Names with and without THE, the definite article the, articles in English

Monday, October 21, 2019

Another class devoted to English articles, here we will cover names with and without the definite article the. I tried to squeeze all the important information in this class, so make sure to watch it to the end!
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  1. Yogesh Karhale says:

    Куда вы работаете кроме youtube

  2. margarita khachatryan says:

    Thank You!
    I am really seeking for such a detailed video on definite article the with names.
    Thank You once again!

  3. Nabin kumar bidhyarthi says:

    thank you madam,for your lot information

  4. Talha Saeed says:

    U r so cute

  5. ma ju says:

    I am a non-native speaker, so it is impossible for me to make out whether it is the name of a place or of a person after which a building, museum, church, cinema or theatre is named. So, in this situation what am I supposed to do? why is it "The Bombay restaurant" but not "The Bombay railway station", Is there any logic behind or we just need to remember them as they are?

    Thanks a lot Antonia, your videos helped me a lot…..

  6. Divine Dancer says:

    I want a coffee from you, don't you?

  7. Daniel Ramos Carrillo says:

    Delicioso kiss

  8. Andrea Giraldo MD, Ph.D. says:

    Yes but I have to say: I live near THE Great Lakes ( it's in north America between Canada and The US: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Hurton, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario)

  9. Ronen R says:

    Such a great teacher and a nice girl. Such a great style of teaching 🤙🏽

  10. Ronen R says:

    Wonderful 🤙🏽

  11. Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

    You say other like Aather! It's uther!

  12. Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

    You say of like ov! It's of! Eff!

  13. Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

    Ukraine spellings

  14. Marlyn Rezende says:

    Is it correct : Does the Mr president forgive the Imigrants?

  15. Rameez Mir says:

    Love u mam

  16. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    speed of net is slow


    its really helpful

  18. Kathula Chandrashekar says:

    Thanks,very nice teaching.

  19. Moin Nadeem says:

    Excellent lesson as well as the way of teaching and u r also

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