Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Brandon Awadis
PO BOX 261609
San Diego , CA

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*Snapchat: brawadis

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  1. ThatDudeBrian says:

    3:52 Lol

  2. Esho Dinkha says:

    Yo Brandon him me up fam I'm a big fan out in Toronto and I'm Assyrian fam God bless you and your family.

  3. GIO RUIZ says:

    8:13 lmao lol I'm on fire ???

  4. Sara Cannon says:

    Rug is a lefty so why does he shoot righty

  5. Chase Bristoljob123 says:

    I never knew papa rug was good at bb

  6. Val Venegas says:

    Damn the dad was splashing!????

  7. Val Venegas says:

    Brian's the best shooter here. Brian: Not on camera.

  8. stayhigh 864 says:

    Did you guys get sponsored for the red bull your dad pulled out the fridge at 0:35 ?

  9. ANGRY WOLF says:

    Wow his dad won

  10. Huizenga32 _ says:

    Song at the end?

  11. OGF mystic says:

    you guys sound like the minions

  12. Sarah feeken says:

    I like you and faze rug and mom dad

  13. Magic Mix Trix says:


  14. Joseph Azuara says:

    11:08 "brandon has to eat the rawwwawww eggs"

  15. Joseph Azuara says:

    Who else is eating Rice?

  16. Braedyn Plaska says:

    What's the intro song? Please answer ASAP

  17. Kyle Pham says:

    raw eggs arent even bad at all ive eaten them before

  18. Marco Rodriguez says:

    your dad is a funny guy

  19. Wonder Gaming says:

    who's watching in 1957?

  20. Irvine Vlogs says:

    I'm on fiyaaa

  21. Marcus Antonio Hernandez Lopez says:

    your bro win again

  22. Shrew D'souza says:

    im sorry but whoever recorded this sucks with cameras

  23. OnlineGamer330 says:

    you suck! but rug no!

  24. Sam Maher says:

    Yo Rug hand under the ball lol

  25. jose tafoya says:

    I have the same shoes as faze rug

  26. Focusy HD says:

    its my birth day give me likes <3 love you Faze rug and Brawadis

  27. Fadi Malallah says:

    when cameraman cant move his hands

  28. Thomas Pechey says:

    U would be good if ur shots got contested bruh

  29. ktb_OG says:

    what basketball is being used in the video? I might want to pick it up.

  30. Arturo Cerda says:

    rug has no handles and brawadis plays oldschool

  31. Abel Rios says:

    garbage asf! ??

  32. Gabriel Matthew Sioson (713gabsios) says:

    Brandon get a new camera or tell the kid to stop moving it constantly…

  33. Chaemin Lim says:

    Who da fuk is the cameraman? Did he have an anxiety attack or something? He was shaking throughout the whole vid

  34. NiTE says:

    Rug didnt have so many moves im disappointed

  35. Mike Hamilton says:

    Such a casual defense and slowish dribbling, did you actually try or it was a joke?
    No hate just sayin.

  36. Jon Jensen says:

    Y'all got ugly shots ??

  37. Julio vega says:

    I want to play one of you guys one on one ?

  38. Svenskii says:

    Double rims kill

  39. marco polo says:

    everytime he does a layup he puts his feet up like tf is that

  40. Pooky vs Wardy says:

    Congratulations on 1 million brawadis

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