Our Supersized Kids

Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Childhood Obesity is a serious epidemic in North America. Nearly a third of our children are overweight or obese,…and the numbers continue to rise.
At younger and younger ages, Doctors are treating children with significant medical complications related to being obese, such as, Type-2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and elevated Cholesterol.

We’re at risk of raising supersized kids who may live sicker and die younger than the generation before them.

“Our Supersized Kids” profiles four families whose grade school children are overweight or obese. Each of these families are actively working to help their child turn around an out-of-control weight gain. The documentary highlights their struggles and successes, along with providing helpful tips from Pediatricians.

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  1. papayapiggy says:


  2. Organic Magic says:

    Trying to go full Plant Based 🙂 Then you don't have to count calories

  3. Wallace Schulz says:

    Stop eating so much

  4. Wallace Schulz says:

    There's no such thing as big bone

  5. Marli B says:

    I'm overweight but for the past 2 years my diet is really good BUT IM STILL FAT. I'm a vegetarian and my meal sizes are normal not to big not to small. I have 3 decent meals a day and snacks like carrot and peanut butter. I also do heaps of sport like auztag, netball, basketball and I play bulrush and tip during lunch and recess. Can someone help me

    Also I do have protein being vegetarian too I have legumes or an egg each day

  6. Oscar Grant says:

    I would love to tease those fat ass kids at school

  7. Oscar Grant says:

    Single mother of 5, colored and low income hmmmm….

  8. Lara Neves says:

    What a shit documentary, the beginning creepy ad, the happy music, the pointless fogging of the image… Who edited this?!

  9. Lara Neves says:

    That ad for the children's hospital is creepy AF. I was just waiting for the creepy, murderous clown to jump scare me. o.O

  10. PatronSaintOfTroll says:

    Some of those kids look average. Wtf?

  11. you're so grounded says:

    my dad has a 6 pack I have flat abs and my mom has a hourglass body shape and flat abs and I'm only 8 years old

  12. eliceya gaming says:

    If the average weight of children is rising and the body mass index compares you to the average weight of other children won't the capacity of weight that is classified as overweight or obese grow?

  13. GamingAngel says:

    I love how they show the percentages of African Americans Latinos and white but not Asians

  14. Haylee Dallas says:

    To all the radical fat acceptance f*ck heads, this. This is how life works

  15. Gina The Savage says:

    8:01 had me DEADDDD bc her browsss

  16. Világjáró says:

    The mom says that diabetes is inreversible. True if it is Type 1 and need to take insulin injections. Sooooooo not true for type 2. That is from poor diet. Improve the sugar levels in blood and diabetes will go away. This can be done in a matter of weeks. People really need to learn about nutrition…..

  17. death is on jizz says:

    Gotta fat shame more people. Ik it's bad but, it's the honest truth
    Like? Do you even know what you're eating? Of course that's going to make you fat! Weight shouldn't really matter! Health should!
    Fat faminst bitches are always saying there healthy? YOU CAN NOT!
    Be healthy and obese.
    Honest cold truth!

  18. Tubby bones says:

    Who speaks like this?

  19. Harrison Drew says:

    wrong an obese child doesn't always become a fat adult! i use to be 90 kgs when i was 11 i am now 74 kgs and prefectly healthy and applying for the defence force

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