Message writing

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Message writing


  1. Geeta Gupta says:

    The message is about the wedding today's date is 23 March and the wedding date is 30 December

  2. susama swain says:

    Chi kya chera hai un Dona ka

  3. Aryan Sablania says:


  4. bhaskar tech gaming says:

    Mera Kal exam hai

  5. venkataramana dasam says:

    It is rong left the time should be

  6. vivek bisht says:


  7. Aviator_Ritik763 says:

    We have to leave a line after?

  8. amita srivastava says:

    u should prefer speaking in english instead of hindi. still i have subscribed

  9. Yupinder Chahal says:


  10. Santosh Jha says:

    Nys video

  11. MR haker says:

    I want name of app

  12. MR haker says:

    By which app. You.make these vedio

  13. Khushisulekha Pal says:

    i understand

  14. Abhinoy Saxena says:

    Very nice video 😎🤗🤗

  15. kiradooarun 123 says:

    Thanks very much

  16. Santosh Kumar says:

    Sir ji good afternoon

  17. Navin Kumar says:

    oh my god its sooooooooooooooo nice i love it thank you very much tomorrow is my daughter's exam thanks……

  18. pintu Kumar says:


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