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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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At Mobile Moxie we’ve developed a database of articles and news that is related to mobile marketing. This tool will help you find various tweets from Twitter that are related to mobile marketing.

Simply put in a keyword hit the search button. The results you’ll get will include a shortened link to the article, in addition to a permalink that will take you to an archive copy of the original news even if it’s been removed from Twitter.

You can also search for news by date, or a specific Twitter account if you know the Twitter ID. The results you’ll get from doing a search will contain links to mobile marketing information, tutorials, statistics, articles and products.

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The line between editorial content and advertising in news media is blurrier and blurrier. That’s not bullshit. It’s repurposed bovine waste.
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  1. Payal Ponkshe says:

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  2. TheRealSeal says:

    Avengers advertized beats – pill. (speaker)

  3. sophrapsune says:

    Brilliant essay, thank you!

  4. Zelnyair says:

    Can John Oliver please not run his jokes into the ground by explaining his metaphors? Sometimes, less is more, you know? Really, I like the actual issues he brings to light, which is why I watch the show, but it is such a gamble as to whether it's "good" John Oliver" where he shows restraint, or "bad" John Oliver, where he patronises everyone by making his jokes go on for too long with unnecessarily verbose punchlines.

  5. Danielle Then says:

    All clicked on this like I was gonna see that badadss Gatorade ad for traditional dancers, hey.
    Oh, well.

  6. yonatan rozen says:

    4:29 so true!

  7. Hollie Hendrickson says:

    Newsflash: Our news is just advertising- more often than not. From native advertising to sponsored government studies, all B.S.

  8. Jack Penick says:

    I always assumed your jokes were native advertising. Now I'm really confused about your business model

  9. Eric Ching says:

    mountwin dew red vs. bud light lime. which one is worse?

  10. assixofficial says:

    how could they get paid???

  11. Probably a Human says:

    Please do a segment on heteronormativity.

  12. ben kerr says:

    If you see a product advertised, which you were planning on buying anyway, think about avoiding the brand which you saw advertised, and buying anoter brand. If enough people do this, then a company will see a drop in sales every time they pester us with adverts.

  13. Josh C says:

    I never noticed how offensive these pieces could be until he actually insulted something I support. I drink code red mountain dew almost every day. Good thing I actually agree with him on most non-soft-drink-related issues.

  14. Heroic Love says:

    After a long, sweaty, punching bag session, the only thing I need is a diet coke. You know? Because it's diet and I was just exercising.

  15. Jukantos says:

    "You'd think behaviour like this would seriously damage trust in the news"

    Well listening to that slightly over two years later REALLY stings, doesn't it? Now that "news" aren't "news" anymore and anything worth starting a shitstorm about goes just as viral as actual news

  16. Zephiris says:

    10:39 That isn't a bad idea, it would make me stay for the commercials rather than go on a potty/texting break every time ;p

  17. deflatedfruit says:

    I was sent here by a man who's testicles are no longer his

  18. sean danielson says:


  19. Alaric Skjelver says:

    I am a child and that is why I am not paying

  20. ApeMaster says:

    Who's that lady in the background that is always laughing her ass off

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