Obesity Related Diseases

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Obesity has now turned into an endemic disease in many developed nations and is on its way of entering the gates of the developing countries as well. Obesity is more the result of not just too much eating but rather consuming of unhealthy fatty food items in reckless amounts. In this present world where access fat rich packed food items is quite easy the incidence of obesity related diseases would also be quite common. The following are some of the obesity related diseases that frequently occur among individuals suffering from overweightedness.

Some Obesity Related Diseases

Type 2 diabetes is often caused due to the incidence of obesity. Diabetes occurs when the insulin producing capacity of the body diminishes or the cells become incapable of responding to the insulin produced resulting presence of unused insulin in huge quantities. It has been studied that 80% of the patients of type 2 diabetes are over weight. Obesity actually results increased inability of the insulin to control blood pressure.

Heart diseases are also common obesity related ailments. Obese people are often the victims of the heart attacks; congestive heart failure, angina, sudden cardiac arrest and experiencing of abnormal heart rhythm. Obesity is responsible for exerting a negative effect on the blood lipid levels resulting increase in levels of the triglyceride and consequent decrease in the lipoprotein of high density. Lipoprotein is also known as HDL or good cholesterol. In fact, presence of fat leads to the development of LDL or bad cholesterol causing chronic heart diseases.

Hypertension is another disease which occurs due to obesity. The blood pressure is actually the pressure with which the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure increases the risk of development of chronic heart and kidney ailments. Increase of weight often results the increase kin high blood pressure.

The incidence of obesity further worsens the conditions of the endocrine and metabolic disorders. It has been noticed that about one in every five obese individual is affected by metabolic disorder, which is also known as metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X26.

Obesity is also the primal causes of fertility related ailments. Due chronic obesity many woman develop the syndrome called PCOS or the polycystic ovary syndrome. The disease is characterized by ovaries having under developed follicles causing infertility. The irregular menstrual cycles, multiple ovarian cysts along with excessive hair growth are some of the symptoms of the disease.

Apart from the above mentioned diseases there are many other ailments that can be associated with obesity. On can stay away from these diseases, if he or she can get rid of obesity.

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