My Experience With Domestic Violence

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I always thought how could this happen to someone like me?

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The Truth About Domestic Violence - You'll Never Believe...

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the unspoken truth about domestic violence, including: dating violence statistics, gender related statistical breakdowns, emergency room reports, perpetration, physiological aggression, chivalry, injuries and much much more. The facts will surprise you…

A massive thank you to Dr. Martin S. Fiebert for his incredible work in documenting this information on Domestic Violence. For a full reference of sources, go to:

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  1. Barbara Cynthia says:

    His jealousy thrilled me at the start I felt flattered…. slowly it got to isolation emotional battering finally he got bolder aggressive and physical battering was as normal as breathing…. I'm frustrated and confused I want out but scared of the unknown

  2. Kim Machiiko says:

    Wow so scary

  3. Tasha Toddman says:

    Love Yourself

  4. Raffael Dieminger says:

    Now I am here, I already know how abusive relationships work, but I need help because I don't know how to help her. Should I tell her parents? She is 17. But this might make here even want this broken relationship more if other people don't allow it. Please give me advice

  5. Harry Daly says:

    Some woman once wished me to be raped and stabbed to death. She’d also threaten to burn my pets and family alive. Few days later she’d send me pictures of her cutting her wrists all this because I rejected her.

  6. Natalie C says:

    This is so well done. I have gone through this. Thank ou for posting.

  7. Verito # says:

    I had domestic violence for many years I wish I can have a case

  8. Brianna Reed says:

    Wow. My ex-boyfriend pulled kitchen knives out on me too when I broke up with him. Threatened suicide with them, too.

  9. Kayla Reingold says:

    Was that selorm

  10. Yovi Solis says:

    this totally hit me in the face. Im in an almost 11 month relationship and all that kept me strong today is because the reason I love him despite all he did to me was make me cry most of the time. Is this toxic relationship or what?

  11. CrabLeg 2017 says:

    This was so sad???

  12. Rocio Lopez says:

    I played this video in front if my abusor.
    he became angry and left.

  13. Callie Bennett says:

    calling the police on the person you love is one of the hardest things to do

    i feel guilty even though it was to save me and the rest of my family

  14. Taif Alnasri100 says:

    I need that book ❤️?????

  15. Liam Anderson says:

    Girls often find themselves with too much emotion, which clouds their senses. They love those who hurt them. Boys often find themselves with the wrong way to deal with emotion. They hurt those they love. Pick your side, and we'll solve it together.

  16. Rprecious94 says:

    Thank you.

  17. Just Do it says:

    Is it Brianna or Freedy???

  18. JulietaPaulina Garcia says:

    is it really her story? because I can recognize Briana's voice anywhere. I am in tears ???

  19. Clorox bleach says:

    Bless her soul

  20. Maricela Rodríguez Loredo says:

    Men dont let this happen, no more violence, we need to hear your voices.

  21. Bares Farry says:

    There is no higher god than truth.

  22. MGTorque says:

    How is that domestic violence has a higher prevalence in lesbian relationships. Nobody seems to want to talk about it. These stats can be confirmed at Human Rights Campaign – the "largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States"

  23. tcbink says:

    How dare you bring out the truth on this subject. If all these statistics are true then it's men who should be up in arms.The truth is not relevant on the left. From now on you need to follow the narrative and quit looking at the truth. What kind of an American are you? (This is called sarcasm so before you attack me from your leftist chair, reread the comment.)

  24. Xthan Mantle says:

    Don't know why you are still here!

  25. ajurebear says:

    My ma was an old fashioned woman, grew up during the depression, and had some rather traditional ideas regarding relationships. My sister was(is?) a feminist. My brother was (according to my sister) a 'Male Chauvinist Pig'. The one thing they all agreed on, and I grew with this, is that women are more violent and mean-spirited than men, also that men should never ever hit a woman, no matter what.

    Of the seven girlfriends I've had, everyone would beat on me during an argument. Except for the one who would become my wife (perhaps that's why I married her). The beatings weren't anything, just thumps on the chest or back or arms. I took the thumps like a trooper because this is what I'd been taught happened in relationships, this is what women were. I never hit a woman (except my sister once when I was a kid).

  26. Mark Spain says:

    in 1975 I saw the man. Beat to hell by his wife? I thought she would kill him one day(in the future). He was a small guy married to a big beauty. She was mean but he loved her?

  27. Lili Tincher says:

    You are telling me that rape is higher or the same in men, really? And by whom in males is it perpetrated, another man or a woman?
    Are your comparisons based on the same amount of incidents? Shall we say 1 in 5 women as opposed to 1 in 71 men, then the stats are taken?
    What are the stats for murder? Are they the same? No.
    Are you telling me that the amount of prisons is the same for males as for females? That the amount of men vs. women inmates is also equal? According to your stats that would stand to reason, yet it does not.
    Obviously, you do not have stats from places in the Middle East, Asia, or Central and South America to include Mexico.
    Have you ever been the victim of severe violence by a woman or a man? Have you ever been threatened with a gun?
    I have, and it was not by a woman!
    My female friend got shot and almost died, but it was not a woman who shot her, it was a man, she did not die, so her perpetrator was out of prison in a couple of years.
    Three young women I know have been the victims of sexual and violent abuse by relatives and boyfriends, and so have their children, all male pertpetrators, the fathers!
    Two very close female friends and their children were also victims of spousal and male family member sexual abuse.
    As you can see this is a very close circle, the percentage then is quite alarmingly high. What does your male circle look like?
    I believe you need to take a much closer look at this truth. I am not a feminist, I only know first hand this truth you speak of, and the only ones it has affected are women and children, and it was in all cases, 100%, perpetrated by men.
    Try doing a chart on those stats!

