Kashmiris express anger at loss of special status – BBC News

Friday, November 15, 2019

Indian-administered Kashmir has been in a state of lockdown ever since the government decided to strip the region of its special status, with mobile phone networks, landlines and internet access cut off.

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For many people in Indian-administered Kashmir, Article 370 was the main justification for being a part of India. By revoking it, the BJP-led government has significantly changed Delhi’s relationship with the region.

The article allowed the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir a certain amount of autonomy – its own constitution, a separate flag and the freedom to make laws, though foreign affairs, defence and communications remained with the central government.

Under the article, Jammu and Kashmir could make its own rules relating to permanent residency, ownership of property and fundamental rights. It could also bar Indians from outside the state from purchasing property or settling there.

The government said Article 370 needed to be scrapped to put the state on the same footing as the rest of India.
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  1. Manas Tunga says:

    Indian PM does meeting with his cabinet of ministers where as Pak PM meeting top military commanders at time of decision making i thinks thats the difference between India and pakistan Indian ­čśé­čśé

  2. Zoya huzu Khan says:

    Kisi ko brbad mt kr modi brbad ek sbkuch ho jaega aisa krate krate kuch bda krwaega tu

  3. Kinshuk Vashisth says:

    no flyin fcks given what anyone thinks its done and is in place ­čśë

  4. susan dmelli says:

    Haha, this news have more dislikes than likes… ­čśť­čśť

  5. GLADIATOR # says:

    Pakistan want an Islamic kashmir.
    But India owes a democratic Kashmir where people have freedom and equality.That's the real problem.

  6. Nanda Kumar says:

    Is Scotland independent state. Make a video of BOS ( British occupation Scotland)

  7. G Sudharsanan says:

    England gonna end soon,first go and save ur country from terroristan


    Bbc is only covering few idiots and separatist.

  9. Rnam Saa says:

    Indians here in the comments section can be seen using only some logical fallacies like Argumentum ad hominem, Tu qoque, slippery slope, etc

  10. Rnam Saa says:

    Sorry BBC, Indians cannot swallow too much truth

  11. shotwith TIWARI says:

    BBC is a dickhead of media.

  12. SK JAMATUL ISLAM says:

    Indian Hindi news channels are the broker of NDA government

  13. Faizan Aamir says:

    The reason is world ignore you are Muslims. Allah protect you one day.they are 21st century of hitler.

  14. Jay P says:

    Can any tell me how to block BBC / NDTV / CNN on Youtube?

  15. The Cyrus says:

    Truth bhakt are saying…Every thing is good in kashimir…
    Kha kasam godse ka?

  16. Sandoz Sandoz says:

    In a major blow to the Indian government, the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Saturday in break with precedent added an appeal to end the humanitarian crisis in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in its report ahead of the annual Foreign Appropriations Act for 2020.

    The move could become the first step towards legislative action by American lawmakers against India, The Hindu reported.

    The amendment was proposed by Senator Chris Van Hollen, who visited Delhi this week as part of a congressional delegation that discussed the Kashmir situation as well as India-US bilateral relations, trade ties and defence purchases with key officials.

    Senator Van Hollen was denied permission by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government to visit the occupied valley which has been under lockdown since August 5 after New Delhi revoked its autonomous status, Washington Post reported.

  17. Sachin Mrig says:

    What was special in special status for people. Special poverty. Special un employment. Special no medical no education facility. Is this curfew forever? Is it not good to be disconnected rather than mis informed. If something bad happens who will suffer, only kashmiri, no pakistani, no imran khan, no bbc corrospondent. Only kashmiri.

  18. karachi umar Khan says:

    Modi terrorist hitler

  19. Raj Bala says:

    Muslim pakistani hi dahede maar ker ro rahe hai! Kashmiri toh jashan mana rahe hai!

  20. Ankit Sharma says:

    First of all those videos you show were not of india part of kashmir..it was video of pok …so don't spread false news around world…or else ..we will shut down your bbc forever…

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