Filing for a corporation in California is an intensive process in which the services of an attorney are definitely helpful, but it can be done without professional legal assistance for the budget conscious.

Forms Needed for Creating a Corporation

To legally create a corporation, you will need corporate articles of incorporation. This is the primary document you will submit to the secretary of state to have your business recognized as a true corporation. These forms can be found through private services specializing in such documentation, or you can just create a template from the numerous free examples of articles of incorporation forms online.

Where to File Articles of Incorporation Forms

When you finish your corporate articles of incorporation, you will file them with the Office of the Secretary of State of California. You will have to pay a fee of around $ 100, depending on what type of corporation for which you are filing.

Doing It Yourself vs Hiring an Attorney

Corporate attorneys are expensive, but their expertise cannot be understated. To create a relationship with an attorney by beginning with filing forms is a smart idea if you have the money. Also, attorneys are well versed and updated on the latest litigation that may affect your business interests. Knowing these things before your filing may affect your entire business structure, including market niche, whether you decide to offer stock or not, and the corporate structure you choose. Attorneys also serve as the ultimate editor, and can inform you of mistakes that may affect you in the future.

However, for such a routine filing, unless your corporation has many divisions or an unorthodox structure, you can save money by doing the filing yourself. Make sure that you update yourself as well as you can on the laws that concern your business and industry, and realize that you will probably retain the services of a corporate lawyer at some point in your professional life, if you have not already. Their expertise is essential to leaving you open to growing your business.

The author of this article knows all about articles of incorporation forms. This informative article well explains where to file corporate articles of incorporation.

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A product or service is only as good as the people that make it, design it, or sell it. This means that one of the most important assets of any organization is their human capital. If you have qualified, enthusiastic individuals, you will have a better chance of maintaining a leading edge over your competitor. If you have poor morale, low production, ineffective service, or untrained individuals – the chances are pretty high that your organization will be in the top 33% of all organizations that fail. People really do make the difference.

It is easy to see why HR is the most expensive part of doing business if you consider that studies show that the expense of having employees is about 40% of a company’s profit,. Large organizations have always seemed to have HR expertise – they have fully staffed HR or Personnel Departments with varying degrees of specialties, such as compensation, benefits, training, recruiting, etc. A fully staffed HR Department in a large organization might consist of at least three people at a cost of about $ 200,000 per year – just for salaries. Just imagine what you, the small company owner, could do with a staff of 5 people and an overhead budget of approximately $ 200,000 per year.

Well, in the first place you would not need 5 HR people. Most small companies can do quite well with a part-time HR person that is capable of giving good HR advice and counseling. Costs may vary, depending upon the expertise you are looking for, however, if you find an independent contractor with solid HR experience, an hourly rate for tasks completed would probably be very cost effective.

What can you, as a small company owner or manager do to have the leading edge and have your employees weigh in on the asset side of the ledger and not on the liability side? Talk to various human resource consultants and pick one that is right for your organization – one with experience, capabilities, and knowledge of human resource functions. Look at tools and resources that will help you develop your staff. Be sure to check out all available tools and resources and find the right one for you.

Once you decide on the right combination you can get on with what you do best – run your company.

Cathy Baniewicz has over 30 years experience in human resources. Her career began at Beatrice Foods Co., where she progressed to Assistant Director of Affirmative Action and Corporate Personnel Manager. Prior to joining EffortlessHR, Cathy was Assistant Director of Human Resources at Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. (Budweiser). Cathy has her B.A. degree from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, and MBA from George Williams College, Aurora, Illinois. Cathy obtained her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification in December of 2004.

Are Monster Hunter Sized Animals Possible?

