M on The Joy of Abortion Article

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I do a Vee-styled video on an article about how abortions bring joy!
You WILL enjoy it and laugh though!
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Original Article: http://fusion.net/story/275184/suprem…


  1. Clifford your big red God says:

    Lol. The people in Texas couldn't even appeal to people caring about babies and children so they switched it to women.

    Ladies first, children second, men last. 😐

  2. dattebenforcer says:

    lol she totally sounds fine with her abortion

  3. Kha'al Amen says:

    I thought feminists are always saying "women are never asking for it" sounds like to me she was begging for that D

  4. Kha'al Amen says:

    bright side? one more women to avoid

  5. Thomas Quinn says:

    Women and the limbic brain.

  6. Met Man says:

    Always love the women's excuse, but the pill is only 99% safe! Reply: Yes, but that is because the 1% are morons and don't take it consistently.

  7. Dpalumbzzz says:

    great video!

  8. Donoterase Metzengerstein says:

    "My Sociopathy, The Blog." Good vid, M.

  9. Richard X says:

    Please get a better mic. Your content is too good for crappy audio.

  10. yamatoneko1 says:

    Do more of this. I demand it.

  11. Diversity is codeword 4less white people says:

    BUT WOMEN love their children? Or do they just love just them as a poker chip against their men???

  12. Kaoss Comkaoss says:

    I had to listen to this twice as I was laughing too hard the first time…

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