Leading with Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Friday, September 8, 2017

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Emotional Intelligence – Why low EQ is holding you back from being successful and how to increase it.

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Video Summary:
IQ hasn’t been found to be a good predictor of success in life or in business. In fact higher IQ tends to be counter-intuitive to achieving such success. A better predictor of success is Emotional Intelligence or EQ (one’s emotional quotient). Although under-recognized, it plays a pervasive role in our everyday interactive life.

As social animals, humans’ emotions significantly impact our relationships, the very substance of our society. On an individual level, the ability to recognize our own emotions, to distinguish and control them, and to recognize and empathize with the emotions of others are the cornerstones of emotional intelligence. Individuals vary considerably in their abilities on these rather distinct measures, typically being stronger in one or two than in the others.

Identifying opportunities for improvement in emotional intelligence opens a pathway to improved relationships and greater success. Education to sharpen the skills involved in emotional intelligence via books, videos, and life coaching, as well as interpersonal practice offers promise for growth to every person who wants to increase their EQ and their success in business and personal relationships.
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    I should have realized this was a commercial before I clicked on it.

  6. Manav Vipin says:

    i learned a lot

  7. Chand Bhatti says:

    Good one

  8. Amanda Catalano says:

    Great Video!

  9. Mihir Verma says:

    Dealing with emotions in everyday life is an important task. It also sometimes becomes very important when you have to take some strong decisions which may affect your life in the long run. We should be capable enough to analyse our own emotions like motivation, fear, limitations and strain. I believe that with growing globalization, cross cultures, complexity of emotions becomes more critical. Speaking about emotional intelligence, I would like to mention an incident. I was the organizer of a fundraising event in my college. Due to some unforeseen reasons, we could not manage to get enough registrations and hence one day I scolded my juniors, which I later realized was unjust from my side. I started researching and trying to find out the root cause by interacting with them on a regular basis and also motivating them. They were really happy with my attitude towards them and they started working enthusiastically. We soon reached our target and I was self content at that moment. It is therefore very necessary to have the ability to accept yourself, become assertive, take the responsibility for your team when needed and be flexible and impulsive. Thus, at last I would like to conclude by saying we should try and understand our emotions as well as of others for a better life.

  10. Theodore A Hoppe says:

    Truth be told, I've never been a fan of the concept of "emotional intelligence. "Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and control your emotions and behavior while remaining aware of the effect that these have on others around you."
    If you subscribe to the idea of "EQ" this is a must read.

  11. han666 says:

    Watched this video in my EQ-i 2.0 certification course.

  12. Homemade Relaxation says:

    Nice video 🙂 Thank you!

  13. me gan says:

    Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ

  14. Fabienne Krier says:

    Brilliant video. Very powerful insights. Thank you Carolyn !

  15. A. Zahran says:

    great work , thx

  16. EnglishTeacher says:


  17. Lynda Marie says:

    I am currently consulting in this area and would love to know if anyone can recommend videos that help support EQ and the bottom line or the production/sales side of the business. It seems a HUGE paradigm shift is required in some industries. Thanks for posting this. Love it.

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  25. Justin Wisniewski says:

    Emotions are what create success in life? This video is ridiculous, pseudo-science.

  26. Justin Wisniewski says:

    I don't believe that this is the #1 factor in success.

  27. Karlos DeBunk says:

    Awesome Leo! thanks.

  28. Tie your life with a goal says:

    Trump with 0 IQ is somehow rich and rules America , that is enough for the importance of IQ , LOL .

  29. Tyler Morgan says:

    I am so entellegent. I loove myself

  30. river water says:

    yes, success is about relationships and manage emotions (hapiness) – steve jobs doesn't even have a college degree.

  31. wawan Luffy says:

    my opinion, i feel people just have high iq can not understanding people have high eq

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  37. Emil Jansson says:

    My IQ is 236 My EQ is poor

  38. Ciaran says:

    This was fucking dumb. This guy looks like an elf bred with Voldemort and was left malnourished.

  39. Rinker says:

    Oh you dumb, uneducated and naive idiot. There is no such thing as EQ, it doesn't exist, it's not a valid scientific measurement. Meanwhile IQ has incredibly predictive capibilities, when it comes to peoples sucess in life.
    There is no trait, no charecteristic, nothing that can predict your sucess in life as well and reliably as IQ does. So yes, nothing is as beneficial as having an high IQ and EQ does not exist. Thus having a high IQ is pretty much the most important thing you can have. Meanwhile having "a high EQ" doesn't do shit.

  40. shawn freeman says:

    I've learned to handle and control my anger really well. Before when I would get angry I would take it out on everyone around me but now I redirect the energy elsewhere

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