Mendeley Part 3: Adding Citations and Articles

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mendeley Part 3: Adding Citations and Articles

Mendeley Part 3: How to add citation and pdf files to Mendeley with ease. Three examples of how to add a citation to Mendeley and some common problems with citation entries from various databases.

Remember: Citation FIRST, then attach the article to it.

Mendeley Part 1:
Mendeley Part 2:
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  1. Anastacia Kay says:

    Dear Professor Copeland,

    Thank you so much for this video series on Mendeley! I’m transitioning from finance / business into social sciences, and the whole research process is completely new to me. I tried using Mendeley on and off for the past two years, but I never quite understood where it fits into the research process. The examples of how you use Mendeley for your own research were eye-opening for me, and I know understand how to proceed with my own first real research paper!

    Thank you so very much for making those videos!

  2. Khwezi Toni says:

    Thank you

  3. minassie kassaye says:

    Thank you Dr,Chris.

  4. Sugumar S says:

    THANKS, Chris | When I insert citation from Microsoft word it shows the wrong citation. Now I understood how to download a file to Mendeley for correct citation

  5. Gatien Kamsu says:

    Thank you for your video. I m using a macbook and i can't find "option" when I click on Tools. Is there another way to organize my files so that I can read them In Mendeley even if I delete them from the download folder

  6. Waleed Ahmad says:

    the question I am looking for. how do I add multiple bibliographies in one document at different places

  7. Nana Boateng says:

    Very insightful…..thanks Dr. Copeland

  8. Luther Lebtag says:

    Very nice tutorial, really appreciate. I would like to see a video comparing Mendeley with Citavi. Well, great video, thanks!

  9. Asaye Asfaw says:

    sometimes mendeley forgets years in text citation, so how can we solve it?

  10. Yalda Ashja Mahdavi says:

    Thank you very much

  11. amdework gochel says:


  12. Nafiz Haq says:

    Hi Dr. Chris, what about secondary reference can we use mendeley to do it ?

  13. Md. Israil Hossain says:

    Dear Concern,
    If i want to give three reference at a time in mendeley it showed following way [1][2][3]. How can i arrange this way like[1-3] instead of [1][2][3]. ?

  14. Valeria Edmonds says:

    This seems like a lot more steps than what I was doing manually to download files. Is it okay to only copy the citation file into Mendeley and just keep the PDFs on your computer elsewhere? I just want to be able to auto insert citations.

  15. Abdul Kalam says:

    Hello Dr. Chris Copeland,

    I, Abdul Kalam, a research scholar pursuing Ph.D. in University of Hyderabad, India. I recently started using Mendeley to cite the references (earlier I used endnote).

    I have added 130 references (out of 503) to a word document using Menedely.

    Could you please clear my doubts

    1. Can I save or import the bibliography from this document in to any file so that I can reopen it in endnote?

    2. Can I see the references that I have cited in this word document in a separate folder as I see while using endnote?

    Thanks for your help.

  16. MsVelandra says:

    Great. thank you very much

  17. Deon Van Heerden says:

    Hello Dr. Chris please advice how do I add a footnote

  18. sundar shrestha says:

    Hi Chris,
    Is there any option to link in-text reference to reference in bibliography automatically using Mandeley??
    Thank you!

  19. Kilo Victor says:

    Great three-part series. I have officially switched from EndNote to Mendeley.

  20. Mita Prasetyo says:

    Very useful information. Thank you … Greetings from Indonesia….

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