Learn Italian for Travel: Definite Articles (Beginner level)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Learn the 7 different ways to say ‘the’ in Italian.

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  1. nelg70 says:

    Grazie di tutto!

  2. Atuma Gideon says:

    truly, you're the best

  3. Mary Spies says:

    wow good stuff

  4. Nicola Andreuzzi says:

    I am italian and it' s pretty nice to listen to your explanations. Just three things about the way you pronounce some words. First, it s psicologo with one letter L, but you pronounce it as if there are two, like in ombrello. The sound in psicologo is fast, while in ombrello is longer coz it' s doubled, as you say correctly. 2) letter o. Do not say ou. Just o. It s the same problem for me, speaking in english. To say NO you say something like NOU , while we say NO. In italian, The sound of O is pure, clear, without any other sound connected to it. I have heard this stange sound in the "vowel video pronunciation" you posted. 3) Then the article gli. I am sorry but the way you say it it's totally wrong. You pronunce it as a "li" but this is wrong. Letter g followed by a L creates GL that in italian has a specific sound. It s a strong sound, clearly said, not smiled or eaten. I have looked for an example in the net, but i found just this girl in the link i post at the end of this paragraph. Listen to the way she says tagliatelle. That is correct. Anyway, you are the best italian teacher in the net. Your grammar explanations are perfect, more than excellents. And your accent is so neutral, so "pure" . Compliments, i hope i helped. Bye nicola. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x1o8-UaOjvg

  5. maiko izumina says:

    you are the best!

    grazie mille a te!!
    sono giapponese> ohhh I just started leaning Italian….
    il tuo lezione e bellissimo!!

  6. lenilisi lisi says:

    you are doing a great job!!!

  7. Callidus Guru says:

    Jens Lennartsson Great Information you are Posting. I am Planning for a Selfie Print of my Daughter. Can you share me where you have Ordered it.Please its a Request

  8. Sven Burkhard says:

    Hy Jens. I would like to hear more about your Workflow with your "Smallest Photo Office"… This was the first video that i come in contact with you Channel and i Love it! Thanks

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