“New” vs. “Old” Terrorism

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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After the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Newsweek magazine featured an article on what it called the “new terrorism.” One element of the 9/11 Commission’s critique of U.S. policy was that officials had not fully comprehended the nature and implications of this new terrorism. Professor Crenshaw offered a “skeptical, contrarian” analysis of the emerging conventional wisdom, questioning whether the “new terrorism” paradigm is based on an adequate interpretation of the past.

Let's have an honest talk about Terrorism

NOTE** An update on the situation stated that there is no evidence that the kid had isis ties however this does not muck up my point about the terrorim problem in Europe and the Middle East. There have been 50 deaths in just the past couple days from Islam terror and it’s growing steadily.
Andy Warski has an honest conversation about the terrorism problem.
News Article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/22/shots-fired-at-munich-shopping-centre/
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  1. Dave Edwards says:

    christian?! i heard christian…..wow, the #`1 promoters of love and peace in the world…terrorist? damn.

  2. Ekrem Ersen Emeksiz says:

    Indeed,It is very complicated to distinguish between state sponsored and non-state sponsored Al`Qaida groups in different countries, but local partnership must improve and developed by the US initiatives, that would be key method in order to detect terrorists. But this partnership should constitute on reliable, mutually respectful and constant ground

  3. Dawid Micek says:

    greetings from Poland !

  4. Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel says:

    When the civil war comes we will burry the dead muzz-rats with pig head and expired pork products

  5. Tri - SS says:

    you think it is impactful enough to fight trough like this channel?

  6. Handsome squidward says:

    Andy… isis are targeting the middle east more than Europe. in the middle east for example a nightclub in Turkey was shot and every muslim in Turkey stood up even though nightclubs are against our religion. now the problem is the government. you think that 9 countries fighting isis are not stopping isis? there's more to this whole situation that we don't want this. ISIS was started by the us and us is keeping it there to start war in the middle east and sell weapons. I'm against immigrant deportation but when trump was elected he seemed like he really wanted to stop isis and my uncle, although muslim voted for him. now the whole isis situation is affecting muslims more than non muslims and the comments are proog

  7. No Name says:

    Thank you for clearing everything

  8. Yondo says:

    what's funny to me is when a Muslim proudly says to me islam is an unchanged religion they haven't changed one word since it was sent by Allah… i roll my eyes and be like don't you think thats a problem?

  9. Frank Laurence says:

    Hey I'm just curious but whats your stance on guns Andy? This is factoring home grown terrorists and mass shooters. Should there be rules concerning guns especially with the no fly list? Also do you believe in Trump's plan on Muslims that are already citizens?

  10. Frank Laurence says:

    Hey I'm just curious but whats your stance on guns Andy? This is factoring home grown terrorists and mass shooters. Should there be rules concerning guns especially with the no fly list? Also do you believe in Trump's plan on Muslims that are already citizens?

  11. joracer1 says:

    the problem with terrorist is, our responce is to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice, we'll that's bs, and a good way to insure furture attacks, if you have a war on terrorism then you take out the enemy (now), not wait until they do domething. the terrorists put their own life and their family, country, friends, and religious brothers and sisters lives in danger. they do this not us. if a terrorist attacks then runs to a house of his brothers to hide, they are in danger from his actions, not ours. this is a war not a police investigation. if an american citizen or soldier done this, we would be the 1st to stop it. what do they do? laugh because we don't have any balls. It's time to bring america back. Not go down the same bs road we been going down since 1980. our forces are willing to fight and die using rules of engagement. to protect our freedoms which are in sharp decline, in 1 more decade it won't be anything left to fight for. people want to walk around with candy asses, and hope someone saves them, but their badge of cowardness, and constant attacks on people with gumption dims the light of patriots. I got news for you, you're not gonna want to live in the world you're helping to create, you're being used by the elites of this world to create a world they want not us….

  12. Jessica H says:

    You are right and tell it the way it is Andy, please keep it up ur amazing and don't let anyone tell u different. Anyone that disagrees with you is a scumbag plain and simple!

  13. Just Duncan says:

    Thank god. Someone who speaks the truth.

  14. Radical Anti Globalist says:

    your the fucking man

  15. Yahia Choukri says:

    and we do not change our ways we should not change the laws of Islam the stuff ur religion is doing is wrong if u keep changing the laws u had then it's not Christianity it's a new religion we want to keep our religion the way it is that is how it lived so long our laws are not wrong u only think they are

  16. Yahia Choukri says:

    I will not come here to argue but only to tell u that isis is not muslim but only claiming they are to have a religion anger is what makes u think we are bad people so I will not answer u with anger but only kindness

  17. Melissa Nepaul says:

    More People need to know about you literally this just woke me up from all the problems in this world ;were going to destroy ourselves sooner or later; race against race, pro-transgender ppl against anti-transgender, religion against different religion.. You know what this world needs??!? No differences. Don't tell me like oh the world would be boring without different ppl.. Well would you like it better if we destroy each other through hatred and different beliefs about things?!? Gosh…

  18. adam Soued says:

    Its funny cuz wen im out and about i never really see any racist people but when i look at a yt comment section every other comment on a terrorist video is racist guess these people don't have the balls to say this stuff to any muslims face

  19. James Blaze says:

    You're a super man Andy Warski.

  20. PK37 says:

    Islam isn't a religion. It's a political and social ideology and movement. Also, no such thing as a "moderate" muslim. The difference between a "moderate" and a fanatic is that the fanatics want to kill you. The moderates want the fanatics to kill you. The "moderates" will smile to your face and stab you in the back one their numbers are large enough. No, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all Muslims sure as HELL want to take over Western countries through biological jihad…. outbreeding us in our own lands. Don't pussy foot around "good" "moderate" muslims. No such thing as a moderate. If they ARE a moderate, then they aren't following their piece of crap holy book.

  21. prince says:

    u seem a bit confused. if isis are killing their own ppl, killing and torturing muslims, then how can u say they are part of islam? or its a islamic problem? secondly alot of muslims and Syrians from europe went to syria to fight against isis, so they did a bit more than just speak out against it. but guess what? the government are labeling them terrorist, so what do u want?

  22. Carlos Oliveira says:

    Drug attic

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