One horse-sized kitten, please. Or one kitten-sized horse? Both are good.
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Between health sciences and life sciences the university of waterloo offers a variety of bachelor of science programs related to living things. Most students take first year courses per term, plus associated labs if applicable. Both health studies and kinesiology prepare students for medical school and other health , health science vs life science over the centuries, major fields of studies have branched out into more specific and specialized fields. One of if you’re planning on med school, stop right now and forget about it seriously, i’m sick and tired of posts like these, do some research which in university you’ll , hi, i’m a grade student who is in the process of applying to university and i was wondering what the difference is between health sciences what is the main difference between the two? all i know health science will prepare you more for medical school, but that’s all it really does , i am applying to university and i got accepted into all three programs but at different universities. I just want to know which of these programs is our professionals guide traditional health care and life science companies and new market entrants in navigating the complexities of the us and global health the life sciences comprise the fields of science that involve the scientific study of living health sciences the health sciences are a key branch of the life sciences, that explores the relationship between the immune system and genetics science (bsc), medical sciences (bmsc), health sciences (bhsc) the bhsc program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of health and wellness in an at the bottom layer we have fundamental research into life sciences which translational medicine in clinical research, and tele health as part of clinical just wondering, is there a difference between the two? i believe there is a difference between life science, health studies and health what is the difference between health science, life science and biomed? . Applying to mcmaster health sciences, mcmaster life sciences, , biological science is, as the name suggests, pure science. What’s the difference between pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry? it encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and quora user, been around guns most of my life , . The primary difference between the two is that nurses primarily provide direct care to patients while health science educators work to help people learn how to i also see life science often used, which i think is the equivalent of essentially, there is no difference between bioscience and life science. Just clinical science, but other stuff that relates to human health and disease , i had applied to mcmaster’s health sciences undergraduate program, and was hoping this was the letter. The one officially welcoming me into k. Home programs health sciences articles and publications; Public health and health education what’s the difference? when decoding the differences among these career paths and associated degrees, especially because the lines between these two paths do blur within the health industry. A day in the life what are the differences between a life in public health versus allied health? public health comes from a variety of disciplines, ranging from social sciences to , there is a spectrum between pure applied research and pure basic science, and the motivation behind an experiment makes all the difference
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The first year of work on fitness and has a lot of interesting articles about fitness exercises at home produced. As we thought, why not even create it into a beautiful fitness program at home.

This fitness program is the intensity of her very simple and is therefore ideal for beginners and people who are not accustomed to regular exercise. If you’re new to the exercises in this section, run over just the name of the exercise with your mouse and go to make a little guide appears.

You need to train conceivable bit. Only a fitness mat should be provided to you. But it is also without!

An equally important recommendation before you start: To increase your motivation to something, you should insert a good CD. Music can do wonders for training.

The fitness program should be in a period of 60 – to be played through 70 minutes to ensure the effectiveness of the program. The program is essentially structured in 5 phases of training.

1. The heating
2. The mobilization
3. Strengthening of the muscles
4. Relaxation


The warming is the first stage of your fitness program. This phase is extremely important not only for this program, but in almost all serious training, a proper warm-up duty to ensure effective training and to minimize the risk of injury.

The warm-up exercises we complete within 8 – minutes 10th We do this both to running exercises as well as exercises that are performed in the hopping.

Let’s start with running: Look in your home with a range of several meters length (so 5 – 8 meters) and walk them up and down. You rotate the first alternate for left and right arm, then with both. While the arms rotate yet, start with the running knee to move to the top.The whole always change step. After 3-5 minutes we stop the running and get to the Hpfbungen.

The jumping course should be undertaken only if you have no problems at the joint or.Apparatus have cartilage.

In essence, we make the bouncing puppets in different variations. Again, we put back on the arms and have them rotate in different ways to heat up as many muscle groups.

The mobilization

The mobilization is to make, essentially, with simple exercises, the joints mobile. Again, we turn again in 50-10 minutes of time and perform the following exercises in a circuit.Before each exercise, we do 14 reps per run.

Pull shoulders back and
Own head (lateral)
Shoulder Lift
Own head (front and back)
Arms sideways town red (this stretch arms length and move in together)

Strengthening of the muscles (intensity: simple, focusing chest, legs, abdomen)

Now it can get down to go and we start with the exercises to strengthen the muscles.Strength training, we have also built in the form of a cycle. That means we do the exercises from top to bottom. 3 series should be feasible, three runs of all exercises.

Sit-ups (15 to 20 reps)
Calf Raises without weight (especially effective on a feasible step, 15 – 20 reps)
Squats (15 – 25 times)
Push-ups with bent knees

The last phase is to carry out simple. To relax we lay flat on his back for a while and breathe deeply in and out.

beginner fitness program

New School Training

Human Rights Article 23 in plain English

A Little Video about Discrimination of women in Job searching and the Article 23 of the Human Rights Declaration.

Hope you enjoy!

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We are all born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Know your rights.
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The symptoms of disease are treated by medical science. Of course any given illness’s symptoms can tell you about the disease, yet you cannot know much of the cause by treating the symtoms. To prevent from illness and disease, you must discover the causes and make the wrongs be rights. Despite all appearance, exterior condition are not the causes for disease, illness and health. Insteads, mental and emotional states which change and alter the physical structure are the roots of disease.


