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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Public Debated on the Topic of Newspaper
Yasmeen Khan :- From Sahid Nagar Opinion

News paper is most effective way to learn vocabulary. It can build the stock of word. Through news paper we can get many kind of information as our requirements. We can see and read at a glance.

Prashant Sharma :- From Pilkhuwa Opinion
Newspaper not only giving the news but also it improves the reading habit which get reduce considerably. Through this youngster get good knowledge and also it helps to think out and get relax with their comics.

Saroj :- From Delhi Opinion
Newspaper is a real knowledge-maker. It circumfuses various news to the world. The best way for a person to acquire a good English speaking skills, along with a profound vocabulary knowledge is referring English newspaper. Those who are interested in travelling around the world can be made easier of no cost, by buying English newspapers.

1. EFFECTIVE प्रभावशाली
2.CONSIDERABLY बड़े पैमाने पर
3.ACQUIRE प्राप्त करना
4.EASIER आसान
6.CONTAIN नियंत्रित करना
7.SERVE सेवा करना
8.EXPLAIN समझाना
10.LAWLESSNESS अराजकता
11.DISCOURAGED हिम्मत तोडना
12.BREED नस्ल
13.APPRECIATE प्रशांसा करना
14.MERCHANTS व्यापारियों
15.UNWORTHY नालायक

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