Low Self Esteem In Women – Why Women Have Lower Self-Esteem Than Men

Friday, April 28, 2017

Low Self Esteem – A deep look at why women tend to have more self-esteem issues than men.

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Women often suffer from low self-esteem. While their issues are perhaps more visible than men’s because of their willingness to own them, there are cultural differences that contribute to this sexual disparity.

The two components of self esteem are self-efficacy and self-respect. Self-efficacy is one’s feeling of being able to trouble-shoot and control one’s life. Self-respect refers to one’s belief in one’s own self-worth and right to happiness. If either of these factors is deficient, self-esteem will suffer.

Cultural norms play a major role in eroding female self-esteem via undermining self-efficacy. Boys are encouraged to aggressively act upon the world, to take an active role in their life. Girls are more often conditioned to be nurturing and conciliatory in anticipation of future family life. The boot camp of life tends to teach and cultivate boys’ power in the world. Girls don’t typically have such an arena to hone their life skills, so they are more easily dominated.

Biology reinforces these roles. Feminine energy throughout nature tends to be more nurturing and conciliatory, while masculine energy tends to be more aggressive and dominant. But self-actualization is equally important to women as it is to men. Women need to learn to embrace their feminine energy while remaining true to their unique direction. By maintaining self-efficacy and therefore their self-esteem, women will be less likely to fall into the trap of co-dependent relationships.

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Episode 5 – Self-Esteem!


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  1. Lord Art says:

    Women with low self esteem are everywhere, almost impossible to even try to ask one out on a date without her acting weird, yet they love talking about how they want a strong confident guy, sure…

  2. chris Favorite says:

    Self esteem . Who cares what people think. I could care less. I have one life and i dont care what you think.

  3. Paul Meadowlark says:

    A lot of women are saying society's expectations are part of why they have low self esteem. I'll assume this is true.

    Forget about society. You can create your own rules to live by.

  4. Paul Meadowlark says:

    I struggled for a good portion of my life with this stuff. About 10 years ago I started improving and now I feel great. There are many different factors that play into this, but the biggest thing that helped me was to erase everything and start fresh. STOP giving a fuck what anyone thinks about you. Re-read the last sentence. Play by your own rules and live without fear. Don't be afraid to to take risks, and don't be afraid of confrontation if it's necessary. It's scary at first, but over time it gets easier. Always have good posture, make eye contact and smile often. The more confident you appear, the more people will respect you. ACT confident even if you don't feel that way. Just keep doing it. Eventually you'll realize that you're not acting anymore and the confidence is real. Say "FUCK SOCIETY" and take care of yourself. If you don't worry about what people think, it will give you an incredible amount of power. And you can do all this by being friendly and positive about 90% of the time. You don't have to be a jerk.

  5. smarternow says:

    Women have better self esteem than men. Men need to assert this because of their low self-esteem.

  6. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    Hey you,dude who made this vid! You suck!Someone might commit suicide because of your stupid video!

  7. יניב מאור says:

    boys have less confidence than girls in this modern world now

  8. Kitty McPuss says:


  9. TvRobo says:

    maybe cuz alot of the time they are triggerd bitches

  10. Regina Williams says:

    I like this video. He is compassionate, and enlightening! Well done!

  11. Eloho Jennifer says:

    thanks very much

  12. Hiba Rahman says:

    Uh oh. I sense a total lack of understanding on this one.

  13. Nate H. says:

    I love how all the women in this comment section are blaming the external stuff for their lack of self-esteem, while it's obviously an egoic problem.

  14. NaturallyBee1 with Victoria Leigh says:

    +Actualized.org hey Leo! My boyfriend and I both love your stuff.. I just want to say that I like your points on early childhood, but I would encourage you to rethink women's self-esteem in relation to their compassionate nature. In today's age women are doing aggressive things all the time and are pushing themselves. I think women's tendency for a lower self-esteem is due to the climaxing beauty myth! Women are not only taught to be feminine but also beautiful.. and the beauty image always seems to change. As a little girl I remember being so confident and comfortable with my body but once puberty came.. yeah not harmonious for my body image and the images on the screen. I don't mean to insult you, I just wish you would bring this fact up because for me, this is what has morphed my self-esteem the greatest. But hey it's just my experience and my understanding of the experiences of any other woman I've talked to on the subject and their image.

