Pakistan Nuclear – Food Shortage – China Weapons – Tillage – prepper, survival, and homestead news

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pakistan Nuclear - Food Shortage - China Weapons - Tillage - prepper, survival, and homestead news

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Strip tilling land for homesteading and in a disaster
China set to deploy hundreds of surface to air missiles
Protest camp to open in Texas against gas pipeline

Activists already heading to West Texas protest camp

Venezuelan army said to be hoarding food
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  1. Ethan Poltrack says:

    Awesome! Another good video. I created a short pdf of a survival food anyone can make. And it taste good. 😉


    I missed a lot being gone this week

  3. f150bc says:

    Building an indoor food crops system as in cities and farm fields powered by solar and wind can raise enough food to feed the world.Building plants along the ocean to remove salt and other minerals from sea water can solve the water problem ,powered by tides wind and solar .Clean abundant water for all and growing crops.The Power plant in Japan can be cleaned up by using a bacteria that eats the radioactive waste and this is known now ,why they do not use it is a question they need to answer.Their is also a person in the states who makes powders that turn toxic waste into non harmful waste.It would be a good idea to try to find him and his company.Also a teen ager has a simple way to clean all of the plastic in the Pacific why are no money people or crowd funding folks helping him…Solutions to problems we have them we only need to do them.!

  4. yankey4 says:

    Scary stuff. thanks sir..

  5. shirtjuggler says:

    TY FSS. Obama is certainly upping the anni with Russia today.

  6. Jon Mallary says:

    Nevada has little surface water but has been pumping out large amounts ground water for decades.
    Perhaps that creates voids if un-replenished, that allow settling?
    Just a thought.

  7. See Canon says:

    So, I get up late? Thank you Brad. My spuds are up, they were an experiment. Cover crops are a great thing. We had to mow our cover crop of St. Augustine grass and kill those weeds. Have a great day over there. Windy, cool and unleaded at $2.06 a gallon.

  8. Optionsaregood says:

    Thanks Brad.

  9. rls303 says:

    Great update. Thanks for the info/links

  10. 143DREWID says:

    Go China GO !
    With 1/5 world population and largest manufacturing centers, self defense, boundary proclamation, and defining must be performed as global empire collapses and attempts to drag all to their demise. "Rome" is invisibly burning from within as it seeks to preserve only itself.

  11. rustyshackleford1978 says:

    Thanks brother! Keep on keepin on

  12. Permaculture Homestead says:

    the wife and i sat together today to watch this one, so view count will be -1 today 🙂    We love your work Brad and have been here for a longggg time    member'  the news in 2 min 🙂    oooo'  i member'

  13. Michael DeSilvio says:

    legalize hemp

  14. Angelique G says:

    Hey Brad thank you for the update! God Bless you and your family! Stay safe Brother!

  15. goforgreenliving says:

    Back to Eden gardening and Aquaponics are great ways to grow

  16. twowitnesses says:

    Good morning all. God bless.

  17. Bumble Bee Junction says:

    Good morning FSS…

  18. Tommy Wooten says:

    Thanks for your videos buddy…..

  19. barbara mcintosh says:


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