Marvel Announces Men’s Fashion Line – IGN News

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Marvel Announces Men's Fashion Line - IGN News

If you’re into pop culture apparel but find the current offering a little too…overt, then this new fashion line could be for you.

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Warning: This will make you want to re-watch all of Sabrina.

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  1. Donovan Carlson says:

    Why aren't you in 1080p 60fps yet?…on YouTube

  2. deceit109 says:

    When i read Marvel Announces Men's Fashion Line – I was expect pants over tights. Reality is more cruel.

  3. CscOttrunN53 c says:

    Tater tot storage man 

  4. Clueless Wisdom says:

    They raided Stan Lee's wardrobe.

  5. Matthew Nam says:

    kids will be murdering each other for the roger 15's

  6. Nick Kunwar says:

    I'll stick with my fedora.

  7. Chacho131 says:

    So why do people have a problem with this exactly? I mean other than the bad video to show the clothes off being weird.

  8. MegaLaidback says:

    It's a pop joke.

  9. OsoSleepyHead says:

    Oh this is great now i have something to wear to a job interview

  10. Kurt Cocaine says:

    inb4 feminists cry misogyny at a men's fashion line and try to ban it. 

  11. mrsuperbafrango says:

    i expect if your 12 ….this is awesome…..

  12. Rolan Storm says:


  13. blackknightkanos says:

    Smart move, Marvel now owns everything. Now if they could just get Fantastic Four back.

  14. edil arnold says:

    You mean Disney no marvel 

  15. Adriano Rodriguez says:

    i only save the captain america's t-shirt, the another it's very ugly!!!

  16. johndeverill says:

    err ok

  17. MrSquifler says:

    This is going to be expensive.

  18. Verithiell says:

    boring as hell, thats what I would say. And made in China. Its way better to just go ahead and have some custom tailored stuff.

  19. Ronin Scott says:

    Oh nice… Now I can dress like a douche bag. Yeah no thanks!

  20. Fu_manschue says:

    I want these clothes.

  21. Kitty sharp says:

    I ♡ chokers

  22. Julianna McLean says:

    eww vellore!

  23. Faithe Johnson says:

    I still have all my chokers, chunky shoes, transparent purses, and slap bracelets!

  24. Avery Jones says:

    I own all of this except the chocker which is the one I RLLY WANT

  25. adah lindquist says:


  26. Regina Czank says:

    The old Guns N' Roses should come back??

  27. Bailey Reuter says:

    bring back heelys

  28. Fatima Garcia says:

    Me: You want a real choker? wraps hands around your neck and squeezes until you CHOKE and die

    Yup not a big fan of these things, I think we should bring back the actual good music.

  29. Maya Goodwin says:

    i only wear the chokers. wearing one now

  30. Ben Withington says:

    Anyone else think chokers are disgusting?

  31. Mack N Cheese says:

    Scrunchies should come back!

  32. Pi mE says:


  33. katie faust says:

    dunkaroos need to come back

  34. 1985cactus says:

    Cargo pants in skinny forms? Why? Beats the whole purpose of cargo pants.

  35. Katherine PG says:

    all of them #<3the70's,80's,and90's

  36. Kaira Byrd says:

    bellbottoms should come back i have like 100 pairs but i never find the time to wear them.

  37. Maya Blanks says:

    I ❤ Chokers so much. What I really want is for Disney to have a whole week where they do flashbacks go all the old shows. Everyone says they enjoy older Disney and older Nick shows better. Phil of the Future, Hey Arnold, Recess, Daria, Bill Nye, That's So Raven, etc. If Disney and Nick could take this into consideration they would we get a lot more views from older and younger youth. I love the 90's Ara even tho I was born in 2003. Fresh Prince = Life

  38. Hii iii says:

    I think the 90s fashion as a whole is making a comeback as part of this "aesthetic" style.

  39. Sarita Ristova says:

    omg i still have a bracelet like that

  40. Henk Jaspers says:


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