Mob of The Dead Exclusive Interview Article w/ Jason Blundell

Friday, June 14, 2019

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  1. Turd Cutter says:

    this dude can't read…

  2. Reddwarf blackjack says:

    One of the zombie maps should be based in other historical places like tombstone Arizona or the Alamo… Or maybe Area 51 though it really isn't history related

  3. Gwilliker178 says:

    Who realized that the power ups are the same from waw not the glossy Koln from bo1 and bo2


    ONIONS SWEET SWEET ONIONS (Sam the onion man)

  5. KillerSkull says:

    U obviously r jealous

  6. Kyle Ebach says:

    Hey chucky want to play zombies with me

  7. FunWithGuru says:

    Love watching your channel grow Chuck.

  8. Dj HoBbItZz And Dj NeMzZ Official says:

    It's champs0707's gameplay he livestreamed it all!

  9. Games rule says:

    He should be featured more so you guys can give mob of the dead a go

  10. jtappia says:

    Is there going to be an interview of the celebrities? (Ray Liotta, Michael Madison, etc…)
    Like so he can see this

  11. omar zaid says:

    Ps3 please add me. Red_bullchy

  12. TheWorkingNinja says:

    the campaign guys should take over for zombies this map is way better that Tranzit or die rise

  13. Drew Kertland says:

    there ment to be making the next map and the zomie map makers are making the last map

  14. Bryce Tryon says:

    Its not his game play its some other guy

  15. Pingas says:

    Mob of the dead is beast my favorite map

  16. Rug GuR says:

    Ps3 and pc is gay

  17. VruzAntx57 says:


  18. awesomepeoplegames says:

    Check out my channel people

  19. ZettiHDz says:

    Chucky huge fan love all of your videos to be honest I wasnt a subscriber until a little while ago but I am super glad I did

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