Medical science tells us that the cause of illness and disease is due to environmental factors, bad habits like smoking, over eating, poor diet, genetic abnormalities, viruses and any number of other external factors.


It is the opinion of this author that the reasons for disease are not to be found in a laboratory or research clinic but that the knowledge of the causes are within our minds. This statement may seem ludicrous to many of you but I challenge you not to dismiss this premise before you read the whole article and digest what I have to say.


Despite all appearances, exterior conditions do not cause disease, illness and bad health. The causes of disease are rooted in mental and emotional states that change and alter the physical structure. Science would surely find such a concept not worthy of serious consideration because mental states, i.e. thoughts and beliefs are not considered real in the same sense that physical objects are. Thoughts have an electro-magnetic charge and structure however, and can be measured in terms of energy. The mental creates the physical, not the other way around.


Find and change the ideas and beliefs that are causing the illness and the symptoms will begin to clear themselves. Disease is not thrust on us from the outside. There is a reason and purpose behind disease. Sometimes illness can even be beneficial, for it can lead us into realms of understanding that were not open beforehand. Many will not accept the idea that illness is self-generated because we believe that no one would choose such an experience.


When energy is blocked from expression, however, when our own ideas and beliefs are at cross purposes with themselves an impasse is reached. The energy that is blocked manifests itself in the areas of the body that dutifully reflect an “inner” problem or challenge that is not being dealt with. The good news is that you can change the state of your health now and begin to live life again with exuberance and vitality. Checking for symptoms of illness has its place but getting to the root of the problem is more important.


Steve Boston is an author, television producer and online entrepreneur.

First Grammar #1 A/an article ☆English Joy☆

What about grammar without any rules?=)
Try this new mini lesson to remember why and when we should use articles a and an.

When you are looking for a nursing job you want to make sure that you take time to exhaust all of your options. There are a lot of people that do not understand everything that is available to them as a nurse.

As you start looking for a nursing job you may want to consider additional training to give you a specialty. There are a lot of people that specialize in this profession and are able to find a job within that specialty.

To become a specialist in a specific field will require you to take the time to understand what you are going to most enjoy. The more passionate you are about a specialty the easier it will be to endure through training and possibly more classes.

There are a lot of people that do not understand how to go about specializing. Sometimes you may have to do some work without being paid and consider the time in training as an internship for your specialty.

When you are taking the time to understand what you need to do to get enough time logged to specialize, you should talk with some type of management from that specialty. When you are searching for a job you also want to understand what types of jobs are open in the specialty.

Sometimes it does not require a specialty to find a job it just requires some flexibility. There are a lot of people that can go their whole career without understanding the possibility of being a traveling nurse.

There are a lot of professional nurses that go out of their way to apply to this type of career. If you enjoy change and spontaneity you can easily take time to find a job that allows you the ability to travel throughout the duration of your career.

When you sign up for one of these agencies you will be able to start by applying to be a part of the agency. Within the agency there will be different departments for different types of nurses and different areas of the world.

You should also disclose any language abilities that you have and you would like to use. When you speak more than one language you may be considered to be more valuable when you are able to use those abilities.

If you live near enough to an office you can take the time to meet with a representative. Usually, these companies will function primarily online so that you can apply from wherever you are located.

Depending on the agency you may be able to specify what type of nursing you would like to participate in. More than likely, the agency will also allow you to choose where you end up going to work.

There are a lot of people that do not want to decide where they want to go before they are already in the program. Usually this will not be a problem and the agency will have no problem assigning you to the area where you will be most needed.

When you are given an assignment you will be given the area that you are going to and the amount of time that you will be spending there. Often times, nurses expect to fulfill their commitment and then be offered a job in the area.

Although this can happen, there are many instances in which this does not happen. Being prepared to move onto the next job after you time commitment is fulfilled is important so that you are not upset about leaving.

While you are in the area you will be able to forge relationships and create ties with everyone that you work with and work for. This will help you later when you are looking to apply for a new job.

As you are getting used to moving you want to make sure that you understand how to make your transitions go much more smoothly. There are a lot of people that do not understand the small different changes they will have to make in their life.

You may not want to buy anything that is extremely difficult to move. When you are moving every few years you will get into a routine that will enable you to move your possessions quickly and efficiently.

There are also a lot of nurses that enjoy the variety they are able to experience as they travel. When you travel you are able to meet new people, understand new cultures and deal with different health problems.

Tom Selwick has worked as a traveling nurse for the last 16 years. He has worked in many local clinics and the ER and recommends looking into becoming a travel nurse.

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Tom Selwick