New York Times Edits Pro-Bernie Article Into Hit Piece

Friday, August 12, 2016

Interesting development: The New York Times wrote a positive story about Bernie Sanders… for a few hours until they edited it into a hatched job. Why did this happen? Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan took her paper to task Thursday after a piece about Democratic presidential candidateBernie Sanders was updated to add negative paragraphs for seemingly no reason at all.

The original Times article “Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years via Legislative Side Doors,” was a generally positive piece about how Sanders managed to score legislative victories in Congress despite being an independent. But after publication, the following two paragraphs were added without any indication from the Timesthat the piece had been updated.”*

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New York Times Edits Pro-Bernie Article Into Hit Piece

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  1. Joe 420 says:

    Hillary government email hacked tpp top secret physical progressive slavery

  2. Karthy thik says:

    If people think FOX News is the only one doing the hatchet job, then I am sorry you are misinformed.

  3. Karthy thik says:

    People think CNN is biased. Seriously? NYT is the leader.

  4. Anewvoice says:

    Cenk, your statement on, "these people don't know that what their doing is malicious," is in my opinion, absolutely wrong.
    Many of these 'purported' and I use the term loosely, journalists, are 'sleeping with the enemy.' They know exactly what their doing.

  5. terry breedlove says:

    The original Puff piece was such a lie that even the super liberal NY Times had to take a step back from it. Word

  6. Juni Lee says:

    On Breaking up the banks (like with other issues such as Climate Change, and the corrupted establishment political system)..
    (a) Something desperately needs to be done before it is too late.
    (b) He is the only candidate who can be trusted to fight hard to get it done (like with many other important issues).
    (c) As a president with a will to make the necessary changes, he can work with various people and his advisors to work together to find viable solutions to solve complex problems.

    Electing someone with the right mindset and focus is more important than electing someone who is an expert in say economics (or an expert in giving million-dollars quality speeches, supporting disastrous trade deals for her benefactors at the expense of workers, waging war and regime changes) but who's integrity have been shown repeatedly to be severely compromised, cannot be trusted to fight for the people when it comes to compromising selective corporate interests, and have a track record of making bad decisions.

    Breaking up the banks IS the right position to take. Bernie recognizes that and that's what matters.
    What needs to be done to accomplish this will require a lot more effort and lengthy discussion into the details, which might come in the form of incentives/penalties, and including discussing with the banks themselves. etc.

    And what about Hillary? Why isn't the mainstream media pounding her on the details of what she is planning to do with expanding upon the existing Health Care system, and what she is not going to do?

  7. AutomaticSelector says:

    The same people who own both parties also own the mainstream media. That's what happened.

  8. 6th floor says:

    Nobody who has seen the H. Clinton videos " lying for 13 minutes
    straight" or "career criminal" can ever vote for her. Play those videos
    on every corner in NY ;)

  9. rybpo7 says:

    Love this segment, Cenk. Well done!

  10. silvia summers says:

    This is why MSNBC try to silence Cenk. He is too direct and honest. He also has a bad habit of following his personal principles and values. He is also brave, where so many reporters just pander to their corporate overlords.

  11. Dustin DeBolt says:

    Fuckin hilarious what people are trying to do.

  12. AndyPutt1 says:

    Bernie Sanders is NY born and raised- Brooklyn. NY is Bernie's home state. Hillary is from Chicago but says….NY is her home state. ?!?!?!

  13. iBlameAnonymous says:

    "NEW YORKERS! Please check your registration RIGHT NOW! Spread the word that the same voter suppression that happened in Arizona is looking like it will happen in NY as well, check and fix your registration immediately before it's too late!!!

    This goes for any state with closed primaries! Check your registration and get it fixed NOW!"

  14. HateGreed Revolutionary says:

    Great job as usual, Cenk! THANK YOU.

  15. HateGreed Revolutionary says:

    Now Bernie has just won Washington St, Alaska and Hawaii in one day…landslides. The GREEDIA are mostly silent.
    BOYCOTT THE GREEDIA, People. American People, we need to create our OWN SOCIETY.

  16. jmitterii2 says:

    Doesn't matter what you read from so called journalism these days… all claims should be checked, and it's rather easy with google to find the source information to check any and all claims. Takes a few seconds.

  17. George Lacroix says:

    Please post both articles on your web site in a side by side comparison.

  18. Raymond Boucher says:

    The revolution is coming. Feel the Bern!

  19. alieninsurgent says:

    That's right, "They won in this system."

  20. Lisa young says:

    I wish war didn't exist

  21. Woodman weed says:

    thank you Russia

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