More Dangerous than GMO’s! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It’s a Secret!

Friday, September 1, 2017

For over 15 years dangerous and deadly bioengineered NanoFood has been taken over our commercial and corporate food supplies.
Unregualted, untested, Nanotechnology was a $ One Trillion dollar market in 2014 while Engineered NanoFoods was said to be at .8 Billion in 2012.

The nanotechnology in foods has been found in studies to cause entry into the tissue, blood and brains due to its subatomic particle size.

In rats it was found to enter lungs, liver, kidney and spleen as reactions at the nano size cause unknown reactions due to their incredibly small size.

Shelf life extension on beer, milk, etc. taste bud alterators that trick taste buds, biochps in the food and soil with rfid antennas to track food inside your body as well many sensors in biosolids (waste) used as fertilizer are just some of the applications.

The USDA/FDA/WHO are silent as to any oversite and strictly are action as advisors as corporate instituions work hard to keep the public uninformed.

The few industry polls taken show a whopping 75% are grossly and completely uninformed while only 7% said they had fairly good knowledge on this most critical silent invasion into our food supplies.

Another huge wake up call. Know a farmer, grown your own. Send this around.

(Correction: At 29:30 I meant to say %75 instead of %85.)

Why Do We Need to Know What the Public Thinks about Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology – the new threat to food

Nanotechnology – the new threat to food

Are you ready for your nanotechnology engineered wine?

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NIA ~ Nanotechnology Industry Association

How Nanotechnology Is Entering Our Food Supply

How Nanotechnology Is Entering Our Food Supply

Industry Video showing how Nanotech works. (of course not showing NanoFoods!)
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Science for the Public, September 27, 2016. Sameer Sonkusale, Ph.D., Professor Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tufts University; Principal Investigator, Tufts NanoLab.
The Sonkusale Nanolab does cutting-edge research in several interdisciplinary areas, including nano-devices that benefit medicine and the life sciences. Dr. Sonkusale discusses one nano-sensor, “smart thread,” designed to transmit direct information from surgical sutures about any danger signs following surgery. Dr. Sonkusale and his team also work on zero-cost “do-it-yourself” diagnostics for the developing world. See the SftPublic website page for this event for articles and other information.


  1. Anne M says:

    we already been eating nano foods and is why the assholes in charge can so positively say that 85% of the population has been infected with these nano technology

  2. Popeye Gordon says:

    This is pure fear mongering conspiracy theory click bait. No such thing as "nano foods". You are a fool if you believe one word of this anti-science bullshit.

  3. Turtle Morrow says:

    Love the upbeat music but I gotta tell u it makes me happy when the 411 isn't.

  4. Kid Kat says:

    I can't watch all at one sitting, it's all to much.

  5. Sabita Krishna says:



    it is not the safety that they are worried about it is the monetary gain in the concealment to misinform the public sector long enough to take their money

  7. Gabriel Wimmershoff says:

    They will never use this technology for good! And I for one do not want this in my anything!!! we all know how much they in control of this technology hate us and want to depopulate the world! This is a crime against humanity and nature! Boycott all processed foods folks!

  8. Gabriel Wimmershoff says:

    Can you say morgellins boys and girls!!!

  9. CatBornAgain says:

    GREEN SHAKES with Green Organic Powders [Chrolophyll] with purified water ICE CUBES and fresh Lemon juice.

  10. Mellie Prophetic Jones Cwell says:

    we will be eating Tupperware within 2 years

  11. Mellie Prophetic Jones Cwell says:

    this is wicked , food is not food anymore

  12. Mellie Prophetic Jones Cwell says:

    this is how they are currently chipping the masses right now. especially those who are dependent on daily medications

  13. Robbie Mesler says:

    I will praise God every minute. I will thank God every minute. I will cast out Devils.

  14. Barry Cohen says:

    URGENT! CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL AND POISONING YOU! The Life You Save Will Be Yours & Your Families! DETOX NOW & ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE! The best resource to detox the toxic poison heavy metals in chemtrails safely from your body is in the website at

  15. ME ME says:

    I have researched this topic in depth since I seen reduced iron under the ingredient label on a lot of foods and kept seeing it increase over time, found out that reduced iron is a nanotechnology of metallic iron that is used in electronics. Also see the rise of aluminum phosphates which aluminum causes dementia and Parkin's disease. Also seem titanium added to pet food which I found out that causes brain damage, In fact panicles being nano sized increases the abortion of Particles which can allow passage through skin, cells and even the blood born barrier of the brain. Also hemochromatosis is increasing at a rapid rate, according to a Canadian survey, 1/3 of the population tested. The FDA has it posted on their website and has no scientific research on the safety of nanotechnology except to say that they are not saying if they are benign or toxic but we will keep and eye on it for human, vitro and animal,

  16. Princess Warmaiden says:

    At 53:19, it is referring to "lactose" NOT "the gluten people." I'm just encouraging you. On your next endeavor, if you plan to do a lot of reading things out loud, please work on the correct pronunciation of words, and be aware that hundreds of people might listen who will notice these things. I'm 100% for your mission, however.

  17. Princess Warmaiden says:

    You mispronounced "consortium" at 50:43 and 51:51. I love this video, however.

  18. Princess Warmaiden says:

    You mispronounced "satiety" at 52:25. I'm not being hypercritical because I love this video. I just want to help you in your mission: getting your message out ti everyone, including highly discerning audiences.

  19. Princess Warmaiden says:

    At 33:18 you misread the article . . . I totally I agree with you on this YouTube and appreciate the effort, but you did read that inaccurately, which could compromise your message for those who noticed the error. " . . . does require manufacturers to provide tests . . ." You said, " . . . does not" instead of "does" . . . Thanks for this informative YouTube. I appreciate your effort.

  20. Karren Smeal says:

    thx so much for this report……..they've really kept this quiet, I had no idea 🙁

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