Make Your Rent or House Payment by Writing and Selling Articles Online

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Make Your Rent or House Payment by Writing and Selling Articles Online

If you need a substantial stream of extra income, enough for example to pay your rent, there’s an easy way to make it, provided you’re willing to do a little writing. Websites selling prewritten articles to website owners allow even inexperienced writers to make good money off of the content they produce.
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  1. Nancy Mill says:

    I believe in creative writing. And isnt it better to make it 100 % by writing books?

  2. Brandon Robertson says:

    Hey man, great post. So I tried signing up for Constant Content, but my application wasn't accepted. Have you heard of this happening before, and if so, any ideas as to why? (I'm guessing my sample article probably wasn't up to par, but would like your input nonetheless)

  3. Chris Desatoff says:

    Hey guys, heads up on GhostBloggers (mentioned in the video). I did a search to see if they're legit or not, and came across this post. Be sure to read the comments too. Looks like a lot of freelancers have been burned by those guys. I have not tried it, but let the writer beware…

  4. Lawrence Wood says:

    I have a question. Would be illegal or unethical to post those half or third of those articles that don't sell to another site/ marks them to 3rd party websites?

  5. Lifeholder says:

    Great video. Thanks for posting

  6. Jak All Possible says:

    First of all thank you a lot for making this helpful video. I am a writer too however I think I need some suggestion on selling them and working with right people. May I please ask you for you email to connect with you? One more time thank you!

  7. Anthony Stickney says:

    yo dude! you're awesome!

  8. Linda Lang says:

    thanks for making this video because I am wanting to do this due to my love for writing but I haven't written in years and just don't know how to get started

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