  28. Knight Chime says:

    Males perpetrate 95% of all serious domestic violence (US Department of Justice).

  29. Théoriste du Complot says:

    I would be curious to know how "initiate aggression" is defined by those statisticians.
    Would pushing (known) button to annoy a partner be considered initiation of aggression ?
    Or would it only mean the first partner who strikes the other.
    The reason and the action, where do we draw the limit ?
    depending on this definition we could have a reversal of statistics.
    so these definitions could be used politically to tweak the stats to desired result.

  30. Jace7310 says:

    Why isn't there any comparison of number of deaths from domestic violence?

  31. Molly Brown says:

    My ex husband used physical threats, financial control and gas lighting to keep me in "line". The last assault, he broke three of my ribs. DV is an issue that affects both sexes but makes ar much stronger and my ex had more money to hire a great lawyer. He was convicted of assault but he fought my restraining order and won. So I moved more than 50 miles away to escape him. (He destroyed my car and threatened me with a gun.) Despite all of that he had a better lawyer and got majority time with my son.

  32. Wendy Tedder says:

    Women can be vicious, mostly verbally, but men are physically much stronger and easily able to squeeze the life out of a physical woman in a similar moment of rage. TRUST ME.

  33. Princess Okeana says:

    battered by two husbands. Both of them punched me while I was asleep in bed. They both have Frankenstein in their head to attack me, unprovoked and without reason. I too much anted to keep my family in tact and didn't report it but I was beaten so badly with my neck wrenched and couldn't hold my head up, I went to the hospital and the police arrested the batterer. He didn't hit me after that.
    I know a lot of women who loudly verbally abuse and berate their man publicly and in front of business associates. it's so embarrassing and emasculating. The man who calls the police is subject to the woman accusing the man of violence and getting the man arrested. I hate women who lie so the man takes the heat.
    My friend has been denied visitation to his daughter due to slander and fraudulent police reports! Just heartbreaking!

  34. Rump Roastwitch says:

    I remember watching my mother physicaly beat my dad over stupid bs as a child. He never raised his hands to her even in self defence due to police threats. When I was 17 yo we had an argument and she started trying that on me. I caught her hands mid swing and held them. She then started targeting my family jewles with kicks. I pushED her to the wall and told her to calm down. The look on her face was priceless as she called the police on me claiming i hit her. The cops showed up and I told them what happened. When they told my mother if I hit her i was going to jail she fessed up that i did not. I got to watch the cops bitch out my mother claiming that she would have ruined my life and they could arrest her for false info. The cops were ready to take me down. I have witnessed a friends wife pull this shit on him and i backed him up as a witness to the police. She then takes the kids to her parents and lies to the family that he hit her while she cools off. He puts up with it for his kids sake and it is really sad.

  35. CJ B says:

    the point is that domestic violence between genders is not one sided and therefore PSA s should stop representing a female victim all the time. it should be half and half

  36. Ruan Ohogain says:

    The problem is a societal one people say men who hit women are cowards but nothing is said of women who beat men.

  37. We Rise 2 Inc. says:
    gift offerings needed for to get 501c3 federal tax exemption nonprofit status so we can get grants for a domestic violence Community safe shared housing for men like Norbit myself and other men like Douglas Johnson and a separate house for women in memory of my brother daughter poinsettia parks 25 pregnant and she had a child already security guard. Eric Lamar Nelson her baby father murdered her May 2016 Concord California. he pleaded innocent I ever found inside traffic violation driving her car a window of opportunity for guilty verdict period 6 feet 1 inch tall African American kills African American female domestic violence must stop gangster rap must stop NWA negroes with attitudes descendants of kings and queens with attitudes Straight Outta Africa straight out of the Congo straight out of Egypt Straight Outta Somalia kings and queens descendants of kings and queens elevate your mind stop the violence gift offerings needed $100 $200 $300 $50 $5 anything helps nothing is too small or too big this is Reverend Tyrone X Williamson cat and pet International Supply four victims in hurricanes and tornadoes food need pet food pet harnesses free service from church ministry We rise 2 a Grassroots church ministry straight out of Portland Oregon statistics of domestic violence very high 500 women beat up every night sleeping inside camping tents inside Portland Oregon homeless Society the underbelly of the Beast the women have no place to go. Beat up by boyfriend high on meth cracked uppers or downers alcohol anything they can get mentally stimulated from to forget about the wet weather coming from Seattle Washington. lack of sun make Oregon depressing. making people dangerous upset Moody bipolar murderous. Women are incarcerated for Dangerous crimes against men. Men are victims of domestic violence Portland Oregon Clackamas Oregon Hillsboro Oregon to Tualatin Oregon Tigard Oregon Salem Oregon Vancouver Washington homeless shelters full of women victims of domestic violence please donate today church ministry gift offerings needed

  38. The Pickliest Pickle says:

    I feel like the comments are going to be flooded with comments complaining how this is not true. Like, sure. You have the right to say you deserve mercy, and help. But.. you shouldn't exactly make.. THIS of all things a competition, because it is very serious. We should all get mercy. No one should get more. So, please. Calm. Down.

  39. Aurel Karasz says:

    I don't want to sound disrespectful but what planet are this statistics from…Sure not from the Earth where the violence has been performed for centuries in various forms and shapes from as basic as the intimate partner violence to the global conflicts such as wars by MEN!!!! not by WOMEN!!! and nothing has really changed. Double high stats by men being victims of severe domestic violence?? Come on!!! And if men apparently don't report the domestic violence where are those statistics from. Really strange, never saw a battered man with a black eye or broken nose in a dv refuge. hmmm , wondering WHY!!!!!! what a joke, just not a good one .

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