My Struggle With Bipolar Disorder. | HeyThereImShannon

Monday, September 5, 2016

I’m really hesitant to post this video because I’ve yet to post anything this personal on my channel. That being said, I’ve had this channel for 6 years now and I think I’m finally ready to share this aspect of my life with you all. I really apologize for all the tears and drama- this type of content is not going to become a common thing, I promise. Thank you all for listening, you have no idea how much happiness you bring me.

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Not sleeping for days on end. Long periods of euphoria. Racing thoughts. Grandiose ideas. Mania. Depression. All of these are symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about mood disorders and their causes as well as how these disorders can impact people’s lives.

Table of Contents:

What are Mood Disorders? 1:05
Symptoms of Depressive & Bipolar Disorders 2:00
Biological, Genetic, Environmental, & Social-Cognitive
Causes of Mood Disorders 5:47

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  1. Moqbel saggar says:

    question: when someone with bipolar gets angry and starts smashing things, and i try to hold him so he could stop, will that makes him more angry?

  2. Alissa Bilderback says:

    You're amazing

  3. Zombie Cupcakes says:

    Hey Shannon,
    My name is Elaina and I'm 16. I can relate with you so much, I don't have bipolar but the way you describe your anger is what I feel with my sadness ,with my depression, I don't know why I'm sad or angry. My mother was also diagnosed with Bipolar, I know what it's like to live with someone like that. Calming them down and get them right. I hope you can get everything out, you are a beautiful and amazing girl.

  4. ThatMinXGamer MC says:

    I have bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression. . .I don't know what to do, and being a teen nobody even begins to give it a thought. Nobody thinks they just piece it together in a way that makes sense to them and move on. Well I can't move on, so. . . Tips? Under 18 so don't recommend "that kind of stuff" please. I'd really appreciate it.

  5. Kaylee Gulbrandsen says:

    I am 12 and I am depressed. I do not know how to tell people or my parents. I have been struggling and I don't want to feel this way. Then it makes me mad and I do not know what to do. I have also been having suicidal thoughts and I dont know why.

  6. Nicole Denman says:

    I'm still trying to sort my mental illness out, I was diagnosed at the age of 10 with manic depression, anxiety and ocd, and I'm now 22 in like a week, try to stay strong I know it's so hard, some days it feels like it's no point living anymore, but you are not your illness, you are a strong beautiful person, thank you for sharing your story, it's hard to have a mental illness, when there is so much stigma out there x

  7. Kaedyn Kashmir says:

    hey shannon!! i also have bipolar disorder at 16 years old (bipolar psychosis actually) and i just gotta say you are SO BRAVE for posting this video. you're amazing <3 I'm a musician with a fairly small following since I'm just starting out, but I'm pretty well known in my area. I know that I was terrified to talk to others about it, especially with a public following. you are sooo incredible to be able to talk about this. For those who cannot or don't want to speak up- you're also brave for dealing with this disorder every day. I am so proud of all of you. no matter how awful you feel, you can get through this. having a person to lean on is also important- bring some happiness into your life!! it really helps! good luck to all of my fellow friends who face this <3

  8. Christina Vega says:

    I feel the same way tbh I relate so hard to this video

  9. Kathryn Curtis says:

    I have Bipolar Disorder too. I was diagnosed at the age of 15 also…I feel you Shannon.

  10. Roseberryproductions says:

    I Actually Almost Started Crying By The End Of This Video Because Of How Much Pain You Are Going Through. I Am So Sorry That You Or Anybody For That Matter Has To Suffer With Bipolar. I've Never Had Bipolar, Just Depression, So I'm Sorry That I Don't Know How To Help With This. I Hope Things Will Get Better For You Soon.

  11. Kk pretty diva msp2 says:

    Seeing her sad makes me sad?

  12. Raye Trippett says:

    anger is my mania too. feeling like you can't control any ounce of emotion you have is the hardest thing i've ever dealt with and i'm glad i'm not alone there

  13. Yuii - chii says:

    hay i didnt know about it before but if i think about it it is the same for me too i cant control it it just comes up by itself >.<'

  14. Jay _1187 says:

    Had a Baaaad day on Saturday. repeatedly hit a table in a rage and broke my hand, my temper scares even me.

  15. TwitchTheWicked69 says:

    I fight the same thing you do!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! TO A T!!! 😀 So sharing!!!

  16. GoldenAmyYT says:

    Omg im so sorry to hear!! ;(((

  17. Lauren Donovan says:

    I'm so sorry.? I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2. I understand and am going through similar struggles. I lost my two best friends in the past few weeks. I feel like I've lost control, and I don't even know who I am anymore. I do irrational, hurtful things and don't mean to but I scare and hurt the people I love the most. I hate it and would do anything to live without it. I get outburst lately in public that are uncontrollable and embarrassing. People look at me different and all I want to be is normal. Living with bipolar disorder is something I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to have. It ruined my life. I've gone to the ER several times, put in partial programs, gone through different doctors and therapists. Along with the bipolar disorder I struggle with drug addiction, which in my manic stages I just about always relapse and do things that are harmful and hurtful to others. I was at first diagnosed with major depressive disorder too. I'm sorry your going through this too?

