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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hii welcome on my channel. Today I bring lesson plan on article. Hope u will like it. Pliz visit other videos also. Pliz like share and subscribe. Thx.


  1. Shalini Verma says:

    Nice lesson plan

  2. Megha Acharya says:

    Modals topic ka lesson plan plzz…. With three teaching points… it's urgent sirr… 2-4 din mee plzz

  3. vrinda raj says:

    plz. hindi bhasha vyakaran and sst ka samanta topic ka lesson plan bhi post karein… requesting

  4. Sufi dileep Sindhi says:


  5. Learning is fun with Meenakshi Bhatia says:


  6. Zainab Ali says:

    Plz or lesson plans ki video daliye

  7. Sadaf Naaz says:


  8. Chandra Kala.9k Chandra Kala.9k says:

    9th class lesson plans..period plans for english subject…

  9. rahul kumar says:

    The old rabbit topic class 3 ka lesson plan inglish me bhejiye

  10. Tinamani Roy says:

    tens ki lekar lesson plan hai.

  11. Devi Sobor says:

    Sir Plz 8th and 9th English lesson plan send me….

  12. Monika Kukreti says:

    Very nice nd claer video..

  13. riya singh says:

    pura lesson plan daliye pure kaushal ka plz sir English ka

  14. Alka eshrwal says:

    Thanks 😎😎😎😎😎

  15. Shaina Khan says:

    Verb pr lesson plan bna sakte ho kya

  16. Suhel Momin says:


  17. Suchitra Tiwari says:

    Very nice and helpful lessons plan

  18. Karan Pandey says:

    Very nice. Thx mam.

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