Kids You Will NEVER See in SCHOOL

Saturday, August 19, 2017

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When you were a kid, how did you spend most of your days? If you’re like most kids, your life was probably pretty normal and uneventful. But for some children, daily life is a challenge due to situations beyond their control. Other children have gone above and beyond to excel at challenges that would seem daunting even for an adult. In this video, we will show you ten amazing kids that you won’t believe actually exist. Many of us have been inspired by our favorite television characters and tried to imitate their actions. However, most of us don’t pull it off quite as well as Ryusei Imai, whose fascination with Bruce Lee caused him to become a viral sensation. Sophi Green and Tiyo Satrio are both missing limbs, but don’t let that hold them back from doing many of the things that people with arms take for granted. Bayzid Sidker suffers from an unknown medical condition that makes him look as if he’s far older than he actually is, even though he is truly a child at heart. Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley has primordial dwarfism and weighed only two and a half pounds when she was born. Now twelve years old, she loves playing sports and going to school, despite her condition. Arya Permana made headlines for becoming the youngest person to undergo gastric surgery. After weighing over four hundred pounds at age ten, Arya needed to lose weight or his life would be in danger because of health problems.

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  1. Please Stop says:

    2:17 dude can suck his own dick

  2. Apol Jack says:

    Kennedy can be seen in school

  3. John Decena says:


  4. Myturbanis Dirty says:

    That kid with no arms and legs has better handwriting then me

  5. Nikolai Genov says:

    Ryusei Imai……. He might stay that size

  6. Rpgmmos gaming says:


  7. Mr random guyxd says:

    Fuck kid

  8. invisible kid 18 says:

    I should be on the list. I left school in may due to an overdose

  9. Shenron says:

    GG play games with a jaw and writes with a mouth gg

  10. Kynster Nylan Romero says:

    Is that Sarah in 11:19 ??

  11. Angel Williams says:

    Kids you wont se in school ME! because im being home schooled… 🙁

  12. bryan mcdade says:

    saw them all in school, so fuck you!

  13. Wolves Howl says:

    hmm hmm Kay bye?

  14. Ant Venom says:

    U dont see me in shcool cuz its sunday

  15. Chevy Overload says:

    AL these kids are so cute

  16. Platypus God says:

    4:00 and I thought I was light, 58 pounds at 10 years

  17. Alan Cohen says:


  18. mzndpnt1 says:

    THEY could still go to school ?

  19. Zach Carson says:

    love your vids richest keep up the good work

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