Making a Music Press Kit : Using Music Press Articles

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Press articles are important in a music press kit because they show the reader that the artist in this package has been recognized in the entertainment industry enough to have institutions talk about them. Learn how to create your own music press kit and stand out from every other artist with this free video from a professional musician.

Expert: Peter Nevland
Bio: Peter Nevland has spent five years performing his mixture of writing and rock ‘n’ roll, which he calls “Spoken Groove,” during his travels to every continent except South America and Antarctica.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
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  1. red hat says:

    how can i insert multiple audio in shuffle mode and autoplay

  2. rahul sharma says:

    thanks man this video is really very very awesome continue the great work man..!!

  3. apvadillo says:

    Man, you saved my day :-)

  4. bodder49 says:

    Thank u very much ^ ^

  5. InternetTeachings says:

    @molaken What is the URL from your MP3, so I can test it on my site? I need the feeding URL from your server not the MP3 for download.

  6. Tholi Sanchez says:

    I changed to joomla 1.7 hoping that the saudioplayer will work, but it did not. Still cannot figure our why, where exactly should the mp3 files be uploaded to? I have it inside the player folder.

  7. InternetTeachings says:

    @molaken No you don't need anything else. At least that is how I tried and it worked.

  8. Tholi Sanchez says:

    One thing though, does the plugin needs to be installed with any kind of a flash?

  9. Tholi Sanchez says:

    I downloaded the saudioplayer that is compatible to joomla 1.5. It just continues to buffer.
    Well I appreciate your time and effort

  10. InternetTeachings says:

    @molaken The only way to know is by testing and testing. You may have an incompatibility.

    1. Try the player without any other extensions installed.
    2. Try the player with other templates.

    I mean that's an option, it could even be the server. I can't really tell you exactly what it is but testing is a start.

  11. Tholi Sanchez says:

    Hi, thanks for the lectures. I followed your steps but each time the players comes up, it distorts the page set up and does not play, kind of buffers for ever and then stops saying error.
    What can I do to have this work. Oh, I have an mp3 player on my site, could that be the problem?

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