  15. Haana Ja says:

    that's not true….I was raised as like masculine girl and I still have low self esteem….and I had to work on myself so hard so the guys wont tell me, im like a man not a woman….I was too hard n not soft like a woman

  16. TheTyaptyap says:

    Women have more self-esteem issues because men are insecure bullies. Why do women feel ugly? Because men tell them they are.

  17. Abraham Eli says:

    Your happiness depends on how your self esteem is confronted by reality. When the reality contradicts your self esteem, your happiness is attacked. When the reality confirms your self esteem, your happiness is stimulated.
    Going from that right perspective, those who tend to be more unhappy about themselves usually have high self esteem; like many women.
    There are just a lot of propaganda nowadays to boost women egos by telling that they are more intelligent, humble than men. It's not just because women's dream is to be better than men that we should tell them lies they want to hear.
    Women just have much higher self esteem and ego than men.

  18. Devon Love says:

    I definitely agree with what your saying in the video. I went a competitive college where it was like straight boot camp what the teachers put us through. I have no problem drawing on my masculine energy because of that experience. However, I know a lot of women that are cool with playing the girlfriend or wrapping their identity in being a wife. I think a lot of girls sell themselves short on their talent and abilities.

  19. kim ann says:

    Thanks, Leo.

  20. Alksandra Pawluczuk says:

    why men want to spread disease around d women why do you hate us men are fucking women only becouse u want to sppread a virus u claim that women have sperm in their blood shed in dna it s not possible rather maybe after virus

  21. jon powell says:

    save me from myself and KILL ME!!!

  22. Ke w. says:

    You are all beautiful :3

  23. Eric Clivan says:

    You all girls are pretty, and I'm ready to fuck u all.

  24. Kelsey DePompei says:

    I love this and was considering using it for my self-esteem group with my high school girls…. and then it got a little inappropriate. Can you make another segment on self-esteem for teenage girls that is school appropriate?? I would really appreciate it!

  25. Professor Dee Dee says:

    How to be a Young Lady: Your Total Guide for Being the Best Possible You! 2nd Edition – excellent self-esteem book for girls

  26. Dylann Marie says:

    Self confidence is sexy too!

  27. Jamie Steinich says:

    I know how you feel about the whiteness. I'm insecure about it and have tried self tanners also and people make fun of me all of the time for it. But it's just how I am, how I was made, and I don't think I can change it. I'm happy to hear that someone has gone through the same as me!! 🙂

  28. Hayley Pasint says:

    Love you 3!!! Great video I'm planning one kind of like this for my channel

  29. lakshmi priya says:

    This is cool Video! thanks for uploading!

    I was like almost did not know what is self-love because i was always  misunderstanding myself and hence it caused a lot of regrets, pain and guilts!

    my sister forced me to use this "dr love" iPhone app by lokesh which really made sure i know how much i love myself and made me to start loving myself day by day!

    technology helps!

  30. Cassie Wolf says:

    I love how you make me feel good about myself

  31. Nichole Silveiro says:

    Kasey, yes they are visually pretty, but it takes good self-esteem to get up and love yourself enough to fix yourself up and smile and be happy. You are beautiful, you just need to see that and everything will fall into place. Plz give yourself time and be patient with yourself. You're so worth it!!! No bs

  32. Semper Fidelis says:

    I have some advice! Stop thinking about yourself, self love is not good. Start to think about OTHERS, and help OTHERS. When you focus on yourself you stop thinking about others, empathy disappears, and people lesser than you suffer. Think of it…if everyone helped each other, no one would ever need to worry!

  33. Semper Fidelis says:

    OMG first world problems

  34. Janice Fagaragan says:

    Nikki I love your top and Korea is the same way with skin color the lighter the better! Kelsey you are hilarious, I wish I had a friend like you…

  35. Dots Spots says:

    Oooooohhh I laughed so hard at the nipples like little diamonds

  36. Johanna Molin says:

    I keep gaining weight and I dont know how to stop it 😮 Im not happy with the way I look but Im ok with it but im afraid that I will get any fatter

  37. jell-o stellar says:

    To maintain self esteem I look through old pictures of me and then I'm like oh my oh-mah-gosh your are sexy and that's pretty good or I got to the mirror and work in my swimsuit lol

  38. Shinju Chinen says:

    I just subscribed, i love watching your videos 🙂 Keep uploading!

  39. Stine _1998 says:

    OMG! Nikki!

  40. Tasnim Beauty says:

    Nikki come to my country and you would not be that pale anymore lol.

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