Nurse Reuses Syringe To Administer Flu Shots!?!?!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Patients are being tested for HIV and hepatitis after a nurse reuses a syringe to administer flu shots!

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• Hosted by Julia Chow
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  1. Joseph Peters says:

    "their forcing everybody to buy Tylenol"
    Ha that cracked me up!!!!

  2. Cringe says:

    You Get The Death Penalty The Method Used To Put You Down WIll Be Lethal Injection.. JustKiddingNoose

  3. Persona says:

    Well, when they checked the trash, they wondered why there where so many needles and one syringe in the trash of the nurse's room.

  4. サラマ says:

    In school we got the H.I.V shot i sae the yellow boxes come out and i new s*it was getting real. Kids collaped. It hurts soo bad. but it is better than getting cancer

  5. SwollenRhino says:

    Flu shot – full of shit !

  6. Hunter Porter says:

    The flu shot is the DEAD virus so you actually can't get sick so you aren't actually getting its like a placebo

  7. Jassi Brar says:

    in poor areas of India they don't change the needles and iv seen them give shots through their clothing

  8. lolaz wabby says:

    I think they are misinformed, you can get flu even if you have a flu shot, because the flu shot only protects againsts certain strains, and a new strain will always cause the flu.

  9. TheLisabethh says:

    Not sure if it was addressed previously (600+ comments is a lot to go through) but they give you a flu shot based on the previous year…they give whatever strain was the most popular last year kind of thing. 🙂

    Aaaand btw, love you guys! Justkiddingnews is the reason I spend all my extra time on youtube 😀

  10. TheGuardian163 says:

    Flu shots are fucking stupid. If 10 of your millions of cell meet the dead virus and learn to kill it, they'll reproduce but there are so few you're still not protected, your other 100 millions of cell that didn't meet it, them, will reproduce so the majority of your cells won't be protecting you.

    You need more than that

  11. Otaku11BTS says:

    This book named "legend" is a dystopian book and says some stuff about the government giving everyone the virus or whatever. <– probably a big spoiler XD. It made me think differently about the government ??

  12. GakiWind says:

    wow giving all nurses a bad name

  13. Mai Pa Vang says:

    yea like if she doesnt give you a new needle you better ask her about it, cuz you can get infected with the other persons crap

  14. Dujiansia says:

    so no point of getting the flu shot then

  15. - Jacky - says:

    I also get sick after I get a flu shot. My mom just says it's a reaction to the flu shot.

  16. STM Polaris says:

    I just got a Flu shot…….Thanx Guys

  17. krnkjl says:

    They need to research about vaccines before saying things that are untrue. You cannot get the flu or sick from the flu vaccine. There are live vaccines and inactivated vaccines. Most vaccines given are inactivated unless you opt for or are a candidate for live attenuated Flu Mist. If you got sick after the vaccine with full on flu symptoms, which are to not be confused by cold symptoms, it means that you were already sick with the flu before administration or shortly after b/c it takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to have it's full effect. Keep in mind that symptoms of illness can take a week to develop, so sometimes you may not know if you are sick upon administration. If you do find some symptoms of headache or pain at the injection site, that is normal. Also, keep in mind that the flu vaccines are developed to protect against predicted strains of the flu yearly as they are developed a year prior to the season. The flu is a virus and viruses mutate and have multiple strains. SO if you got sick that year even though you had a flu vaccine, the vaccine did not cover that strain.

  18. Supreme Ascension says:

    Also people who don't get their flu shot contribute to the successful life cycle of the influenza virus because of you aren't vaccinated and catch the flu and spread that shit, you have just helped the virus evolve (which doesn't take long at all in this virus in particular) and then it will go on to infect others and evolve and infect and evolve and repeat.

  19. Supreme Ascension says:

    If you get sick from a flu shot then im sorry but you have a terrible immune system. They do introduce components of the disease in vaccines but it is in such a low amount to where it is just enough for the body to recognize it and produce antibodies for it so that next time you are exposed to the disease you're body can undergo a more rapid secondary response. I understand why Bart might get sick, but thats just from his conditions, if you any of you get sick from the flu shot then it must suck to be you.

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