Make Money Online Writing Articles – 4 Free Tips to Get You Started

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Make money online writing articles, yeah right, tell me another one! Is that what you are thinking? Well that is a perfectly legitimate thought, there are so many people out there preying on your everyday people that just need to pay the bills and make ends meet claiming that 1 article a day will make them millions in a week. Well whatever all the claims and the hype is out there I want to show you a few quick ways that you can actually make money online writing articles. Not a million dollars in a week but trust me there is money to be made.

Actually it’s quite simple and straight forward but there is definitely a learning curve in article marketing. Basically There are only 4 things you need to do.

1. Find a Niche – Niche is just another way of saying a group of people that have a strong interest and passion for a certain area. For instance a good niche to get into is health. Now that is very broad and you would want to get more specific but that would be a niche that is definitely worth getting into as they are looking to solve a problem and you are the one that is going to solve it.

2. Find a Product – The next thing that you want to do is find a specific product that will meet your niches specific need. A good place to start is Clickbank as they are free to join and offer over 10,000 digital products to choose from

3. Find Some Good Keywords – Go to Google and find some low competition high search volume keywords that you can write your articles on. Look for keywords with less than 10,000 competing pages when you put the keyword in quotes.

4. Start Writing – Here is where many people get weary and give up, don’t be one of them! Find 20 Keywords and write 20 articles for each campaign you set up and if you don’t make any sales move on to next campaign and do it all over again. Trust me, if you get enough articles online you will begin to see sales but if you stop writing you definitely won’t.

O.K, so I barely scratched the surface in telling you how to Make Money Online Writing Articles. Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll send you somewhere where you can watch a Free Video that will teach you probably the most important part of article marketing. Just head on over to

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