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Monday, September 4, 2017

ABC anchor Dan Harris’ on air panic attack and his lesson for you. Good Morning America’s Dan Harris sits down with Dianne Sawyer to discuss not only his personal journey but the journey of many countless individuals that suffer from panic attacks.
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  1. Melanie's Smashed Cake says:

    Wait.. does he have anything to do with the 10% happier app??!

  2. Obleck says:

    Now this is a story all about how my life got fliped up side down

  3. Bryan says:

    It happened the same to me reading in class. I just couldnt breathe and had to stop. There is where my anxiety started. The problem is that my cause wasnt so clear so it took me more than 8 months to discover the cause of my anxiety,.

  4. Brian Waller says:

    This is how I feel trying to answering the repeated questions in job interview and one after another. You question your insanity to deal with their bullshit. Deep down you try so hard to sell yourself, but know there is a 99% chance I'm not going to get an offer.

  5. SpiderBite90x says:

    For me, my heart races and I swear that something is going to happen to my heart. And then I think about my heart.. all day and night for the next two weeks… And I've lived with this awful cycle for two years.

  6. Kazuya Mishima says:

    That's not a panic attack its someone getting nervous about public speaking

  7. Blick Wickel says:

    If you panic listen to this : Tl;dr: Don't fight it, ride it. It will go away.

  8. SBS man says:

    Or maybe it was the lies you had to swallow, and the crap forced out of your mouth, against your will???

  9. Liz Millar says:

    Glad he was brave enough to share his story. It will help so many people. I wish Dan the best. e.

  10. Vince says:

    I'm glad ABC cares for its employees…a company I worked for changed their minds after I had a panic attack at work. They treated me really badly after that and I had to quit.

  11. Hor Net says:

    That last bit that he was going to share is breathing, you can stop all panic attacks by breathing slowly and holding your breath your body physically cannot go into panic mode if you do that, do some searching on that people and don't worry about it so much you will be fine I promise.

  12. Elitedevil says:

    The humiliation is definetly the worst part…

  13. Owen Fish says:

    I had a panic attack yesterday it's not fun especially if your on a news show

  14. IratePirate says:

    I had my first panic attack last month. It was absolutely terrifying. The sheer sense of overwhelming powerlessness, a sort of numbed hyperawareness and the thumping sound of your own heartbeat. This man was impressive.

  15. Catherine Brindley says:

    Panic attacks are the worst I have them I get a lot of hate they r the scariest thing I have ever experience not many people understand what we go through to get us to do something out of our comfort zone they make people fall apart u never know when u will get them they r humiliating

  16. M a y a says:

    I remember having a panic attack after getting really angry at someone and I was shaking and crying because it felt like me throat was closing up.

  17. Austin Eichman says:

    i had a panic attack… but i think it was the acids fault.

  18. Phil S says:

    I mean, at least he kept it together on the surface. That's pretty impressive. If I were to mute the sound, I probably wouldn't even be able to tell anything went wrong.

  19. elton forlemu says:

    MY BOI was getting litty off that purp drank

  20. Takeoffloc Loc says:

    How is that embarrassment? Ppl worry too much

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