Parents Sue Hospital For The Failed Abortion Of Their 14-Year-Old Daughter

Friday, November 6, 2015

A couple from Italy sue a hospital for a failed abortion and costs for raising their daughter who is now 14.

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  1. All-Purpose Flour says:

    saggy booby milk

  2. Shadow Bat says:

    43 is to old to have a baby really wow this that's not even that old

  3. Kayla Nichole says:

    One of my coworkers is suing the surgeon who did her hip surgery twice and fucked it up both times. She now has to walk with a cane and is in a lot of pain.

  4. SUPER GOAT says:

    just kill her

  5. Anmarie Aquino says:

    LIES my mom was pregnant with me when she was 43 too AND she got diabetic with me she's perfectly fine and so am i!!

  6. Maryama Farah says:

    "I like to see them numbers go up !

    Yeeeaa let the butt holeee"

    Me: ????

  7. GhostX Gaming says:

    fuck them parents why kill a baby its called adoption if you dont want it i promice sombody will there are planty of couples out there that cant have kids

  8. Shearman tank1945 says:

    if i was a woman about to give birth knowing i would die i would die to let the baby live :3

  9. Lucy Cash says:

    my mother was 43 and my father was 47 when i was born….

  10. StuffUser101 says:

    Over a million? Those parents are just a bunch of leeches. They're not gonna spend that money on their daughter, they want it for themselves.

  11. Ellie Chen says:

    Okay as a future doctor I need to clarify one thing because so many misconceptions of the healthcare field. Surgeries are not full proof. There are risks associated with every surgery that the patients are aware off. Before they consent to surgeries, we go through risks and benefits for each procedures so they know that there is a possibility of death. Unless there are obvious neglect or malpractice, patients cannot sue doctors for failed procedures because they are aware of the risks of failing before consenting. Stop spreading these misinformation so confidently like you guys know what you're talking about jknews. Don't make our jobs harder than it is already.

  12. TakaS013 says:

    Doctors a dummy and abortions should be illegal and band. Plus, if the parents didn't want to raise her and they could gave her up. Plus, the parents r stupid for trying to sue the hospital twice, and its also the parents fault too.

  13. KPOP LOVER101 says:

    ok that doctor stupid. my mom is on her 40's and she just had a baby last year and now my baby brother is 1. I have a brother 18 and I am 16 so age doesn't matter ?

  14. Isabelle Smith says:

    they could've put her up for adoption…
    but imagine being the daughter who's parents are like "we're suing the hospital because we didn't want you"

  15. letdein says:

    them talking about bit being sad that she knows she's an accident, haha being a twin there's no way you were wanted pfft

  16. GoodISnipr says:

    If the parents really didn't want the child, what the hell is the reason for not putting up for adoption?!

  17. Robert Love says:

    this is nothing but a money grab from this couple

  18. frankie gamez says:

    i can watch jknews/films/party all day

  19. Brandon Ivey (Brandon080203) says:

    How the hell did she survive and how is all of her limbs still intact?

  20. Darwin fan says:

    You know that kid not only is going to feel unwanted by his/her mother knowing she tried to kill him/her but also grieve for their twin, so sad.

  21. that fit Asian says:

    maybe the baby will have superpowers : )

  22. BIGjeffSanDiego says:

    Thumbs up Tiffany and Tim!

  23. tokingcircle says:

    just should've aborted..

  24. Alex A. says:

    All Tim would have to do when the kid is born in Canada is take the Canadian birth paperwork to the U.S embassy asap and regret it the kid and boom, the kid is Canadian and American. This American citizenship for the kid is no different than if the kid was born on American sous and no one can take it away from him/her/it.

  25. Madison “ThatPandaTho” Long says:

    2pm's heartbeat???

  26. olivia thefangirl says:

    I love it when JK news editors make a Kpop reference. It makes my day ?

  27. Elisa D'Carpio says:

    I agree with tiff!

  28. Sarah Silverman says:

    My Aunt was told by doctors at planned parenthoood (in California) that she had chlamydia at the time she was pregnant. They advised her to get an abortion or else the baby will have many birth defects from the disease. She followed through and a while later she goes to a different doctor for treatment for the chlamydia. The doctor told her that she never had chlamydia. She was, still is, very torn up about the whole situation.

  29. Jacqueline says:

    I totally agree with Tiffany. One of my aunts had actually been taking abortion pills but she soon stopped taking them because she didn't feel like an abortion was the right thing. my cousin came out healthy and normal and is actually really smart. I think Tiffany was thinking as a mother she knows how it feels to have a baby growing inside of you and to only want the best for it. And even if the baby didn't come out healthy she wouldn't regret it because it's her child and she would love it no matter what. She would try to give it the best life it could possibly have. 

  30. Tyba Khan says:

    I'm Pakistani and our parents would give anything to babysit my nieces and nephews, I guess it is a Asian thing lol 

  31. Aisha Perez says:

    Wow, once again a baby will suffer because of the stupidity of people. Forget technology, she wasn't raped right? So you weren't using protection right? Dirty stupid people.

  32. Aizensamaaaa says:

    my new favorite thing about JKN is that they sneak in KPOP lyrics when people say things.
    like heartbeat

  33. HYRAID APOLLO says:

    OMG I DIED DOD dead on delivery

  34. Sam Akli says:

    how old is her other child

  35. Rosston Sherlock says:

    Sorry geo I gotta go with tiff

  36. Ashley Mercado says:

    What was the name of the video that popped up at 2:19?

  37. Julia Kemmitt says:


  38. Francisco Del Real says:

    Good job adding 2pm into this video. You guys are great.

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