in operation for the last 136 years and this says a lot about its content and journalism quality.
The Hindu has many firsts in India to its credit, including the following: (Source Wikipedia)
1940: First to introduce color.
1963: First to own fleet of aircraft for distribution.
1969: First to adopt facsimile system of page transmission.
1980: First to use computer aided photo composing.
1986: First to use satellite for facsimile transmission.
1994: First to adopt wholly computerized integration of text and graphics in page make-up and remote imaging.
1994: The Hindu launches Business Line
1995: First newspaper to go on Internet.
2011: The Hindu launched its website optimized for mobile.
2012: The Hindu in School was launched in 2 April for students.
2013: The Hindu launches its Android app.
2013: The Hindu launches its Tamil version.
2014: The Hindu Launches its iOS app for iPhone

The Hindu,apart from the news articles and the great editorials has quality supplementary content as well which is fantastic in terms of the writing and the diverse range of topics covered ,from travel to history to food,cinema ,music and social issues,not the usual page 3 stuff you get in the other newspapers.
The Hindu has some of the best columnists in the country contributing to the writings in the subsections

Hindu is unequivocally the best in the language used and the current affairs coverage provided in our country.


  1. 5Oblivion says:

    Right now, the New York Times have an offer for students with a .edu or address where you can get total access to the digital edition on desktop, mobile and tablet for £1/$1/€1 a week. Yes, you read that right – 1 a week. A great investment if you want to support good journalism.


  2. Jaxzan Proditor says:

    Liking for the use of Mozart's Requiem

  3. Mr Hero says:

    WAIT!!!! That voice sounds a lot like cinemasins's voice. Is it the same guy?

  4. Elijah Nemr says:

    Don't adds on their websites fund them?

  5. darkknightdetec6 says:

    I think I'd watch that movie at the end there about Buzzfeed News

  6. Jeanie Enyart says:

    Everyone should watch this. It's so true. John Oliver describes the problem accurately. The scary part: It's the perfect time for corrupt politicians.

  7. T Henoze says:

    I probably should pay for this

  8. Circus Freak says:


  9. Susie Szutta says:

    Oh shit xD we have been exposed

  10. Sarcasm Denied says:


  11. Francis Peli Jr says:

    Doesn't that segment of that journalist talking at 13:49 sound similiar to Winston's description of his job in Orwell's "1984"?

  12. James Griffin says:

    OMG, Tronc. Seriously? It sounds like a car with hydrolics bouncing up and down.

  13. Azem Dukaj says:

    Thank you coffee shop I would be able to watch with out you

  14. WhiteTiger Fun says:

    I just discover these after they come out ?

  15. DebbieC96 says:

    We are living in end times! It begun.

  16. Eddie ågren says:

    "… feed it into a funnel, and optimize it" sound like filtration, as in removing content and making news more "global" yeah, putting information outside of context sound genius for news to do……

  17. Grant Smith says:

    woah is that Bobby Cannavale?

  18. Kyle stone says:

    15:10 lol

  19. Leo Grey says:

    Sadly, I don't think enough people see the connection between everything that john reports on and the systemic problems of the capitalist system run amok. It's all connected…
    What LastWeekTonight could do is hire or sponsor the journalists that do the hard work, seeing as they are contributing to the show's revenue stream and It would also set an example.

  20. rajeev verma says:

    sir union budget ke main points jo ki helpful he mains me with stastics or graph dikhaye sir.

  21. bakchod ke nana says:

    Thanks I'm 12th failed and me saari videos dekhta hu just bcoz of knowledge thanks all for every video

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    sir NDA or UPA kya hota h politics me

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    veer ye 5000 PG seats only for MD related i mean medical related not for all "am i right?

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  25. krishan kumar says:

    thank-you so much

  26. vinay singh says:

    Please share channel name its not claar.. Is it study labour or sutdy lover

  27. Gursimran Singh says:

    Good work bro pls elaborate terms like electoral bonds nd MAT .. terms

  28. aa don says:

    1.national bank for agriculture & rural development, headquarter-Mumbai, estab. 12july1982,
    2.indian satellite- operational name NAVIC, indian regional navigation satellite system,
    3.LNG – methane CH4,ethane C2H6f

  29. Lovi Rathore says:

    nabard established – 12 July 1982
    HQ – Mumbai, state mharastra
    chairman- harsh kr.banwala
    nabard was established on recommendation of b.sivaraman committed act 61 ,1981 of parliament…..

  30. sh vishal says:

    sir it's seems like someone is near by you who is enjoying your lecture that's why you were sometimes in this video. ?

  31. Deepika Bhoite says:

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  32. Popstar Samrat Choudhary says:

    ⏺NABARD HQ ..Mumbai
    ➡ NABARD was established on 12 July 1982 (It was established on the recommendation of B Sivaraman Committee (By Act 61, 1981 of Parliament))…
    ⏺LNG is –
    ➡ Predominantly Methane with some mixture of Ethane..

  33. rahul jhirwal says:

    RBI act 1934

  34. Dalkaniya nainital says:

    abe oye beer sale prasant sir ko kyu ni krne deta the hindu editorial

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