Make plastic recycling go bananas ???

Friday, March 10, 2017

Launching world’s first MONEY and PEOPLE campaign to make plastic recycling go bananas! ?
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  1. you are just perfect says:

    let's get started in Algeria

  2. Martin Garcia says:

    we trait to help…contact us please…one dream is sometimes…one change! follow U…

  3. colinbarsby says:

    Congratulations Dave on an inspiring mission of real importance.

  4. Corrado VRz says:

    Brazil desperately needs this!

  5. Dave Luxton says:

    great stuff! is there a "simple" way to download this video? I'm currently in India with a half built shredder (the shredding part) and hoping to set up a plastic recycling social enterprise) Having a few problems with communication in demonstrating the shredder when it's not fully working so it would be most helpful to be able to show this promo video to folks. i'm mostly out in the middle of nowhere with no access to internet. plan B is to just use my phone to make a video of the video.

  6. Wildman Tech says:

    I stand behind you 100%

  7. مفيد says:

    algeria we well do it

  8. luz martinez says:

    I live in Sweden and I need help getting some parts. Me and other two guys are building a shredder and a struder as a project at our school. We have been able to get some recycled parts. My school is sponsring the project and they don´t allow us to buy things from ebay or Amazon. A DPI controller can cost us almost ten times more in a regular Swedish shop, the band heaters are very expensive too. My teacher is now aware of my passion for recycling so he allowed me to put apart an old printer. I got a lot of stepper and servo motors, sensors and other parts. I was thinking that I would be able to reduce cost if I can change parts with people that have what I need and want what I have. Please contact me if you think this is interesting for you.

  9. Steven VDG says:

    U are awesome!

  10. Jesus Jaime Angulo Bravo says:

    Alguien en México que realice este tipo de proyecto o quiera formar parte de alguno?

  11. Haider Khan says:

    Bro I want to start in pakistan

  12. Brian Cohen says:

    Hi Dave, do you know the person/people who have started in Chiang Mai? I am interested in starting in Bangkok and would like to connect with them to exchange ideas/tips. Cheers, Brian

  13. mo wu says:

    Get in touch with a machine witch is allready working. Follow me to see new thing made out of recycled plastics.

  14. yuji Hussain says:

    share!!!! everywhere… this guy is a genius


    soy el unico que habla español aqui…?

  16. Ultimate Forest Gaming says:

    Can't wait for the starter kit…. laser cut shredder parts are super expensive near me

  17. NekroClimb says:

    So proud that Czech Republic joined the list! <3

  18. Ashido Kanō says:

    ok so this guy is the face of precious plastic which is fine so long as he doesn't do anything stupid like the kony guy and starts jackin it in san diego

  19. pymai says:

    amazing work as always

  20. Ανδρόνικος Ψωμάς says:

    Αν σε παίρνει, έλα από Ελλάδα να συζήσουμε . Μπορεί να συνμφωνείσουμε

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