Liberal Hypocrisy on Islam

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Liberals. Where are your principles? This isn’t about Right vs Left; it’s about right vs wrong.



“Not All Men” article:


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  1. CosmicSkeptic says:

    This isn't about Right vs Left; it's about right vs wrong.

  2. Brandon Hubert says:

    I agree with you cosmic. We have a good amount of liberals in the US who say not all Muslims are bad, but then call someone an Islamophobe if they dare to criticize the religion. I am a liberal and I see the systemic problems with the judicial system in the US, the Bible, and the Quran. People on the left need to understand that it’s okay to criticize a religion, but not generalize a group of people as whole

  3. W I R E S says:


  4. Mathias Sebastian says:

    the article in same is delusional you can say the same thing about feminism, MRA and any other group the bias of the article are lame and carent of any point or evidence please if you gona mention something to read at least something good.

  5. Thundernugget says:

    that article made a little bit of sense in the beginning but then it started to basically say that all men are at least kind of bad. But hey what would you expect from feminists.

  6. bdf2718 says:

    Sye Ten (not the Bruggentwat one) had something to say about this here

    Richard Dawkins thought it was so witty he retweeted it. Dawkins then got a bollocking for doing so.

    I still think it's funny. Some of us will recognize the pianist and think it's even funnier because of that.

  7. John Cran says:

    It's a like being called anti semitic if you dare criticise Judaism or Israel. I like the distinction between the religion and the adherents as in Muslim vs Islam or Christian vs Christianity etc. Anyone can be a good person and believe in the supernatural.

  8. purv989 says:

    So sad to see you making this turn.

  9. der typi1 says:

    YOU'RE A FUCKING WHIT NATSI MAL!! 11!!1!!1!!!!1!1!!1!!1!!

  10. BodyGuardOfLies1 says:

    "Often times"? Please don't do that again.

  11. user255 says:

    1. Nobody Was Making Any Claims About "All Men" In The First Place
    5. Toxic Masculinity Does Affect All Men

    So, which one was it? What a shitty article.

  12. tony bennett says:

    As you say at the end of this video, Alex, you are liberal in your outlook as am I , so it comes down to people's interpretation of "liberal" and the word seems to have been hijacked to describe apologists for the indefensible. It doesn't help that libertarians try to gatecrash the party as well.

    I think that everyone should have the right to live their lives free of unnecessary restrictions. When I say unnecessary, I include all injunctions from holy books where individual or societal harm cannot be proved. A freedom that impinges on the freedom of another must necessarily be curtailed. In simplistic terms I guess it's a live and let live philosophy. Any ideology that unnecessarily curtails the freedom of others should not be allowed carte blanche just because they can tack on the appellation of "religion". Any other rigid, dehumanising ideology should be treated the same. This is what, to me, is the core of liberalism, so if people want to define me as something else, they can, but I still use that to describe myself.

  13. brighton dude says:

    I think you misrepresent the common liberal position. Most liberals don't defend anti-liberal values in Islam while attacking them in our Christian culture (I'm in the UK). At least not in my experience anyway.

    Liberals do defend minority cultural groups, and in the UK Islam is one of those. But defending those groups from discrimination is not condoning anti-liberal values within those groups.

    Liberals do point out that there is not a huge amount of difference between Islam and Christianity when Islam is attacked as if it were an inferior religion to Christianity. But saying Islam has similar anti-liberal values within it to Christianity is not saying that those values are okay in Islam but not in Christianity.

    We do see appalling anti-liberal Islamic societies such as Saudi Arabia for example but the issue here is the power of the Islamic church. If the Christian church had similar power in the UK today it would be the same, and of course, historically we know that when the Christian church was that powerful it was just as brutal as what we see in Saudi Arabia today.

    In some societies Christianity is very powerful today and we see horrendous anti-liberal consequences, we see this in some sub-Saharan African countries for example.

    I think you will have to look long and hard to find a liberal who will support homophobia or sexism in Islam.

