Oceans Have Been Slowing Global Warming… Until Now

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oceans Have Been Slowing Global Warming… Until Now

The atmosphere gets most of the attention when it comes to climate change, but the ocean has been playing a huge role. That role will soon be changing for the worse. Ben Mankiewicz and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://tytnetwork.com/join

“The oceans, which have borne the brunt of most of global warming, have finally hit their limit as dying corals and plummeting fish stocks signal that the seas are at a dangerous tipping point, according to the broadest ever look at the issue. And people are already experiencing direct consequences, such as more extreme weather events, including hurricanes, says the report, released by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

“We all know the oceans sustain this planet,” says Inger Andersen, IUCN’s director general, “yet we are making the oceans sick.”

Since 1970, global waters have been a “powerful ally” against global warming, absorbing 93 percent of the carbon dioxide released by human activities. (See “Ocean Warming Faster Now Than in 10,000 Years.”)

“Without this oceanic buffer, global temperature rises would have gone much, much speedier,” Andersen said Monday at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.”*

Read more here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/09/oceans-warming-global-environment-climate/

Hosts: Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola
Cast: Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola


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  1. The Marshmallow Man says:

    Okay, I 100% agree with climate change but why have people that have maybe taken 1? 2? Science classes ever?

  2. trevor fontaine says:

    The REAL Inconvenient Truth: everyone has to go vegan in order to save the world from global warming and mass extinction!

  3. Squelch Otron says:

    It's okay Cenk, I'm sure your mom will find a new home.

  4. jason pham says:

    Save the Phytoplankton!

  5. Daz Mario says:

    The oceans comprise the bulk of the Earth's surface. From what I have read, It takes full wavelength sunlight to warm the oceans. Atmospheric CO2 does not warm the oceans. The thermal aspect of CO2 vs the other atmospheric components suggests increases in CO2 should actually be somewhat neutral or have a cooling effect as it displaces water vapor. So, the energy is reduced via a lower humidity and is not imbalanced as claimed. This has now been verified in the upper Troposphere where more heat is found escaping into space. So, warming effects ascribed to CO2 increases are offset via reduced water vapor. From a % point, this would render the effects of atmospheric CO2 as almost negligible.

  6. Strategic Bushcraft says:

    Trump is an idiot, but so are the states that that ban Tesla sales. You need to be putting pressure on those states!

  7. Blake F says:

    climate change is a MYTH. do your OWN research dont just trust nasa they are run by the GOV which is run by BIG PHARMA

  8. Dante Badtower says:

    Climate Change, Global Warming or whatever you decide to call it next, is not a thing.

  9. Timothy Ball says:

    That's insane. The system is broken. Don't tell people to vote for a certain person. Wtf

  10. Rob McCulloch says:

    Excuses and lies on the run!  just more AGW BS lol

  11. McMuffinV2 says:

    We are fucked.

    Although I believe if it gets too bad, when all the world's ignorant people see the effects and consequences of our actions, there might be an "oh shit" moment. And to be honest, I could even see people rising up and using violent means to combat climate change. what other choice will we have? I don't know, maybe humanity needs a reset, and maybe an actual intelligent species will arise in a few million years .

  12. Kaa Tee says:

    TYT have you already decided when you will cancel your show? Obviously no one believes you anymore. So why keep the show running?
    Stop with your BS and pack your things.

  13. Sen-Yuan Li says:

    Climate change is a critical problem so a vote for Jill Stein is a mistake? WTF… We need critical change NOW. Hillary Clinton's little incremental B.S. isn't going to do anything but delay things a couple of years at BEST, and that's if she even does anything, which she won't. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for SANITY.

  14. Matthew Studham says:

    Here in Australia fish that were found off the coast of New South Wales & Victoria are now being found a lot further south in Tasmania.

  15. Randi Wooten says:

    Ben has gone full retard in this segment. A vote for jill is not a vote against anyone, it's a vote for a candidate that represents your beliefs. That's how democracy works. He's such a sheep sometimes

  16. WDEMMEL says:

    Oh, did global warming scientist not know about the function of oceans? But, aren't they the experts, the gods of knowledge and wisdom? Obviously they don't know half of it and scared the living crap out of gullible people. Now you are trying to pull stuff out of your rear end speculating on what might happen. What are you doing to your poor subscribers?

  17. jawadad802 says:

    the filthy rich will be able to outrun the consequences of global warming for a few generations while the rest of the population will be clinging on for dear life…do not expect Clinton to seriously adress the climate change issue unless there's a buck in it for her and her foundation…just as today we have warprofitering we will have global warming profitering on a scale we can not even fathom today, I bet you there's already plans and playbooks drawn up to get as much power and riches out of the worlds misery as possible once the shit hits the fan… meanwhile the global community still tries to educate the Trump&Co's…we already lost the fight. One comfort though, the rich may maybe stay ahead of the game for a while but in the end were all gonna be fucked and the platimum mastercards and fallout shelters or private community cruiseships its all gonna run out of juice and mad max will be just around the corner for everyone, wether you are a Wharton school of buisiness graduate or paid for your tuition by fapping on a sexcam….

  18. Intense Autism says:

    https://portals.iucn.org/library/node/46254 Explaining ocean warming : causes, scale, effects and consequences. This is the link to the report sited in both this video and the article this video is made around from national geographic.

  19. Mandolin Ash hole says:

    Actually if the sun disappeared we would probably survive because the earths core is very warm and we could live off the geothermal energy.

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