Kelly Starrett on what modern healthy living should look like

Sunday, October 8, 2017

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In this podcast I interview Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD and we talk about the detrimental effects of sitting too much, various “little” lifestyle choices that can harm or help us in the long run, his new book that is launching in October, and more!






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  1. Zsaqwes8 says:

    his 9y/o squats?

  2. Саво Голубовић says:

    Kelly sometimes sounds sci-fish.

  3. Aunie Sauce says:

    I loved this podcast! It made me think about a LOT of things I don't normally think about. And the way Kelly described his wife made me smile. It's great to see that kind of love & admiration between two people!

  4. Lucas Y says:

    LOL at around 48:00 when Kelly talks about how standing with your feet out is bad and wearing flip flops is bad but the picture is Mike doing both. Just thought it was ironic.

  5. jenifer smith says:

    Great video!!

  6. fatchicksandlegos says:

    Hey mike I'm in a rut. Everything was going smoothly, I was gaining a pound a week, getting stronger, etc. I'm still getting stronger but now that I'm standing more through out the day, trying out the ol' but squeeze technique, I'm burning more calories. Last week I was stuck at 177, eating 2,802 calories I even tried eating a little more around maybe 70 or so calories a day, and turns out I dropped a pound this week. I'm still hitting my regular workout routine so nothing has changed in that area, just standing more during the day. Should I shoot for 3,000 and see how that goes? And add maybe 200 calories to my 2,547 on my resting days? Help please!!

  7. capoman1 says:

    9:55 Kelly's knowledge of "butt squeeze" is second to none.

  8. himelodykek says:

    stretching is useless? srsly? … where did this come form? when you are 25+ and have shit movement patterns and horrible flexibility. Mobility exercises are only going to get you so far, stretching will help a SHIT LOAD.

  9. Michael Aglen says:

    I was sitting with my feet on my desk… Err… I guess i have to start standing at work… Thanks Mike… bastard.. 

  10. Matthew Wakeham says:

    Way to go Mike. You and Kelly, the dream team 😉 

  11. Gregory Groves says:


  12. Gregory Groves says:

    Cool interview. Can you make a list of books though that Kelly recommended? I'd love to read them!

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