Learn Spanish – nouns, definite articles & class vocab

Saturday, April 15, 2017

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This might seem too much like grammar class. Sorry! But the things in this video are quite important when learning Spanish. In this video lesson we’re talking about nouns, definite articles and also we’ll throw some classroom vocabulary in there.

Please be kind about my artistic endeavors in this video.


Make sure to check out the next video on nouns, indefinite articles & class vocab.

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  2. shannon Zhang says:

    Thank you so much, Senior Jordan, I really learned a lot from your videos. Wish you have a nice weekend!

  3. Rayen AHMED says:

    thank you and what about words like el mano which are excepitons to the rule? can u make a video about the exceptions?

  4. Rayen AHMED says:

    i like how señor jordan helped me get 100 on my last quiz because i remembered one of his techinques loll

  5. Alexey Korobko says:

    can you next time please put the spanish and the english words for objects it would really help.

  6. Maxwell.P.Gans 2019 says:

    pie is gud

  7. Aarti Kumari says:

    nice to see this video nd i want to read my book aula chapter 1st nosotros A1.1 nevel in instituto Cervantes

  8. Tornado Death Beast says:

    I hate how this guy is always assuming genders of objects… it seriously offends me

  9. Tyrusdog24 says:

    never assume a rulers gender…

  10. Shakur Deloatch says:

    This video was helpful because I learned how to say nouns, verbs, and sentences in spanish

  11. DanDoes HD says:


  12. Ariana says:

    Our Spanish teacher showed us this in class yesterday, so I'm re-watching to get everything down. Thanks, it's very helpful 🙂

  13. Max Kapner says:

    1:31 Me when I see Trump still in the race. giggity

  14. darius jah'skush says:

    lol "have boyfriends and girlfriends"

  15. DevinTheVegan says:

    Your video has saved my ass.

  16. Blu3 Gaming says:

    Dat echo

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  18. chubby cheezecake says:

    practical and spot on.

  19. chubby cheezecake says:

    i like u.

  20. Emily Sachau says:

    im going to aardvark you too

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