  18. Black Is My Happy Color says:

    You're such an amazing and wonderful person. I'm (we) are so, so proud of you! Stay amazing :)

  19. what soup #tager says:

    thank you for sharing some people don't have huevos to share cuz they thought ut wouldn't help. if I was there whith I would do anything in my power to make you happy you areLike w strong, beutiful, and no you are not being dramatic and don't be scared. that is who YOU are. anybody close to you should get used to it and help you and support you and if they do good but I may not tecneclly know you but I still care about you take care 😉 ♡♥♡♥ a friend of mine is by polar and she's a sweet, loud, and a crazy lady but I care for her even tho she is waaay older than me and she leaves the door open when she smokes and I hhaattee that, and I guess she talked to a hobo then argued whith him in a restaurant but I bet she'd love to talk to you. hope this makes you smile stay badass af my gurl 😉
    ~ a fan

  20. Ajringallo 14 says:

    I had deppresion for two years along with anxiety. But I was finally able to pull out of deppresion but anxiety is hell for me. The other day I was blow drying and I don't know I got really scared and I almost had a panic attack because of a freaking blow dryer

  21. Kim Jong il says:

    I have depression

  22. Anastassiya Alexieva says:

    Can you please make a video explaining the differences and descriptions of this "Pre-existing condition", what triggers it, what are the differences with other types of conditions, how drugs affect it etc. 6:23

  23. Anastassiya Alexieva says:

    Can you please make a video explaining the differences and descriptions of this "Pre-existing condition", what triggers it, what are the differences with other types of conditions, how drugs affect it etc. 6:23

  24. David Shepherd says:

    ive got bipolar but the start of this video made me turn off you were to quick for me n chatty sorry

  25. Amanda Herring says:

    This is so cool. #bipolarlife

  26. fake name says:

    It would be great if this channel made an episode on ADD/ADHD. I looked through the psychology playlist and couldn't find one.

  27. Abrial Elise says:

    can you do one video for dissociative, depersonalization. derealization

  28. lorgy99 says:

    This is probably my ignorance showing…I have major depressive disorder, so I've never been manic. But can mania be fun, or is it scary? I hear the word 'euphoria' and I automatically think that's a good thing.

  29. Clara Tenny says:

    Not bad for a crash course. I have bipolar 1 even though I've only ever had one major manic episode but it was intense and involved a pretty traumatic involuntary hospitalization. My psychiatrist said that to get the diagnosis, all you need is that one, extreme, textbook manic episode. All my subsequent hospitalizations have mostly been related to me being suicidal. But, more to the point, I love Kay Redfield Jamison and all she's done for research and bipolar advocacy. She does a cameo in the movie "Touched With Fire" titled after her famous book and written and directed by someone with bipolar disorder. I just don't like the weird animations in this crash course. That's all. They're kind of creepy.

  30. Strange Sioux (Sös) says:

    Could you make a video explaining the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder? And maybe how to live with it?
    Thank you for your awesome videos.
    knowledge is Power! ;)

  31. donut dog says:

    i have crippling depression

  32. Benton Stewart says:

    My first legitimate thought when you said 'overdosed on lithium' was about myself.

  33. potwhovian says:

    I have all the symptoms of depression but they last for a few days and then I get normal again but I know those days will return so I try to enjoy he normalness but I can't fully enjoy it and that form of depression doesn't seem bad enough to be diagnosed as a medical disorder it just seems like something that happens sometimes and it just feels like I am not trying hard enough like I am whining internally … because i am. I hate it

  34. Cat Rogers says:

    I had depression for a long time and I tried to take my life twice. Fortunately I got help and I like to think that I'm much better because I can leave my bed and I look forward to the future. But I recently lost my grandpa, we were super close and I loved him dearly. I was waiting for a drop in my mood and a relapse into depression. I told my therapist what happened and she said I should accept all the feeling that come through. Here's the issue, I haven't felt any sadness over it. It's like I reached a high, never went down, and then reached a new normal that doesn't go away. I don't sleep and I don't slow down ever, it's insane. I'm jittery and twitchy and I can't sit still of focus very long. Then when I do 'crash', it's only happened twice in 3 months, it's like I can't feel anything. I can't get up I can't talk to anyone or do anything. When I had depression I felt like I wasn't needed and everyone would be better without me. But this is just nothing. My therapist says this is normal and I'm healing but it doesn't feel normal. Thoughts? Help?

  35. Daily Wad says:

    I eat bipolar for breakfast!

  36. Burgundy Black says:

    A reboot reference!!!!!!

  37. Chris D says:

    Wait, there might be something might actually ~wrong~ with me. Like I should literally go see a doctor because I had all of the symptoms of depression for a decade give a take or few years.

  38. Sheena Misa says:

    I'm having depression for almost 4 years now..I'm always upset, sad, angry for no reasons…when I do stupid things my husband says I'm crazy..I feel there's no use of living..I'm struggling alone with no family around.. I'm fucked up.

  39. Ky Lives says:

    It's amazing how much our understanding of psychology has grown over the past 50-60 years or so. I really believe that in my lifetime I will see a world where everyone is able to understand themselves on a level that eliminates all suffering from their lives, regardless of mental disorders. We are all unique, we all have to discover our own ways to cope with this insane experience that we call life and everyone can! If you're passionate about reducing stigma and increasing the help available for people who are suffering I would love to hear from you! Anyone who reads this.

  40. Adelina Boiangiu says:

    Bad judgment is not the accurate term for thinking the snakes are attacking. Bipolar type II comes with psychosis. Meaning you hallucinate and have delusions. Bipolar II takes one onto the land of psychosis.

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