    You will find liberals pointing out that there is not much difference between Christianity and Islam as religions. Usually this is to rebut the idea that Islam is an inferior religion. It isn't that Islam is inferior, simply that Christianity is just as bad.

  14. The Mysterious Stranger says:

    As a liberal, I wholeheartedly denounce Islam. Not muslims, but Islam and Islamic extremists. I’d like to take a second to make it crystal clear that defending Islam is not a core tenant of being a liberal, it is simply a belief that many liberals hold.

  15. random dude says:

    Hey Alex, big fan here. Been watching your videos for quite sometime and they definitely helped open my eyes to things I've always ignored, and for that I wanted to thank you, sincerely. This is my first commenting on here so bear with me please.

    On the topic, funny enough, I actually just finished reading/listening to a book that talked intensively about this exact topic; quite the eye-opener, really. If I may suggest, listen to the audible version of the book as I think it's the best way to be consumed–audibly. The book's name is Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue . Maajid Nawaz talks about Islam and Islamists/Islamism in general. One focal point of the conversation was in fact talking about the "regressive left" who blatantly support Islam in all of its forms and refuse to acknowledge the problems that Islamists and Islamism brings. I'd go more in depth but I just want to give an idea of the book so maybe you'd check the book out as it really gives you a perspective from a true liberal Muslim that had a history with being a radicalized Muslim and managed to de-radicalize himself and be an advocate for reformation. It's much, much more than that, but I hope that's enough of a hook to get you interested!

    To add my two cents to the conversation, I do agree that that these kind of liberals are in fact regressive when it comes to Muslims. Some of them genuinely wants to help people and they think by defending Islam in itself, they're defending Muslims from these bigoted, racist people.Those kind of liberals shut down any chance of debate criticizing Islam as a whole and labels everyone who criticize it a bigot. It's kind of ironic that the tolerance they always pride themselves of having is nowhere to be found here.

    Criticizing Islam and Islamism =/= saying all Muslims are terrorists. One is giving a valid opinion that could be argued for or against with facts, while the other is just being a bigot. Educate yourself. Know the difference. People get killed for speaking against the religion and LGBT people are outcasts in their own societies where if they come out, their own families will abandon them, and some would even kill them. Does this sound like tolerance to you?

  16. misterawsomeman says:

    UGGH Alex please don't become one of THOSE YouTubers. Do not go on in on Strawmanning "Liberals" and the No true Scotsman like it isn't a problem. There is a divide on the left and half of them are stuck in a permanently defensive posture for whatever groups they think need it. That is their response to seeing the massive corruptions and biases in our society's systems. The other half's response is to try and get forth very progressive policy to reverse the damage of these systems. You were actually straw manning "Liberals" so hard, I can't even see how you didn't notice. If I wanted to see what "A real Liberal" is supposed to think, then I'd go watch some buffoon like Sargon. Then again, I just got done watching a Godless Cranium video where he pointed out how you blatantly conflated the term Anti Theist with Gnostic Atheist implying they were the same and irrational. You should respond to that video and correct yourself because you definitely were wrong in that case. I guess this shows that you aren't as infallible as most of us once thought.

  17. strange lee says:

    *Left-wing Hypocrisy on Islam.

    There…fixed it for you.

  18. Sting Sniperscope says:

    I view Islam the same way I view almost all other religions. Namely, I don't believe it holds any kind of moral superiority or highground over any other religion, and I criticize it when need be, but I don't go out of my way to insult or offend Muslims. Same goes for Judaism, Christianity, or any religion for that matter.

  19. Abdel Aziz Tobi says:

    What we have here is an educated ignorant person who likes to string up fancy words together and articulate it in a fancy English accent, in an attempt to hide his racism, his imperial tendencies, and his Colonial attitude towards the dark skin people of the world. Bravo. You understand what I wrote.

  20. Roel van Houten says:

    It’s all part of a much broader problem. People on both sides of the political spectrum have become increasingly extreme in their views and tend to over exaggerate problems in our society. It’s not just a “Liberal” problem.

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